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Ebay is a world largest website where sellers and buyers come and make transactions. E BAY IN CHINA, eBay works lot in china to make success as they get in other countries.the marketing plans they get for success are listed in this presentation.
the new strategy which is taken by new CEO are also listed in this.

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  2. 2. Malik umair mahmoodMinal muzammalSumaira munsifAsma shafiqGroup members
  3. 3. Time line 1995 19 1998 2002 97 FounderPierre Omidyar Meg Whitman [CEO] 1 millionth item sold eBay goes public 2002 – PayPal joins team
  4. 4. . Features
  5. 5. How eBay works
  6. 6. Two Kinds of Items Fixed Price Auction Fixed price items "Buy It Now" button.Auction items . When time is up, the item is declared "sold" to the highest bidder.
  7. 7. New CEO Before new CEO : revenues were 49 millions In 1997: new CEO Introduced : “buy it now” Profit : from 20% to 30 %
  8. 8. In sep 1999,Yahoo! Japan beat eBay. 5 month were critical eBay entered Japan in 2000 Exits Japan in 2002 In 1999 Yahoo launched auctions system Japan Tasted unprecedented success.
  9. 9.  Yahoo had a strong brand name positive association in Japan. the first mover’s advantage in online auctions. an unassailable advantage over eBay. eBay could not convey the message Yahoo’s strategy of providing an online auction platform for free.
  10. 10. New frontier E Bay a plan to enhance market at international level. E Bay : in Europe Japanese lifestyle and culture Network effect Left Japan Two young entrepreneurs Prevailing business atmosphere “China is the word fifth largest online economy” E Bay executive Whitman thinks and hopes.
  11. 11.  Studied internet business 2 young entrepreneur. Started each net. They decided that eBay model only one that work in Asia. With support of capitalist , they launched their site,
  12. 12.  China 5th largest online economy. 27 million internet users. 32% made purchases online past year. 30% users rarely visit ecommerce sites.
  13. 13. •Meg Whitman & eBay’sother executive know thatto meet their sales &revenue target.•They successful ininternational markets-especially in chinaworld’s•CHINA, with thelargest population, will beperfect fit for eBays businessmodel
  14. 14. What are the forces shaping the development of internet business like eBay in the united states? How are these forces similar or different in theEU and in other countries such as Japan or China
  15. 15. eBay is the largest online market place where local andinternational buyers and sellers makes transactions. these are theforces shaping eBay to digital age
  16. 16. DIGITILIZATIN ANDCONNECTIVITY Converting text data and sounds to bit streams. All computers, appliances and automobiles uses bits of digital information CUSTOMIZATION AND CUSTOMERIZATINS EBay gave the facilities to its valued customers that they can customize everything to there need. NEW TYPES OF INTERMEDIARIES Most companies change into click andmotor companies. They direct sells there items. Which reduces times. THE EXPLOSIONS OF INTERNET Today’s era is a world of technology every person have access to internetand they know how to operate it. manycompanies uses it for business to make sale and buyers products
  17. 17. How do the text’s terms customisation and customerisation apply to eBay’s marketing strategy
  18. 18. The customizations mean the customers have the facility to CUSTOMISTAION manage the desired product to the choice of them. The person can alter r make its product of its own choice. The customerizations means when a company can launch the product if the product is not up to the mark orCUSTOMERIZATION the customers wants to change the product or alter it than the company make changes in the product which is terms as customerization.
  19. 19. How does eBay create value for the members of its community
  20. 20. eBay created a worthy value for its customer. He uses the facility ofcustomizing for its customer.They allow customers to make sale and purchase by credit card.
  21. 21. What marketing recommendations would you make to eBay to help it be successful as it enters the Chinese market
  22. 22. EBay need to work on these forces They make there transactions free. Make advertisements sothat Chinese people know about.