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Scientifc journal plagiarism and citation manipulation


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Scientifc journal plagiarism and citation manipulation

  1. 1. Malibu Rohwani
  2. 2. Scientific journals are important. Journals are means for disseminating and archiving scientific results
  3. 3. Plagiarism Citation manipulation Duplicate publication
  4. 4.  PLAGIARIZED ARTICLE  M.Sreenivas and T. Srinivas.The transportation:more-for-less criterion. International Journal of Statistics and Management System, v. 3, n. 1-2, pp. 152-165, 2008  Plagiarized from  S.Storøy.The transportation paradox revisited.Posted to Optimization Online September 2007  PLAGIARIZED ARTICLE  M.Sreenivas and T. Srinivas.Effectiveness of distribution network.International Journal of Information Systems and Supply Chain Management,v. 1, n. 1, pp. 80-86, 2008 (local copy).  Plagiarized from  15 key factors that impact your distribution network effectiveness.Tompkins Associates,The Supply Change Edge  PLAGIARIZED ARTICLE  M.Sreenivas and T. Srinivas.The role of transportation in logistics chain.Posted to Optimization Online October 2007 (local copy).Apparently published in Indian Journal of Mathematics and Mathematical Sciences,v. 4, n. 2, pp. 137-144, 2008.  Plagiarized from  Y.-Y.Tseng,W.L.Yue, and M.A.P.Taylor.The role of transportation in the logistics chain.In K. Satoh, editor,Proceedings of the Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies,v. 5, pp. 1657-1672, 2005
  5. 5.  The National Science Foundation (NSF) is investigating nearly 100 cases of suspected plagiarism drawn from a single year's worth of proposals funded by the agency.  ... In 2005, the NSF IG conducted a pilot study of nearly 1000 pending proposals and found that roughly 2.5% contained "significant amounts of unattributed text," NSF code words for plagiarism.  "extrapolating across the 45,000 proposals NSF receives annually suggests 1300 proposals could contain plagiarism and 450 to 900 could contain problematic data."
  6. 6.  Jonah Lehrer (American author, journalist) quit his job at the New Yorker, after admitting that he fabricated some quotations from Bob Dylan in his recent book Imagine: How Creativity Works
  7. 7.  Double standard? Plagiarizing journos get slammed, plagiarizing profs just shrug it off  Former Harvard professor Marc Hauser fabricated, manipulated data  University of Michigan business school professor Karl Weick  Ed Wegman, Frank Fischer, and Karl Weick  Danut Marcu, mathematician from Bucharest, Romania has authored ‘more than 377 papers on mathematics and computer science’.
  8. 8. Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics (CPAM) International Journal on Nonlinear Sciences and Numerical Simulation (IJNSNS) SIAM Review Journal (SIREV)
  9. 9.  The journal contributing the most citations to the IJNSNS 2008 IF was a conference proceedings, organized and edited by the IJNSNS EIC. It had 366 citations to IJNSNS and 353 citations of the EIC (Ji Huan He) himself.  The EIC of J. Gerontology A authored and published a review article every January focusing on the preceding two years. E.g., in January 2004, his article The Top 10 Hot Topics in Aging had 277 references, 195 of which were to J. Gerontology A in 2002 or 2003.  Instructions to Authors, Balkan Journal of Geometry and Its Applications: In order to preserve a high quality of our journals, the Editorial Board has established the following rules: a) is advisable for each accepted paper to contain citations to articles published during 2006-2008 in our journals. . .
  10. 10.  IJNSNS EIC:  “Rising Star” in Computer Science in 2008  “New Hot Paper” in Physics in 2008  “Hot Paper” in Mathematics in 2008  “Fast Breaking Paper” in Engineering in 2008  “Hottest Research of 2007–08” (1 of 13 in all fields of science)  “Hottest Research of 2009” (1 of 12)
  11. 11.  CONCLUSION  We suggest a concept of the flying vehicles, which might be found applications in the nearfuture.
  12. 12. Tansu, N., Zhao, H., Zhang, J., Liu, G., Li, X.-H., Ee,Y.-K., Song, R., Huang, G.S. 2011 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 7954, 795418 World highest? 40 self citations Out of 49 references
  13. 13.  Novel approaches for high-efficiency InGaN quantum wells light-emitting diodes:Device physics and epitaxy engineering Tansu,N., Zhao, H., Zhang,J.,Liu, G.,Li, X.-H.,Ee,Y.-K., Song,R., Huang, G.S. 2011 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 7954, art. no.795418  This paper has 40 self references toTansu  Zhang,J.,Zhao, H.,Tansu,N. 2011 Gain characteristics of deep UV AlGaN quantum wells lasers  Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 7953, 79530H  This paper has 27 self references toTansu  Enhancement of light extraction efficiency of InGaN quantum wells light-emitting diodes using TiO2 microsphere arrays Li, X.-H.,Ee,Y.-K.,Song, R.,Tansu,N. 2011 Proceedings of SPIE - The  International Society for Optical Engineering 7954, 79540U  This paper has 27 self references toTansu Thermoelectric properties of MOCVD-grown AlInN alloys with various compositions Zhang,J.,Tong,H., Liu, G., Herbsommer,J.A.,Huang, G.S.,Tansu,N. 2011 Proceedings of SPIE - TheInternational Society for Optical Engineering 7939, 79390O  This paper has 27 self references toTansu  Cathodoluminescence characteristics of linearly shaped staggered InGaN quantum wells light-emitting diodes Zhao,H., Zhang,J.,Liu, G.,Toma,T.,Poplawsky,J.D.,Dierolf,V.,Tansu,N.2011 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering 7939,  This paper has 27 self references toTansu  Analysis of thermoelectric properties of AlInN semiconductor alloys Zhang,J.,Tong,H.,Herbsommer, J.A., Tansu,N. 2011 Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for OpticalEngineering 7933, 79330X  This paper has 28 self references toTansu  176 self citations from 6 papers in a single SPIE Conference
  14. 14.  Becoming editor or guest editor of a journal “you cite my article only once in your 40 references. Consequently, I kindly ask you to add references of my articles to your present article”.
  15. 15. IEEE OSA Journal of Display Technology Special Issue Volume 9, Issue 4 & 5 (April,May 2013). Recent advances in solid state lighting Guest Editor: Nelson Tansu
  16. 16.  Issue 5 special issue = 160 citations to Tansu  Effects of H2 in GaN barrier spacer layer of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum-well light-emitting diodes. Lai,W.-C.,Yang,Y.-Y. 2013  10 citations to Tansu  Investigating the effect of piezoelectric polarization on GaN-based LEDs with different quantum barrier thickness.Wang, C.K., Chiang, T.H., Chen, K.Y., Chiou,Y.Z., Lin,T.K., Chang, S.P., Chang, S.J.  9 citations to Tansu  Lateral current spreading effect on the efficiency droop in GaN based light-emitting diodes. Huang, S., Fan, B., Chen, Z., Zheng, Z., Luo, H.,Wu, Z.,Wang, G., Jiang, H.  8 citations to Tansu  Effect of polarization-matched n-type AlGaInN electron-blocking layer on the optoelectronic properties of blue InGaN light- emitting diodes. Li,Y., Gao,Y., He, M., Zhou, J., Lei,Y., Zhang, L., Zhu, K., Chen,Y.  11 citations to Tansu
  17. 17.  Issue 6 special issue = 120 citations to Tansu  FDTD Analysis on Extraction Efficiency of GaN Light-Emitting DiodesWith Microsphere Arrays Zhu,P. ; Liu, G. ; Zhang, J. ;Tansu, N. 12 citations to Tansu  Light Extraction Efficiency Enhancement of III-Nitride Light-Emitting Diodes by Using 2-D Close-Packed Microsphere Arrays Xiao-Hang Li ; Peifen Zhu ; Guangyu Liu ; Jing Zhang ; Renbo Song ;Yik-Khoon Ee ; Kumnorkaew,P. ; Gilchrist,J.F. ;Tansu, N. 11 citations to Tansu  Design and Analysis of “Chess Board” Like Photonic Crystal Structure for Improved Light Extraction in GaN/InGaN LEDs Patra, S.K.; Adhikari,S. ; Pal,S. 9 citations to Tansu  Improved Light Extraction Efficiency of Nonpolar a-Plane GaN-Based LEDs Based on Embedded Pyramid-Shape Air-Gap Structure Park,M.J.; Hwang, S.J.; Kim,H.J. ; Jung,S. ; Bang, K.H. ; Kim,H.G. ; Chang,Y. ; Choi,Y. ; Kwak,J.S. 11 citations to Tansu  GaN-Based Light-Emitting DiodesWith Step Graded-Refractive Index Micropillar Array Hung-Ming Chang ;Ya-YuYang ;Wei-Chih Lai ; Shuguang Li ;Yu-Ru Lin ; Zhi- Yong Jiao ; Shoou-Jinn Chang9 citations to Tansu  InGaN-Based Resonant-Cavity Light-Emitting Diodes FabricatedWith a Distributed Bragg Reflector and Metal Reflector for Visible Light Communications Chia-Lung Tsai ; Chih-TaYen ;Wei-Jhih Huang ; Zhong-Fan Xu ; Sun-Chien Ko 14 citations to Tansu
  18. 18. If you count tree rings to estimate the age, the trees don’t start producing extra rings. Counting papers or citations is different.
  19. 19.  We should place great emphasis on scientific integrity, in what we write and what we review.  Ask yourself some questions before lending your name to a journal as an editor.  Where a publication count, or a citation number, or an impact factor is brought in as a measure of quality, raise an objection.  Let people know how easily citations can be, and are being, manipulated.