Introducing Cat Cafe


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Have you heard of those cafes that have cats inside them? Yes, you can pat a cat while enjoying a steaming hot coffee. Cafes like that have existed in Asia for quite a while, but the concept has traveled to Europe recently.

What if we opened such a cafe in San Francisco? People here love coffee, and they love animals. Would it work? How would it look like?

This presentation I created to answer those questions and propose ideas on how to manifest Cat Cafe in the city. Enjoy!

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Introducing Cat Cafe

  1. 1. Introducing Cat Cafe
  2. 2. How might we launch a cafe with cats in SF?
  3. 3. Concept The concept comes from Japan where they have places for people to pet cats. Such a concept doesn’t exist yet in America. To launch a place like that in San Francisco, it will be linked with a coffee shop where people can relax, have a coffee and pet cats. The cats will come from the SPCA so that visitors have the option of adopting one.
  4. 4. Competitors There’s no direct competition in terms of coffee shop combined with cats. Cafes in SF are either about the quality of their coffee, or provide a place to get work done. There is no category of a place to pet cats.
  5. 5. Who is the Cat Cafe for? People, who like cats. Duh.
  6. 6. Reasons why we like cats Research has shown that cats help with anxiety and depression. Petting a cat is soothing and keeps the person in the present, away from worries*. In general, humans are drawn to cute things. This concept, called baby schema or Kindchenschema, includes a set of body and facial features that are considered cute and call for nurture in human brains. The baby schema/Kindchenschema applies to cats, thus humans are drawn to cats. *
  7. 7. Liz and Coco This short movie shows what it means to have cats. It’s a relationship only true cat lovers understand and cherish.
  8. 8. Has one, loves `em more than people. Meet Finley – a three year old cat that belongs to Mary. Mary loves Finley more than anything. She posts lots of pictures of Finley on Facebook and Instagram. She is rather introverted, and feels more at home with her cats than in a big group of people. She goes for a walk with him, to give him the best kitty life he could ask for.
  9. 9. Wants one, but can’t have one Susan is a loving, single gal in SF who wished her landlord allowed cats. Unfortunately, she can’t have one, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a true cat lover. Susan loves hanging out with friends who have cats. She says she would feel less lonely if she could have one of her own.
  10. 10. Insight Cat owners want to socialize and connect with fellow cat lovers and share their passion. Apart from the internet, there is no ‘dogpark’ for cats and cat owners.
  11. 11. What will we do? We will provide a place where people can form new friendships. It’s a place they can call home. Home is a place where you feel you belong. The cat cafe will be a place where people get that feeling by creating friendships to fellow cat lovers and furry friends.
  12. 12. Hanging out with buddies.
  13. 13. Tactics 1. Storytime 2. Creative Wall 3. Dancing with cats
  14. 14. Storytime Telling stories of each cat so that visitors get to know their friends. These stories are about the cats’ characteristics, likes, and behavior. Telling these stories continuously, visitors know what their buddies are up to. Storytime helps visitors to get familiar with the new concept, knowing what to expect.
  15. 15. People that hate cats, come back as mice in their next life. Creative wall for buddies People want to belong. They want to build a relationship with the cats and the cafe, and show it. To show their love, visitors can take pictures to put on the chalk wall and write messages and quotes.
  16. 16. Dancing with buddies Dancing with cats is a different kind of dancing. Dancers don’t bring their own cats, but use a stuff toy cat. Dancers mimick the cat’s movement to create moments of synchronic dance. Through weekend workshops SF cat lovers can learn how to dance with their cats.
  17. 17. How do the tactics fit in? 2. Going to cafe and evaluate. Greeted by friendly personal and great atmosphere. 1. People hear about Cat Cafe, but don’t know what to expect. Consider Instagram tells cat stories and presents the new place. Evaluate 3. Visitors like the cafe, and start building friendships. Offering the possibility to visualize and strengthen friendship through Creativity Wall. Enjoy Bonding 5. Visitors are interested in strengthening their relationship with Cat Cafe and cats in general. Offering dancing classes with cats for passionate cat lovers. Returning 4. Visitors keep coming back. They feel at home at Cat Cafe. Visitors follow Cat Cafe on Instagram to know what their cats are up to.
  18. 18. Thank you