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MEMEs in the Classroom


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How simple and effective it can be to utilize MEMEs in an academic setting and tie them to any curriculum.

Published in: Education
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MEMEs in the Classroom

  1. 1. For the love of Andromeda, meme me up Scotty! STUDENT OBJECTIVES: The Student(s) will… • Identify specific areas within the classroom or around the school to promote school related ideas. • Expand their understanding and use of technology in the classroom • Utilize higher order thinking skills (H.O.T. skills) to develop image-use and sayings that are school related, student friendly, rules compliant, and promote the school/school programs…while having fun.
  2. 2. TOPICS for your MEMES: • Class rules/School rules • Ice-breakers • New student orientation • Promoting school clubs/organizations • Promoting curriculum/literature • Teacher--student communication What are some ways to utilize memes with your students?
  3. 3. This isn’t a game of stump-the-chump. You can have fun with this! Think about some of the discussions in the classroom between the teachers and students…some of the significant curriculum topics/articles/documents/literature that have been dissected in class... when you work on this, you are tying your creativity, your intellect, your tech savvy mind(s)… and you are limited only by your own imagination, and this DISCLAIMER! STUDENTS: -will NOT use any profane language -will NOT use any inappropriate images for your meme -WILL cite your work -All your work WILL be in accordance with your student handbook guidelines -WILL comply with the rubric/measuring tool presented by teacher
  4. 4. You can start with the website I know this goes against my preferred rule of ‘SCHOOL IS NO PLACE TO HAVE FUN’ but there are exceptions to every rule. You can have students practicing both creative and critical thinking while generating memes related to a UNIT/CLASS you are teaching, a school PROGRAM you are a part of, support CLASSROOM/SCHOOL RULES, and even interactions between STUDENTS & TEACHERS. Keep in mind the option of NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION ideas, etc.
  5. 5. Category 10> <7> <4> <0 Always try to present the students with a RUBRIC to guide their creativity and output.
  6. 6. Some student generated MEMEs
  7. 7. “Synonyms” TEACHER SAYS—”Minimum one page assignment.” STUDENTS HEAR—”Maximum one page assignment.”
  8. 8. Double Standards “Hold on, I have to yell at a student for being on his cellphone in class.”
  9. 9. When I am in a hurry to get to class before the bell… When I have a hall pass and all the time in the world… Passing Periods and Hallways
  10. 10. Saw a piece of trash in the halls by the locker and picked it up and threw it in the trashcan. Teacher saw me and called my parents to tell them how wonder I was at school today.
  11. 11. What I feel like when all the students have their name on their paper.
  12. 12. Not in Dress Code? …that’s A Paddlin’
  13. 13. That one moment… …When you develop the urge to yell out the right answer to a problem. Then the teacher looks at you.. But calls on the person next to you… And he/she gets it wrong!
  14. 14. When you realize that there is a back side to your homework… the moment it is due!
  15. 15. That face you make when your parents yell at you for having a B
  16. 16. That face you give your friend when they ask how to do the math homework
  17. 17. If you could stop tapping your pencil… That ‘d be great.
  18. 18. One does not simply… …write your answers without showing your work.
  19. 19. When the teachers say the homework is “easy”
  20. 20. Teacher expectations are too dang diddly high
  21. 21. V So you’re telling me I have to eat that School Lunches
  22. 22. No one wants to see that! Pull up your pants!
  23. 23. Leaving on Fridays be like…