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Tahseen Consulting Ltd

  1. 1. Tahseen Consulting Ltd. Sana’a (Yemen) is a professional management consulting company offering services in the areas of market entry, marketing strategies, management and business development and provides effective solutions to your business concerns in Yemen.<br />Support of an experienced Business consultant in Yemen becomes a necessity when you are contemplating market entry strategies for irregular Yemeni markets.<br />Highly qualified & vastly experienced professionals, Marketing consultants and Management consultants run this well-established consulting organization.<br />Who We Are<br />Tahseen Consulting is an experienced professional consulting company; it provides advisory services to organizations who desire to utilize professional knowledge and management expertise in areas of marketing entry, marketing strategies, management business development, feasibility studies for setting up business, social and economic enterprises.<br />Mission<br />We partner with our clients in assessing and defining what they really need in a given situation and then helping to accomplish their goals. We foster a caring, supportive work environment and a committed, passionate consulting team.<br />The heart of our mission is to listen very carefully to our clients and act in their best interest, so they can realize the best possible outcome on each project in which we are engaged.<br />Philosophy<br />• Making Tahseen a Centre of excellence in the provision of management consultancy with a strong commitment to the highest standards of quality and customer satisfaction.<br />• Providing access to latest management techniques, information, researches and other data sources with an eye to encourage evidence based decision making.<br />• Bringing about positive changes in the management culture through focused and tailor made Management Development Programs.<br />• Providing comprehensive, compassionate, accessible, ethical and high quality management consultancy that meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of those we serve.<br />• Adopting best human resources practices that provide an enabling work environment and foster the highest commitment and competence among staff.<br />• Being financially responsible in terms of accountability, equitability and transparency.<br />Values<br />• We are dedicated to total client satisfaction.<br />• We deliver excellence, superior quality and value in everything we do.<br />• We recognize that our most important asset is our employees and encourage their professional growth.<br />• We require the integrity, professionalism and contributions of our employees for our success.<br />• We will achieve superior performance, as measured by return on investment, through systematic, substantial and profitable growth.<br />• We are committed to operating as an independent consulting firm. We assume responsibility as a corporate citizen and support cultural and charitable causes and organizations.<br />Consulting<br />Management Consulting<br />Market Opportunity Assessment Studies<br />• Marketing business research<br />• Ascertaining market size, market growth rates and demand potential<br />• Mapping marketing competitive environment, ascertaining marketing feasibility and trade practices<br /> Market Entry Strategies<br />• Devising suitable strategic options for business entry in Yemen<br />• Evaluating entry options based on comprehensive analysis<br />• Advice regarding formulation of marketing strategies, market business growth strategies and working out marketing plans accordingly<br />• Product launch and branding strategies <br />Partner and Business Alliances Search<br />• Identification and evaluation of potential distribution partners in Yemen<br />• Identification, evaluation and due diligence of potential joint venture partners<br />• Search for strategic partners for contract manufacturing, co-manufacturing and sourcing of products’ services from Yemen.<br />Strategic Management Consulting<br />• Advice regarding corporate strategy and business planning<br />• Search and evaluation of strategic business partners for joint-ventures<br />• Start-up assistance to foreign companies<br />• Business restructuring and optimization of business operations<br />Miscellaneous assignments carried out by us include:<br />• Analysis of business structure alternatives and selection of appropriate business structure<br />• Due diligence on potential business partners, suppliers and customers for several foreign investors<br />• Market entry and business planning for foreign companies<br />• Visibility study for setting up business to import and market different kind of goods<br />• Social and economic research<br />IT Consulting<br />• Systems analysis and design<br />• Web based solutions<br />• Customized software solution delivery<br />• Interactive, dynamic portal design<br />• Networking Design, security & analysis<br />Training<br />• Management training, executive coaching and leadership training to increase your leadership and management skills, and those of the key employees<br />• Training in educational and human development<br />• Training in all aspects of businesses<br />• Sales training and sales management training to increase your sales<br />• Customer service training and customer loyalty training to assist in customer retention Leadership development, management development, team development, professional development and employee training can provide effective leadership, greater efficiency and stifle your competition.<br />Continuous training and development of your management and employees will increase your chances of profitability and growth. Human resource development and employee development can actually save your business money.<br />Events Management<br />The company’s expertise guarantees more than the mere execution of the organizational aspects of a congress or event: it also ensures substantial involvement in the success of your event, no matter its size.<br />From the moment an event is first thought of, to the submission of the final publicity evaluation report, Tahseen provides value adding and fully integrated services of the highest quality, that leave nothing to be desired for.<br />In addition, even if you do not aim for a multi-day congress, Tahseen’s resources and experience can help you organize any type of event, such as educational seminars, professional or educational tours, training courses, governmental meetings, summits, stand alone events etc.<br />In short, Tahseen takes pride in servicing organizations in the private, semi-government and multinational corporations to their complete satisfaction.<br />The Company’s resources are comprised of a team of professionals who have acquired considerable skills and experience in their respective professional fields. We have a database that represents the exhaustive and latest information on economical aspects of Yemeni markets, business & industry and government policy interface. Our research team is well equipped to find and access information that may need distinct primary and secondary research techniques. Hence, we provide a broad scope of strategic management knowledge, expertise and experience to assist organizations in making important and valuable decisions. Besides, we enjoy a broad information base and an insight into various markets and industries.<br />