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Social Media Giant

  1. 1. Presentation By:Samah Al Momen & Malika Bennett April 14, 2012
  2. 2. Author, Blogger,Marketing Strategist, Public Speaker Photographer Former Journalist
  3. 3. Geoff helps mindfulcompanies and nonprofitsachieve social change.Geoff brings people.together, virtually andphysically to affect changeand achieve higherknowledge.
  4. 4. Fundraising Geoff organized the first Give to the Max Day: Greater Washington in 2011. This event raised over $2 million for more than 1000 nonprofits using online media tools. He is the Vice President of Razoo, online fundraising community.
  5. 5. BooksGeoff’s award-winning book onnew media: Now is Gone wasreleased in 2007. The bookwas cited by the Wall StreetJournal as a “valuableresource for social media.” The follow up, Welcome tothe Fifth Estate, was releasedin the spring of 2011.He also co-authoredMarketing in the Round withGini Dietrich. The book isexpected to be released inMay 2012.
  6. 6. He blogs prolifically about nonprofitson Inspire Generosity and Mashableand social media on his eponymousblog.He Blogs on social media strategiesbranding, cause marketing, socialgood, nonprofits.
  7. 7. Clients Professionally, he has advised: AT&T Ford Google PayPal Procter and Gamble Razoo United Way of America and many others “I make people famous.” -Geoff Livingston
  8. 8. Geoff & Social MediaWhatGeoff LikesAboutSocial Media“…you can getthrough themiddle manwhich isnewspaper oradvertisementand speakdirectly to yourstakeholders.”-GeoffLivingston
  9. 9. Geoff’s 4 Social Media Strategies For Nonprofits1. Participating with PeopleThis strategy focuses on creatingreal dialogue with yourstakeholders. Think Zappos.2. Serving with ContentThis strategy focuses on usingvaluable and interesting content toattract and retain fans. (Welcome to the Fifth Estate)
  10. 10. Geoff’s 4 Social Media Strategies For Nonprofits (Cont’d)3. Engage Influencers – Thisstrategy focuses on leveraging realconnections you might have with“influencers”.4. Empowerment – This strategyfocuses on empowering your fans tocreate and share their own content. . (Welcome to the FifthEstate)
  11. 11. The BuzzDubbed a “local blogging guru”-- Washington Post"Round up the troops and knock downthe silos! Gini Dietrich and GeoffLivingston deliver a practical playbookfor leaders who want to solve thechallenges and unleash the value ofintegrated marketing communicationsto drive bottom-line results.“--Scott Farrell, president, Global CorporateCommunications(Review for Marketing in the Ground, Coming May 2012)
  12. 12. Upcoming Projects Consulting exclusively with Razoo in 2012. -Twive & Receive Fundraising Campaign, June 14, 2012 Performing Speaking Engagements. Conducting “Marketing in the Round” Training with Co- Author Gini Dietrich (May-July 2012). -5 City Tour to include Chicago, Boston, New York, Washington, DC and Kansas City.
  13. 13. Contact Info Website/Blog: www. Twitter: @geoffliving LinkedIn g Mashable livingston