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evet2edu Workshop en Bilbao

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Presentación ingles evet2edu

  1. 1. “An Open and Online course to facilitate e-learning in vocacional training ” Marimar Román.
  2. 2. and with you all... EVET2edu! Supporting Vocational Teachers and Trainers in e-learning Image: 'Big Apple Circus - Ring Master'
  3. 3. Who are we? imagen cedida por Malabaracirco
  4. 4. A course more... ... nothing more, nothing less
  5. 5. Framework 10 Modules 52 ActivitiesImage: 'Snowflake' Found on
  6. 6. Module 9: Moderating online forum discussions Module 10: Facilitator’s roleModule 8: Group work Module 7: motivation Module 4: Designing e- tivities Module 6: Online resources - reusing, sharing and evaluating Module 5: Designing e- learning resources Module 3: Exploring e- learning Module 2: Developing Competences Module 1: Intro and warming up
  7. 7. End-product Image: 'Colourful bricks' Found on
  8. 8. Open Image: 'secret garden'
  9. 9. Available in 8 languages Imagen: ' sin título ' @ N00/15475004
  10. 10. Flexible, unfinished, Do you want to improve it? Image: 'Strips' Found on
  11. 11. Activity 1 Competencies 2.1 Identifying your competences ! Now think/reflect on your comptences as a vocational teacher. What knowledge, skills and experience do you bring to your classroom when designing and teaching for vocational subjects or in a vocational institution? ! Create a list of some of your comptences and share it with your tutors and colleagues using Use the basic functionalities (add a sticky note) to list your competences. Make sure your list can be identified as yours (e.g. by name, photo). Have a look and relate to the competences listed by the other course participants. Can you elicit those specific for vocational subjects? Note your thoughts down (e.g. in a word document, gdocs or wherever else you prefer), you will work on them further in Activity 2.2.
  12. 12. Activity 2 e-activity 4.3 Design individual e-tivity and publish on forum ! Your task in this module is to design an e-tivity. As a result of activities 4.1 and 4.2 you have already designed a learning outcome, results and listed learner actions. Now it is time to design the rest of the e-tivity. Before starting, however, bear in mind that you are designing for vocational context and think whether there are any specificities of your vocational area that need to be taken into consideration when designing e-tivities? 1) Read the comments about your work provided by the other participants and take them into account if you consider them useful. 2) Remember the 5 crucial ingredients of e-tivity and the e-tivity table. Now create the same table and fill it in - this is for you as a designer to make sure that all the important elements of e-tivity are covered.
  13. 13. Activity 3 Design group work 8.3. Design group work ! Design an e-tivity for a vocational course you choose, as a group. Use the guidelines that you have created with your group in activity 8.1, and the principal ideas reached in the activity 8.2. One more time you will work in the small groups your facilitator divided you into previously. When designing, take into account the particular work environment of the course you are designing for and specific tools you could use. Think about what types of tools you know that could facilitate group work. Also take into account your experience with the course so far. To which task do those tools fit best? What are you going to need (what functions) to achieve your goals and use the guidelines prepared in activity 8.1.? Can you see any potential risks? Use as a model, the table of e-tivity elements we have included in Module 4 in order to take into account all the important aspects.
  14. 14. Thank you for your participation! Contact: @MarimarRoman