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Issue : 2               Volume : 32                          11-07-2012                     Pages - 8 “Complete Woman” Ins...
Incoming Presidents Message                        Dear Friends,                        Its indeed an honour for me to lea...
Donated the groceries collected from our prizes for them.members in the regular monthly meeting to the Amount spent: Rs. 9...
EYE / BLOOD DONATION                     2011, we distributed lunchbags and hand towels as                                ...
In March 2012, we donated household articles        Our member, Renu Agrawal has deposited broomsticks, mosquito r...
AMBIENCE of a village, with loads of events         10,000/- to another school for the mentallyfilled with fun and joy. Ou...
Health Centre and Dr. Ulfath Fatima, Founder of PROJECTS                           No. of         AmountBibi Ayesha Mili H...
Om Namo Narayana !!!           Om Namo Narayana !!!A         midst the desert                                             ...
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Issue 02


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AboutUs Issue 02 Rotary Mysore Midtown

Published in: Education, Sports
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Issue 02

  1. 1. Issue : 2 Volume : 32 11-07-2012 Pages - 8 “Complete Woman” Installs New IW Team Mrs. Naina Achappa is the guru of Shishya the pre-school which shehas been running for two decades and is the focal point of her life. Shehails from the land of Kodavas and did her schooling in Kodaikanal andlater graduated from Mysore University. She is the Vice- President of the Indian Association of Pre-SchoolEducation, Mysore Chapter and works towards standardizing the rightnorms for pre-school education. She holds a Masters degree inCounseling and Psychotherapy which she attained after a gap of 30 yearsand uses these skills to help children and parents in her school. She joined Inner Wheel Club of Mysore 35 years ago and it has been animportant part of her life. She held the post of District Chairman ofDist.318 in the year 2005-06. She says she enjoys the friendship of all itsmembers and feels being able to do service is what makes her A TRULY COMPLETE WOMAN. She is married to Mr. Arun Achappa and has two children Trishul and Trupti. Her son is married andlives in UK and her married daughter lives in Bangalore. Now she is doing a dual role of being theguru to Shishya and grandma to two cute little ones. Inner Wheel Club of Mysore Midtown extends a wholehearted welcome to PDC Mrs. NainaAchappa who will install the new office bearers for 2012-13Seating from L to R: Vimala Nagaraj-Com. mem.,Shama Milton- IPP, Anupama Ravindranath-President, Premilla Jain-Secretary.Standing L to R: Vyjayanthi Mahesh-Com. mem,Nagaveni Gopinath-Com. mem, Jabeen Farooq-ISO, Amitha Harish-Com. mem. Prabha Prahlad-Treasurer, Sudha Vishwanath-Joint Secretary,Lavanya Srinivasan-Com. mem.
  2. 2. Incoming Presidents Message Dear Friends, Its indeed an honour for me to lead the club this year. "Dont walk in front of me, I may not follow. Dont walk behind me, I may not lead. Walk beside me and be my friend” says Albert Camus. “Be a Friend” is the theme for the year. I look forward to being a friend with you all, with other clubs in the district and with the community. Thank you. - Anupama Ravindranath It was a memorable year for me as you all gave me an Out Going Presidents Message:opportunity to serve as president of such an esteemed club. Itwas indeed a platform for me to learn, execute & experiencethe joy of giving. I express my utmost gratitude to all the board members as well as members ofmy club who have never failed to serve our club & support me with admirableendurance. I would also like to thank my family for their support. I am happy to hand over this responsibility of the club to our incomingpresident Mrs. Anupama Ravindranath and her team. I am sure she will take thisclub to greater heights. I wish her all the best. - Shama Milton Project Report of the Activities of the Inner Wheelclub of Mysore Midtown, District 318 FROM 20TH JULY 2011 – 30TH JUNE 2012 THEME: THINK AHEAD, AIM HIGHCOMMUNITY SERVICE Karuna Trust along with our Dist. Chairman Club donated a stabilizer to Stree seva niketana Swarna Chittaranjan and other inner wheel clubson Geetha Road in the month of August and gave 10 buckets, 10 mugs, 10 toothbrushes andAmount spent: Rs. 800/- 4 harpic bottles to them.No. of beneficiaries: 60 Amount spent: Rs 1500/- No. of beneficiaries: 128 Club donated sweaters to Deenabandhu trust inChamarajanagar. (As suggested by PDC Geetha Dwarki, duringAmount spent: Rs. 3100/- the Sadbhavana Divas celebrations of IW club ofNo. of beneficiaries: 31 South east, we collected 1 kg of any grocery from our members during our regular meetings and Club donated bed sheets and pillow covers and donated them to the needy.)25 kgs of rice to the inmates of Jan Seva Kalyan thtrust in J P nagar. On 28 October, members visited Asha SadanaAmount spent: Rs. 750/- in Srirampura and donated 25kgs of sugar whichNo. of beneficiaries: 10 was collected from our members in the regular monthly meeting. On 15th September, on behalf of World peace Amount spent: Rs. 750/-day, members visited the inmates of Mysore jail & No. of beneficiaries: 16one of our members donated a tricycle to a child ofa prisoner and we also gave some used clothes.Amount spent: Rs. 600/-No. of beneficiaries: 2 1. Is it the TRUTH ? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned ? On 10th October members visited Manasa 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS ? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned ?
  3. 3. Donated the groceries collected from our prizes for them.members in the regular monthly meeting to the Amount spent: Rs. 960/-inmates of Mother Theresa Home, Bannimantap. No. of beneficiaries: 200Amount spent: Rs. 900 /-No. of beneficiaries: 75 Our PP Mrs. Anuradha Nandakumar has Donated 50 inner wear, 3 tubs and Atta to the helped to form the syllabus for Stree Shakti atinmates of Puttaveeramma Ashram. IGNOU.Amount spent: Rs. 2500 /-No. of beneficiaries: 50 Our President Shama Milton conducted spoken English class for the children of Medar TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 10900 /- block Govt. higher primary school. TOTAL NO. OF BENEFICIARIES: 372 No of beneficiaries: 21 Our member Prabha Prahalad teaches the EDUCATIONAL HELP children at Nireekshe. On August 3rd, club donated school shoes [74 Prabha prahalad donated educational CDs topairs] to the students of 1st and 2nd std of Govt. NireekshePrimary school at Medar block, Bamboo bazaar. Amount spent: Rs. 3000/-Amount spent: Rs. 5678/- No. of beneficiaries: 55No. of beneficiaries: 74 On September 5th, club had organised games On 9th Nov 2011, we conducted quizfor the teachers at RMA. The prizes were sponsored competition and Craft from waste for theby our president Mrs. Shama. children of Rotary Midtown Academy,Amount spent: Rs 600/- Hootagalli. Prizes were distributed for theNo. of beneficiaries: 25 children by our Chairman on the Chairman’s visit day. On world literacy day i.e., on 8th September, Amount spent: Rs. 800/-members visited Kaliyuva mane at Kenchalgud, No of beneficiaries : 500H.D. Kote road, and donated books, pens and alsodistributed chocolates to the children. In the month of March, our club memberAmount spent: Rs 700/- Lavanya gave a counselling programme to theNo. of beneficiaries: 110 10th std students of Government High school in Medar block, Bamboo Bazaar, and also at On 10th September, club conducted a workshop Nizamia High School. We also gave exam writingon tips and study techniques to the high school pads, pens, scales to the students.students of RMA. The session was conducted by Amount spent: Rs. 2200 /-our member Mrs. Lavanya Srinivasan. We also No. of beneficiaries: 150distributed books pens etc., to the children that day.Amount spent: Rs 800/- TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 16,638 /-No. of beneficiaries: 100 No. OF BENEFICIARIES: 1249 On 8th October we took 14 children fromSpandana School, Belagola for a visit to the Mysore ADULT LITERACYzoo. It was their first visit to the zoo and all the Our PP Mrs. Anuradha Nandakumar haschildren were excited. RMA School had provided helped to form the syllabus for Stree Shakti attheir school van for the transportation of the IGNOU.children. PP Sudha Vishwanath sponsored juiceand biscuits to the children which was served to Dr. Renu Agrawal donated Rs. 10,000/- for thethem at the zoo. Later they were taken to the National level Novel competition to RajasthanCheluvamba Park at Yadavgiri and served food. Academy.Amount spent: Rs. 1900/- On womens day, our member AnuradhaNo. of beneficiaries: 14 Nandakumar addressed a group of women and On 10th of August, Club conducted a fancy spoke on the learning disability in children.dress competition and Essay competition to the Anuradha Nandakumar also gave a talk to thestudents of RMA. Shama and Lavanya were the parents of the diabled regarding empoweringjudges for this. And on Aug 15th, we distributed the them in various ways.
  4. 4. EYE / BLOOD DONATION 2011, we distributed lunchbags and hand towels as prizes to the disabled kids for the various We donated Braille papers to Sahana trust, who competitions conducted for them at the districttranslate regular college text books into Braille level at Mysore Exibhition grounds.format for the benefit of blind students. Amount spent: Rs. 4000 /-Amount spent: Rs. 2,500 /- No. of beneficiaries: 120No. of beneficiaries: 1000 & above On 3rd Dec 2011, we also donated a wheel chair One of our members donated 4 chairs to Sahana to a needy person.Trust. Amount spent : Rs. 3,160 /-Amount spent: Rs. 1000 /- No. of beneficiaries: 1No. of beneficiaries: 10 Our club members funded Rs. 1500 /- towards the fund raising event by Nireekshe for the cause of TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 3500 /- building a school premises for special children.TOTAL No. OF BENEFICIARIES: 1010 & ABOVE Amount spent: Rs. 1500 /- No. of beneficiaries: 55 MEDICAL / HOSPITAL SURGICAL HELP On 19th Feb 2012, Rotary Midtown conducted a In September, we donated dental products to sports event – BHANDHAVYA for specialJSS Urban centre, Bamboo bazaar, which will be children at the district level. Our inner wheelused for the dental care activity for the slum members supported the event in large numbers,dwellers. and also our club gave buns and biscuits for theAmount spent: Rs. 3800/- participants and their parents.No. of beneficiaries: 100 & above Amount spent : Rs. 5000 /- No. of beneficiaries : 800 On 12th Nov, we donated vitamin & calciumsyrups to the lactating & pregnant mothers at On April 29th 2012, we conducted a medicalTulsidas hospital. camp to the special children of MDPAEDD atAmount spent: Rs. 6463/- Namana Kala Mantap. Donated Rs.4000 /- to theNo. of beneficiaries: 110 organisation for further medical expenses. Amount spent: Rs. 6300 /- We donated Rs. 1000/- towards the treatment of No. of beneficiaries: 25a heart patient on friendship day.Amount spent: Rs. 1000 /- TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 23,460 /-No. of beneficiaries: 1 TOTAL No. OF BENEFICIARIES: 1041 Donated medicines worth 2000 /- to a heart OLD AGEpatient.Amount spent: Rs. 2000 /- th On august 10 , to the inmates of VIMALANo. of beneficiaries: 1 TERMINAL CARE – we donated groceries and one bag of 25 kgs rice etc. TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 13,263 /-TOTAL No. OF BENEFICIARIES: 212 & ABOVE Amount spent: Rs. 2200 /- No. Of beneficiaries: 30 DISABLED AND SPASTIC th On 9 Nov, we donated soaps, shampoos, toilet When our Association President had come to cleaners, detergents etc to Little sisters of poor.Mysore for the District Assembly, we visited Amount spent: Rs 2047/-Sneha Kirana Spastic Society along with the No of beneficiaries: 200Association president, District officers and few th On 16 Nov 2011, we donated 60 towels, 10members of other Inner wheel clubs of Mysore. buckets, 10 mugs and soaps to Bapuji Old age On 28th of October, we visited Nireekshe at home.Srirampura, school for the disabled and donated Amount spent: Rs. 3500 /-learning aids to the children. No. of beneficiaries: 60Amount spent: Rs. 3500 /-No. of beneficiaries : 40 One of our members donated 30 Kgs of wheat flour to the inmates of Home for the aged. On account of World Disabled day on 3rd Dec Amount spent: Rs. 900 /- No. of beneficiaries: 125
  5. 5. In March 2012, we donated household articles Our member, Renu Agrawal has deposited broomsticks, mosquito repellents, hit, coffee 25000/- [fixed deposit] in the name of Renuand tea powder and biscuits to the inmates of Agarwal Girl Child fund. The interest obtainedBelaku Vatsalya Dhama. from it is used for the education of a girl child.Amount spent: Rs. 1450 /- No. of beneficiaries: 10No. of beneficiaries: 7 TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 74,500/- Donated 25 Kgs of rice along with other TOTAL No. OF BENEFICIARIES: 180/-groceries to Mother Teresa Home.Amount spent: Rs. 2000 /- PULSE POLIONo. of beneficiaries: 60 th On 18 Feb, on behalf of Pulse Polio Day, we One of our member sponsored breakfast to the went on a rally with Bamboo Bazaar govt. Schoolinmates of little sisters of the poor. children wearing and holding the caps and bannersAmount spent: Rs. 2000/- given by the district.No. of beneficiaries: 125 TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 14,097 /- AIDS AWARENESS TOTAL NO. OF BENEFICIARIES: 607 On 16th Nov 2011, we donated an almirah to a single mother at Asha Kirana. DRUG ABUSE AND AWARENESS Amount spent: Rs. 2800 /- Our member, Mrs. Anupama Ravindranath No. of beneficiaries: 1conducted an awareness session on Drug abuse to stthe High school students of RMA on the 10th of On 1 Dec 2011, along with Rotary Mysore andSeptember. other Inner Wheel clubs of Mysore, we went on aAmount spent: Rs. 100 /- candle light march to create awareness among theNo. of beneficiaries: 50 public regarding AIDS. TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 2800/- TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 100 /- TOTAL NO. OF BENEFICIARIES: 1 TOTAL NO. OF BENEFICIARIES: 50 INDIAN ART AND CULTURE CONTINUOUS PROJECTS Our members Mrs. Amitha Harish & Mrs. As part of our ongoing projects, Sudha Vishwanath celebrated Varamahalakshmi We sponsor milk to Chayadevi Orphanage. festival at their residence and all the members wereAmount spent: Rs 19500/- invited.No. of beneficiaries: 100 SADBHAVANA DIVAS Few of our members attended the Sadbhavana Our member, Roopa Ashok, gives cash prize of Divas organised by the IW club of Mysore southRs. 1000/- for the best teacher of RMA school. east. Five of our members attended the event.Amount spent: Rs. 1000/-No. of beneficiaries: 1 FELLOWSHIP AND FUND RAISING An Amount of Rs. 45.000/- was raised within Artificial limb is sponsored for a needy person. our Rotary circle on the day of our installationAmount spent: Rs. 1000/- itself. We profoundly thank all the Rotarians forNo. of beneficiaries: 1 their generosity. We sponsor a childs eye surgery at VILD On 17th September, we had a family meet alonginstitute every year. with the Rotarians at Olive Garden. All the familiesAmount spent: Rs. Rs. 10000/- were asked to come in matching colour. TheNo. of beneficiaries: 1 catwalk by the families was indeed very good. We On our charter day, we sponsor a meal at conducted the games like the best dressed family,Bharath Cancer hospital tambola etc and also some games for the children.Amount spent: Rs. 8000/- We raised around Rs.6650 /- through tambola.No. of beneficiaries: 30 MAST HALLI JATHRE We sponsor an eye surgery for one needyperson at MRC Eye hospital It is an event conducted by Rotary Club ofAmount spent: Rs. 10,000/- Mysore Midtown on 27th nov, creating anNo. of beneficiaries: 1
  6. 6. AMBIENCE of a village, with loads of events 10,000/- to another school for the mentallyfilled with fun and joy. Our club members challenged.presented a dance programme as part of the Our member Neelufur Khuraishi donated Rs.entertainment. We had kept a stall, where we sold 25,000/- to Ashiana – school for children withkadale kai, paanka, majjige, masala vada, chikki Autism. She also donated Rs. 20,000/- towards theetc & raised fund for the club worth Rs. 3125/- treatment of a cancer patient. FRIENDSHIP DAY Rs. 8000/- was paid as college fees of a needy th Friendship day was celebrated on August 6 at boy who is doing ITI, a job oriented course by ourNamana Kala Mantapa with all the IW clubs of member Vyjayanthi Mahesh.Mysore participating in the event. Our club Lunch was sponsored by our member Prabhaconducted games and all the members participated prahalad at Nireekshe worth Rs. 2500/-enthusiastically as always. The game conducted by An electric heater worth Rs. 1500/- wasour members Sudha and Chaitra was well taken by sponsored by our member Sudha Vishwanath.everyone. Though it was a very much known Our members Anupama Ravindranath,game, it was presented in a very unique way and Anuradha Nandakumar and Renu Agrawal are doieach one enjoyed it every bit. ng voluntary service at Spandana trust and One point to be noted is that IW Dist 318 was Helpline respectively.launched on FACEBOOK by Dist officer Mrs.Aarathi Mohan on that day. And the person behind Our member Meera Pratap, sponsored Rs.this is our very new member Mrs. Lavanya. It was 5500/-a needy person for his brain scanning.a well attended function and our club hosted high Meera also sponsors lunch worth Rs. 5000 /- ontea. every 1st Wednesday of every month to the inmatesAmount spent: Rs. 1000/- of Vimala Terminal Home.No. of beneficiaries: 50 TOTAL AMOUNT SPENT: Rs. 1, 14,000/- TOTAL No. OF BENEFICIARIES: 1000 & ABOVE LADIES DAY OUT One of our members attended the event HIGHLIGHTS OF THE YEARconducted by Rotary East and IW club of MysoreWest. We had a wonderful cooperation from all our members this year. As every year, we had made PERSONALISED SERVICE: group of four members this year also to host the Our member Prabha Prahlad, sponsored lunch monthly meetings. All our members wereat Asha Bhavana at Srirampura worth Rs. 1500 /- . enthusiastic and came forward with new ideas and made our meetings fun filled and entertaining. One She also donated snack boxes and pens worth thing to be noted is that the hosts of that particularRs. 1500/- to Nireekshe. month joined together to do a project in that Our member Savitha Venkatesh donated Rs. particular month. This was done with the idea that200/- towards the medicines of her maid servant. all the members also actively participated in the Our member Uma Vivek gave lunch to the regular club activities and also not to burden theinmates of Mother Teresas home worth Rs. 5000/- President to fund for the projects. Our ISO Rukhsana Nazneen bought books to a CHARTER DAYneedy girl worth Rs. 500/- We celebrated the Charter Day of our club at Our member Lavanya Srinivas gave carpet our member Amithas residence. Charter membersWorth Rs. 2000/- for yoga to Manasa Karuna trust. Mrs. Meera pratap, Mrs. Vijaya Srinath, Mrs. Asha Vice president got some new shirts to the Natraj, Mrs. Chandrika Raghu were present. Achildren of Spandana worth Rs. 2200/- special cake was arranged for the occasion and our charter members cut the cake. They were very Our member Renu Agrawal distributed 5 sarees happy when they were recognised with a needy women during the Dasara festival. Our member Chaitra Mohan donated Rs. INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY1000/- towards the education to a needy child. International Womens Day was celebrated by Our member Hanifa donated Rs. 10,000/- our club on the 28th of March 2012. Our clubtowards an organisation which looks after the honoured two Doctors – Dr. Rama of JSS Urbanmentally challenged. She also donated Rs.
  7. 7. Health Centre and Dr. Ulfath Fatima, Founder of PROJECTS No. of AmountBibi Ayesha Mili Hospital. Both the doctors were Beneficiaries Spent in Rs.recognised for their yeoman service in the field ofMedicine. Community Service 372 10,900 Educational Help 1249 16,638 ¸ÁéUÀvÀ, ¸ÀĸÁéUÀvÀ....! Adult Literacy Child/Family 10,000 Welfare/Rights of child 72 9,350 The new orange car coming into the Environmental Services 470 1,700 club is Mrs. Pushpa Gangesh, w/o Rtn Eye / Blood donation 1010 3,500 Gangesh, owner of Orange Automotives and Hospital / Medical / Properties. Born on 28th January, she hails from Hassan and did her education at AVK College of her Surgical Help 212 13,263 home town. Mother of two daughters Dhanya and Disabled / Spastic 1041 23,460 Thanya who are studying in 10th and 5th std Old Age 607 14,097 respectively. She is a home maker and is interested in Drug Abuse & Awareness 50 100 watching TV, singing, listening to music, reading Continuous Projects 180 74,500 books and periodicals. Pulse Polio Aids Awareness 1 2,800 Quote of the Week Indian Art & Culture “He who earns his livelihood by earnest labour Personalised Service 1000 1,14,000 and also gives some in charity, alone understands the way of a meaningful life.” Total 6264 2, 94,308 President’s Message Thank you, thank you, thank you all for making it one of the most memorable installations in the history of Mysore Midtown ( is the feedback we got!!) and the credit goes to Rtn. Harish, Rtn. Umesh , Rtn. Aiyanna, Rtn. Rock, Ann. Anupama, Ann. Lavanya, Rtn. Mohan, Rtn. Bhanu, Rtn. Seenu and each one of you. Thank you once again shettre. It was a mega block buster with a grand setting, drama, emotions and comedy with a wonderful narration. I also thank Amogh for posting the video 10 months back and suggesting me to invite Mr. N. Krishnan as the chief guest and also Rtn. Ramki and Rtn. Alagappan for co-ordinating and bringing Mr. N Krishnan to our club, thank you all once again. - Vishu THIRD EYE VIEW by sini In Brief La Midtown is going to do a La Roja OUR MAN @ DISTRICT LEVEL by lifting the cup of Peace Through Rtn. Nandakumar, GSE Team leader to Service this year. That is the positive Georgia 6920 in 2010 has been selected as vibrations we had in the evening at Pai the District chairman Alumni Rotary Vista. Even the relaxed, prepared Vishu Foundation. seemed a bit nervous before the installation. The most SEPARATED AT BIRTH tense moment for Vishu was at the railway station when he was waiting for the chief guest, it was not the train or chief guest which made him tense, but it was the non- arrival of the jasmine garlands, but peace prevails now. At the installation, a word Copy Cat was heard at the entrance but it went into oblivion after seeing our arrangements. Our installation program is over and also the family photos for next years roster are ready, hitting two birds with one stone la Midtown style. At home, we have been listening to them individually, UP THE LADDER now let us collectively listen to them at RCL this evening. IW member Renu Agrawal has been Good Evening Ladies. promoted as Chief Scientist, which is Directors grade. She works in Food Cheers !!! microbiology, CFTRI, Mysore.
  8. 8. Om Namo Narayana !!! Om Namo Narayana !!!A midst the desert be the guest for the of MIDTOWN function of a club Rajasthan the whose motto islight glowed not from service rather thanthe lamp but from the being at Hollywoodface of Narayana, the to receive the CNNhope for the homeless. Top 10 Hero Award.The installation He said thatceremony started at G o d d e s s7pm with the children Chamundeshwarifrom Makkala Mane singing the willing, his Akshaya Trust might extend itsinvocation. Rtn. Ragavendra called the services to Mysore. A video clipping of ourmeeting to order and greeted the dignitaries, senior Rotarian Dr.Kanakaraj who is underguests, Anns & Annets and spoke a few medical care was beamed on the screen forwords of gratitude for the success of the the sake of members who couldnt meet himyear. He wished the incoming president Rtn. personally in Bangalore. Vote of thanks wasVishwanath and his team a successful year by Rtn. Bhanuchandran. The wholeahead. Ann. Anupama introduced the chief function was a Double Dhamaka, one toguest. The chief guest was escorted to the meet Mr Narayanan in person and second todias by two destitute from Vimala Terminal take picture in their colourful RajasthaniCare Center. The evenings chief guest attire with their families. Our photographerinstalled the new president of the club by Venkatesh played a dual role and he was thecollaring him and the remaining office most tired person at the end of the function.bearers were inducted. The newly installed No words to describe Rtn. Harish whopresident Rtn. Vishwanath spoke on the masterminded the whole event from start tooccasion reciting Sanskrit shlokas to invoke end without any hiccups and handled thethe blessings of all Gods, Gurus, elders and whole show in 1 hour 40 minutes, thewell-wishers. He ended his speech by shortest time in MIDTOWN history for ansaying let us all do our duty expecting installation ceremony, Harishuku O podu.nothing in return.The sunshine box was Thanks Ramki for bringing Mr.Narayananaptly named AkshayaPathre and the for the installation ceremony. Dinner wascollection was donated to Vimala Terminal enjoyed without wasting any food. --- SiniCare Centre and also food was served to theinmates at the center. The big hearted Rtn.Alagappan donated Rs 50,000/- to Akashya ProjectTrust and uniforms to Sufi Trust which Rotary Mysoreruns the school for special children. Rtn. Midtown inManoj donated Rs. 20000/- worth of books association withto RMA. The clubs bulletin AboutUs and JSS hospitalRoster was released by Asst. Governor Rtn. conducted dentalJoseph Mathew. The early bird prize was checkup campsponsored by Rtn. Gangesh and was won by for students of RMA. Innerwheel Mysore MidtownRtn. Ravindra. The chief guest was donated Tooth Brush & Paste for 530 students.conferred with PHF by Rtn. Balakrishna.Mr. Narayanan Krishnan speaking on theoccasion said that he was very honoured to NEXT WEEKQ uiz IN MIDTOWN Q.: Rtn. Kalyan Banarjee was the VISIT TO COMMUNITY CENTRE ______________ Indian RI President. Venue: Makkalamane, Near Pramati School, a) First b) Second c) Third d) Fourth Kuvempunagar, Mysore (Last week’s answer : 20 ) Date : 18.07.2012, Time : 6.30pm