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A presentation on Qatar and the visionary leadership of this small nation which dreams big to make this world a better place for our children.

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  • Thank you for giving us this opportunity to meet with you. My first presentation will introduce you to Qatar – the vision behind the country’s exemplary performance, the strategy and how the vision is being translated on the ground with significant milestones in the international arena.
  • Qatar stands at a defining junctureThe country has witnessed unparalleled economic growth which has lead to widespread prosperity.
  • And to put it quite metaphorically Qatar is going places!Qatar is the world’s leading producer and exporter of LNG. This is the primary driver of the economy. Qatar’s proven Natural Gas reserves stand at 896 trillion cubic feet which equates to about 14% of the total world reserves. The country has the 3rd largest reserves behind Russia and Iran. Production includes 14 LNG trains with a fleet of 54 LNG vessels representing 20% of the world’s total LNG fleet with sales delivered to 23 countries across 4 continents.GDP per capita reached USD 102,891 over 2011. This coupled with no income tax liabilities, affords consumers in Qatar one of the highest levels of disposable income in the world, driving high levels of private consumption and demand for retail space. Qatar has been recognized as the most competitive economy in the GCC and receive the 3rd highest receips of FDI’s after S.Arabia & the UAE. The country is expected to have a budget surplus of USD 6 billion for 2011/2012. Note, LNG revenues have been excluded from from the officially recorded figures. If it was incorporated, it is expected that the surplus would increase to in excess of 20% of the GDP.Qatar is the highest ranked country in the GCC in sovereign ratings produced by Moody’s, S & P and Capital Intelligence. Qatar has outperformed all the countries in the region in terms of real GDP growth and GDP per capita in 2011.
  • To transform Qatar from an energy based economy to a
  • To a knowledge driven economy.Qatar is leading an educational renaissance in the regionThe objective is to strengthen Qatari values and encourage analytical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurship in the younger generation.How?
  • Qatar is fast turning into a premium stop over destination when travelling on long haul flights. The Qatar Tourism Authority positions Doha as a luxury, short stay business & leisure destination.Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), has made it its mandate to pursue niche markets rather than develop a mass tourism product, and the Culture Capital status underlines its position as a destination catering to specifically targeted markets – Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions
  • This 48 hours campaign targets passengers on long-haul flights between Europe and Asia enticing them to transit and stop over in Doha, as well as inspiring business visitors in Doha to extend their stay. The New Doha international Airport is expected to begin operations by 2012. It is expected to handle an estimated 24 million passengers per annum.
  • Qatar will build 9 new stadiums and renovate 3. These stadiums will be zero carbon emitting and climate controlled.After the World Cup, Qatar plans to dismantle these stadiums and send them to developing countries to make 22 new stadiumsThe development of Qatar’s sports sector focuses on achieving 3 major goalsIncreased community participation in sports – One example of this is children from schools are taken in bus loads to witness the WTA champiosnhips year on year. These visits are organized by the schools and QTF has specially designed activities for school children during the first 4 days of the championships. Qatar has held internationally acclaimed soccer friendly matches year on year. Improved and integrated planning for community and sports facilities – all around Doha there are excellent sporting facilities like Aspire , Al Sadd Club, the Equestrian Club, the Khalifa Tennis Federation and many others which hold regular sporting events and classes throughout the year.Increased and improved sports talent management and performance
  • Many of the Tennis worlds highest ranking seeds open their season campaigns at the Qatar Open. These championships are sponsored by Exxon Mobil, Total, Sony EricsoonetcIn 2001, Qatar also became the first country in the Middle East to hold a women's tennis tournament: Qatar holds both the Qatar Open for Women and the ladies ITF tournament. Since 2008 and at least for 3 years, the Sony Ericsson Championships (equivalent to the ATP's season-ending Championships) takes place in Doha, in the Khalifa International Tennis ComplexThe MotoGP motorcycling grand prix of Doha is held annually at Losail International Circuit, located just north of the city.
  • In late 2008, the Museum of Islamic Art opened in Doha. Qatar Airways has been named the official airline of the Qatar Museums Authority to promote the state of Qatar as a global tourist destination.
  • The next decade is going to be guided by the Qatar National Vision 2030. The announcement of FIFA to award the rights of hosting the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022 which has been a game changer for the country and the region as a whole. This will result in an Increase in populationThis population is characterised by high disposable incomes
  • The Qatar National Development Strategy from 2011 to 2016, sets out a plan to domestically invest a total of 225 billion USD over this 5 year period predominantly on infrastructure and construction ( private non – hydrocarbon investment)Note investment in the hydrocarbon sector is only around 10% of the total intended investment – in line with Qatar’s vision for sustainability and diversityFrom our experience, we believe that each project worth a billion dollars requires a min white collar work force of about 1,000 people. An increase of 225 billion dollars would need a minimum of 225,000 white collar work force. 10% of this would mean an additional 23
  • This has been a game changes for the country and the region as a whole. Hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022 presents the country with opportunities which will see the next 2 years witness considerable growth in business, infrastructure and population.A total investment of approx USD 62 billion is planned.----- Meeting Notes (7/25/12 10:51) -----Check stadium investment
  • To achieve this national development strategythe country has meg projects in the pipe line. NDIA: Is expected to cost over US $ 5 billion with an annual capacity of 24 million passengers in its 1st phase and 50 million passengers upon completion of its second phase.Qatar Bahrain Causeway: Called the friendship bridge , it will link the 2 countries via a twin carriageway & rail connection.National Railway & metro project: Qatari Diar, the real estate arm of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund has signed an Mou with Germany’s Deutsche Bahn to develop a consolidated and comprehensive national railway system.Doha expressway: this multibillion project will link the north and south of QatarDoha Port: A new port is under construction at an estimated cost of Usd 7 billion Accommodation: Notable projects beingLusail: A new master city expected to have a population of approx 200,000 people – located 15 km north of Doha cityPearl Qatar – The Pearl , an island on 400 hectares of reclaimed land will be home to nearly 40,000 residents. Al Khor: A QR 30 billion project – on completion it is anticipated the development will offer 24,000 residential unitsThese projects as you can see are all geared up towards realizing the vision 2030 and getting Qatar ready for the World Cup 2022.The bulk of the professionals and white collar skilled workforce for these projects will be needed between now and 2020.
  • Let’s wrap this up and put down the milestones from 2012 onwards
  • ----- Meeting Notes (7/25/12 10:51) -----Take Barwa Al Khor
  • Qatar records the highest per capita income in the world.According to statistics from euromonitor, over 39% of Qatar’s white collared workers earn between US $ 3,000/- and US $ 8,000/- a month. . 12% of the country’s residents are said to earn more than US $ 8,000 a month. The highest earning age group in 2009 was 40 to 44 year olds with an average annual gross income in the range of US $ 35,449/- per annum. These professionals have kids in the age group of 5 to 14 years of age, living in Doha.The second highest earning age group was 45 to 49 year olds with US$ 35,000/- per annum. Just to stress further, one can only bring one’s family into Qatar if you earn in excess of $ 3,000 per month.
  • According to the HSBC BankInternastional Explorer survey 2009, Russian Federation, Japan and Qatar are the wealthiest expat countriesIn comparison with the BRIC countries and other fast paced developing countries, Qatar ranks 2nd after Russia
  • Residents of large metros like Dubai, Riyadh and Jeddah would not necessarily travel to Doha for entertainment.IKEA has a large store in Dubai but has booked itself as an anchor tenant in Doha Festival City.Infrastructure projects will be fast tracked and will be given the highestpriority. Road & rail networks will bring important markets within 45 mins to 1 hrs drive time with Doha. Qatari’s have long established close ties with Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. There is considerable road traffic even now between Doha and towns on the border of Saudi Arabia like Al Hofouf. The Qatari government plans to invest USD 20 billion in tourism related infrastructure.
  • We come to you today, at a very opportune time in our country’s journey and we believe strongly that
  • Destination Doha

    2. 2. WHY?
    3. 3. QATAR
    4. 4. IS GOING PLACES World‘s leading producer and exporter of LNG. According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), Qatar ranked first worldwide with the highest per capita income. Qatar has been recognized as the most competitive economy in the GCC and received the 3rd highest receipts in Foreign Direct Investments in the region after Saudi Arabia and UAE Standard & poor’s accredited Qatar the highest rating of AA. Qatar was voted the most peaceful nation in the MENA region by the Global Peace Index (GPI) Qatar Airways won the title best airline of the year for the second year in succession Qatar was selected as “country destination of the year” in 2009 by the New York Times and Doha was adjudged the “best emerging destination”
    6. 6. COUNTRY STRATEGYPage  6
    7. 7. Modernization without losing its The needs of this generation with Balancing economic growth, social rich cultural traditions the demands of future generations development and the need to protect the environment
    8. 8. TO CREATE A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE THROUGHDIVERSIFIED GROWTH Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) Qatar Science & Technology Park (QSTP) Qatar Foundation (QF) This is a placeholder text Qatar Financial Centre (QFC) Qatar Investment Authority (QIA) GAS RESERVES Qatar has the 3rd largest gas reserves in the world.
    9. 9. 1 Education City2 Qatar Airways3 Al Jazeera International4 Aspire Foundation5 SIDRA6 Katara Hospitality7 Qatar National Research Fund RAND Qatar Policy Institiute
    10. 10. EDUCATIONA WORLD CLASS EDUCATIONAL SYSTEMThere are 294 schools in thecountry. The country spends anaverage USD 3,500 on eachstudentThe goal of the educationalsystem is to develop all aspectsof the students personaliy –cognitive, skill and communityparticipation.
    11. 11. DOHA A HUB
    12. 12. QTA 4848 HRS IN QATAR Your business is our pleasure  The NDIA is expected to begin operations by 2012. It is expected to handle an estimated 24 million passengers  QTA targets to attract 5% of the visitors transiting through NDIA to stay on in the country for an extra 48 hrs.  The strategy is to focus on niche tourism – three main niches MICE, Sports and Cultural Tourism. Last year Qatar hosted 120 conferences and exhibitions.  Tourist arrivals in Qatar are targeted to reach 1.4 million by 2012 and 1.8 million by 2014.  Qatar will build 90,000 hotel rooms by 2022.
    13. 13. SPORTSQatar 2022The FIFA World Cup 2022 willbe held in Qatar – a victory forthe Arab World and QatarSporting capital of theMiddle EastDoha hosts work famoussporting events like WTA TennisChampiosnhips, Lusail Moto GP,Qatar Masters Golf Tournamentand most recently the AsianFootball Confederation Asian If.Cup. These are annual fixtures.
    14. 14. GULF TIMES Rapid Growth OUTLOOK 2012 TO 2022 Has given Qatar one of the world’s highest per capita incomes. .Diversifyinginto aknowledgeeconomyMeans entrepreunership andinnovation need to belearned – to be embedded inthe educaiton system andsupported through businessfriendly policies andr e g u l a i t o n s . . Govt education spending is 5% of GDP
    15. 15. 41Qatar National HighVision 2030 disposable income 2 FIFA World Cup 2022 3 Increase in population Outcomes • Better infrastructure connecting cities and people • Influx of a professional workforce and increase in number of kids • Increase in tourist arrivals and educational institutions
    17. 17. NATIONAL DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY2011 TO 2016 •Translates the QNV into specific actions & targets •This represents the first wave of changes which are expected to lead Qatar’s transformation
    18. 18. TOTAL DOMESTIC INVESTMENT IN 2011- 2016 ( USD BILLION) 225 95 107 23 Public central government Private hydrocarbon sector Private non-hydrocarbon sector Total
    20. 20. MILESTONES 2012 2013 2014 2015 Phase 1 is made An 8 km long mall Expected to Doha will play host to TOURIST ARRIVALS AIRPORT (NDIA) INTERNATIONAL CITY NEW DOHA DOHA FESTIVALE operational - on the road linking reach 1.8 million. the World Men’s World Handball Championships equipped to the airport with the Handball Championships handle 24 million Bahrain causeway NDIA is Equipped to passengers handle 50 million annually. passengers. Qatar Airways doubles its fleet NEW JOBS CREATED LUSAIL COMPLETION RETAIL & APARTMENTS NEW HOTELS + ENETERTAINMENT Phase 1 with anchor Project involves Qatar becomes the 2nd 70 new hotels + 48 tenants like IKEA Entertainment biggest economy in the new hotel including a full retail City, a marina and GCC. apartments planned centre & Energy City. 586, 000 new jobs are – 21,700 new hotel entertainment park. expected to be created. rooms to be added to existing capacity.
    21. 21. THE NEXT DECADE Qatar – Bahrain causeway Qatar hosts All GCC states are opens . Rail link between the FIFA connected by an advanced Education City and World Cup rail network High speed rail link becomes Bahrain is opened operational . reducing travel time Doha Metro becomes to 51 minutes. operational. 10 YRS 2016 2018 2022 2026 Light Rail Transport system in Doha Driving time is operational. 1 hr drive time Between Qatar from the Dammam and Bahrain is – Al Khobar – now 40 Dhahran triangle minutes. to Doha
    22. 22. Expected influx of professional , whitecollar householdsQatar is a young country – the median ageis 29 years.
    23. 23. AVERAGE ANNUAL INCOME (2009) 140000 120000 100000 Income (QR) 80000 60000 40000 20000 0 20 to 24 25 to 29 30 to 34 35 to 39 40 to 44 45 to 49 yrs yrs yrs yrs yrs yrs
    25. 25. First Place in disposable incomes Second Place Overall Highest Quality of Life Qatar ranks 1st amongst the BRIC  Overall league ranking  In the MENA region and other fast paced developing countires which include countries – such as UAE, S.Arabia, Malaysia, India, China , Bahrain & Brazil 3rd place in increased savings
    27. 27. FORWARD THINKING & MASTER PLANNINGVisionary Leadership Connecting the dots and unlocking potentialWith each of its projects, be it insports, infrastructure, culture, education, The Qatar success story is aboutand media, Qatar has firmly placed its entrepreunership, vision and the ingenious leveraging offootprint on the international map. country resources.Qatar is lead by a visionary leader who Qatar has done this by ensuring that it develops anbelieves in reducing his country’s infrastrucutre, market attractiveness and economy thatreliance on fossil fuels and turning the brings sustainable value for not only itself but also itscountry into a competitive knowledge neighbours.based economy. ConclusionThe country has infrastructure, retailand global ambitions that havecredited the economy as being themost competitive in the OPEC. Dreams turn into a reality The state of Qatar has the ability to not only dream big but more importantly turn these dreams into a reality.
    28. 28. 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 QATAR MAKES HISTORYWINS FIFA 2022 BID TURNS DREAMS INTO REALITY NOT FOR QATAR ALONE QATAR CAUSEWAY 02 BAHRAIN 01 03 Qatar wins One small Only 40 The right to nation dared minutes by Host FIFA world to dream and car from Bahrain cup in 2022 dream big! through the Qatar- Bahrain causeway
    29. 29. TO BE AHEAD OF THE PACK2010 2014 2018 2020 2022
    30. 30. THE CLOCK STARTS NOW min sec