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Brief Wearable Tech

  1. 1. CREATIVE BRIEF: WEARABLE TECH The older parents get, the more their children worry about them. What happens if they fall and can’t call 911? Are they taking their meds? How is their blood sugar level today? We are listening to these worries and want to help children to worry less about their parents, and the elderly to continue living on their own.
  2. 2. WHAT ARE WE SELLING? We are selling a wearable wristband for the elderly. Its features can be grouped into three main categories: The first category deals with features that help the elderly to stay independent like a reminder to take medicines The second category deals with features that call the emergency contact in emergencies, like falling down and breaking a leg. The third category has features that track the user’s health, like measuring blood pressure.
  3. 3. Category 1: Independence Many older people become more impaired in their seeing and hearing abilities. They also tend to forget where they have placed their phone, or to take medicines and to do other chores The wristband vibrates softly, when the doorbell or phone rings. When meds have to be taken or the dog needs to go for a walk. Reminders can be customized
  4. 4. Category 2: Emergencies The wearable wristband is worn all the time so that the user can call 911 or his personal emergency contact: In an emergency, the user can push a button on his wristband that directly contacts his emergency contact In an emergency where there user is unconscious, the emergency feature call the emergency conatct automatically by measuring sudden drop of blood pressure or a fall in heart rate.
  5. 5. Category 3: Health Tracker The wristband can track certain information to give caregiver and doctors more information about wellbeing. If sudden and drastic changes appear, the emergency contact will be contacted. For regular check-ups, caregiver and doctors can look at the health tracker to recognize health issues. The device tracks blood sugar level, heart rate, temperature, and blood pressure.
  6. 6. WHAT DO WE WANT TO ACCOMPLISH? We want to introduce a new product that has never been heard of. The ideas behind the product are believable and familiar, but the combination and execution of the ideas is new. We want to make the life better of the elder and their children by providing a product that has their needs in mind first
  7. 7. WITH WHOM DO WE WANT TO CONNECT? 1. The Elderly, aka the user We want o connect to the elderly that live alone and enjoy being independent. These people are able to live on their own. Even though these people are old, they don’t need to be taken care of 24/7. 2. Children/Caregiver, aka the buyer We also need to connect to the caregivers of the elderly, often their children. Children are worried about their parents becoming old. These children cannot take care of their parents full time, but would like to have a peace of mind about their parents’ well-being.
  8. 8. WHAT WOULD THEY LIKE ABOUT THE IDEA? This product is not marketed in a way that children can have control over the elderly, but that the elderly can maintain their independence with fewer worries.
  9. 9. WHAT DO THEY CURRENTLY THINK AND FEEL? Angelene says: “My kids worry about me living on my own, just because I fell the other day.” Leroy says: “I’m totally fine living on my own, but my kids are worried about me.” Ethel says: “Sometimes my neighbor comes over and I don’t hear her ring the bell. It’s quite embarrassing.” WHAT DO WE WANT THEM TO THINK AND FEEL? “My kids don’t need to worry about me living alone, I know and they know that I am fine.” “I don’t have to worry about whether I forgot something or whether I hear my neighbor knock. I’m in control.”
  10. 10. WHAT’S THE SINGLE MOST PERSUASIVE IDEA? With Lift you can maintain your independence.
  11. 11. CREATIVE GUIDELINES Let’s tell a beautiful story about an elderly person and his/her wristband. We can show how the wristband affects her life and making her more confident.