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Vodafone is the Europe second largest telecom company here there is a presentation on Vodafone that how Vodafone use D.bekham as a brand icon and how Vodafone got success.

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Vodafone presentation

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  3. 3. ~OUTLINE ~• Background• Features• Why David Beckahm?• Marketing mix• Campaign• conclusion• Questions
  4. 4. BACKGROUND Global telecommunications company Headquartered in London, United Kingdom. On 1 January1984, Racal Telecom was demerged from Racal Electronics. 20% of Racal Telecom Plc capital was offered to the public in October 1988. An independent company in September 1991 Name as Vodafone Group Plc 1991 we enabled the world‟s first international mobile roaming call In 2002, with Vodafone Live!
  5. 5. Features371 million customers around the world Seventh most valuable brand in world 30 countries and partner with networks in over 40more. Share images and videos Great value in their fixed line and broadband servicestoo. New, innovative ways to help our business customers Operate extends beyond the products and servicesnetwork of 27 country foundations Always committed to deliver useful and inspiringinnovation. Vodafone Money Transfer Our most affordable ultra low cost handset yet. We‟re a brand that loves change Never rest and find new ways that help peoplecommunicate. Driven to empower people Empowers you in business. We mean when we say „power to you‟.
  6. 6. Who is HE ?England football captain ???Recognised as aninternational sportsmanof the highest orderInstantly recognisedacross global marketsMore than a footballerCaring family manPassionate personvery positive image Admired by a broadrange of consumersFashion iconCharming personalityAttractive
  7. 7. Why only Beckham ???• An overall image that attract Vodafone to him• As he appeals to many females because of his lifestyle and fashion icon.• Beckham image appeals to much wider section of society• This suits Vodafone to appeal different sections of society• Beckham lifestyle ;that Vodafone also project for itself.• He is innovative, passionate, creative and exciting in field that what Vodafone aspires to.• Beckham the family man : Caring and empathic and that is Vodafone want the people to understand the values and to be most caring about others what people need and want• Beckham seen to be dependable , and Vodafone want to communicate the same image.• Synergy is clear
  8. 8. MARKETING MIX:4 Ps Product Price place Promotion
  9. 9. Marketing mix The right product sold at the right price in the right place using the most suitable promotion. To create the right marketing mix, businesses have to meet the following conditions: The right features The price must be right. Produce a healthy profit. Goods must be in the right place at the right time. The target group needs costs over a larger output.
  10. 10. Product Vodafone provide many feature to customer with opportunity to chat, play games send & receive pictures ,music , ringtone, info about travel, billing & sporting event.
  11. 11. Place Vodafone UK operates over 300 of its own stores. It also sells through independent retailers. Customers are able to see and handle products they are considering buying. Customers needs are matched with the right product and to explain the different options available.
  12. 12. Price Wants to make its services accessible to as many people as possible Pay Vodafone as you go call charges It offers various pricing structures to suit different customer groups.
  13. 13. Promotion Vodafone works with icons such as David Beckham to communicate its brand values. Above line Advertising on TV, on billboards, in magazines and in other media outlets and spreads the brand image and the message very effectively.
  14. 14. Our Vodafone promotions ladies on the National PouchingChampionships, that is more advertise on twitter.
  15. 15. Promotion through MediaVodafone launched new avatar of zoo zoo, an egg-headed zoo zoo superman via print. Vodafone has always been innovative to attract users;
  16. 16. Online Promotion Face book fan page New Avatar of zoo zoo for the promotion of matches.
  17. 17. CAMPAIGN• Need of a customer• Validity of a customer• Personality of campaigner• Evaluation of a campaign
  18. 18. • Vodafone live! Campaign• Campaign show Beckahm doing daily things• demonstrating what Vodafone actually want to do• TV campaign : a huge success• Media covered it so widely• Many newspaper covered Beckham sponsorship deal• “Send it like Beckham” slogan• Beckahm images also serve as customer‟s communication
  19. 19. MARKET • Campaign justify theRESEARCH time, money and effort. • Vodafone asked their customers in different sections and sectors • “recall” in the market • Posters and practices • Campaign also help for “brand migration” • Success in local markets • Global brand in the place of local one.
  20. 20. • In high competitive market• Beckahm as Vodafone icon• Partnership• Beckahm campaign• Reinforce values• Beckham is something like of phenomena• Important advantage in highly competitive market place• Having a high profile• An admired by customers having star
  21. 21. Questions
  22. 22. What makes the Vodafone brand unique? Howdoes it differentiate from competitors in the same market(s)
  23. 23. D. BeckhamVodafone’s products and services“values you & power to you”
  24. 24. Vodafone works with icons such as D.Beckham to communicate brand values
  25. 25. The most famous sports iconBeckham seems to be dependable and what Vodafone aspires to be Beckham lifestyle ;that Vodafone also project for itself. Most attractive personality specially in Europe
  26. 26. Describe Vodafone‟s brand values
  27. 27. Most valuable brand and ranks seventh in the world The top brands globally are China Mobile, Vodafone, Verizon, AT&T and T-MobileVodafone has a brand value of £22 billion, with T-Mobile at $16.8 billion and Orange at $15.4 billion.Telephonic which is sitting on the biggest brand asset base
  28. 28. May other celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, NaomiCampbell, Mel Gibson (or others) be as well appropriate to communicate these values
  29. 29. In the Start Vodafone is in Europe Other celebrities are not specifically from EuropeAngelina Julie is actress from America, Naomi Campbell is a modelof Britain and Mel Gibson is also an actor from America
  30. 30. Vodafone wants to make its services accessible to as many customers as possible. Describe how elements of themarketing mix are adapted to satisfy the needs of the many different groups of customers
  31. 31. Price Vodafone fix low rates which makes customer satisfying in purchasing Vodafone Place: Europe Product : Attractive features like Vodafone live ,zoo zooanimations updates, games, songs , online chat and receiving and sending Promotion : Vodafone with D. Beckham to communicates its brand value
  32. 32. A key point in Vodafone‟s success is to build and strengthen customer relationships. How is this carried out
  33. 33. Vodafone outline the produce range to meet goals.Vodafone adapt such strategies to attract customers so that they can maximize there use. Vodafone launches magazine for employees, detailing products, people and sponsorship