Imam Hassan (as)


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Small powerpoint presentation for the Birth anniversary of our 2nd Imam, Imam Hassan (as).

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Imam Hassan (as)

  1. 1. IMAM HASSAN (AS) Birth Anniversary of
  2. 2. *Name: Hassan *Title: Al-Mujtaba *Kunyat: Aba Muhammad *Born: Tuesday, 15th Ramadhan 3 AH at Medina *Father’s name: Ali Ibne Abu Talib *Mother’s name: Fatima (Daughter of the Holy Prophet) *Died: at Medina, on Thursday, 28th Safar. 50 AH *Buried: at the cemetery of Janat- ul-Baqi in Medina Hassan Al-Mujtaba (as)
  3. 3. Whoever relies on the excellence of Allah's choices, doesn't wish to be in other than the situation that Allah has chosen for him. Sayings by Imam Hassan (as) Celui qui s'appuie sur l'excellence des choix d'Allah, ne souhaite pas être ailleurs que dans la situation que Dieu a choisi pour lui.
  4. 4. Piety is the gateway to all repentance, and the principal of all wisdom, and the distinction of all deeds Sayings by Imam Hassan (as) La piété est la porte d'entrée de tous repentance, et le principe de toute sagesse, et la distinction de tous les actes
  5. 5. An irrational person is rude, and a person with no ambition lacks manliness. An infidel has no shame. Wisdom causes one to keep good company with people . Happiness in both worlds is obtained by wisdom. Sayings by Imam Hassan (as) Une personne irrationnelle est grossier, et une personne sans ambition manque virilité. Un infidèle a pas de honte. La sagesse provoque une personne à garder bonne compagnie avec les gens. Le bonheur dans les deux mondes est obtenu par la sagesse.
  6. 6. Jannatul Baqi where the most beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet together with her children and grand children lie in wilderness without even a tomb stone over their graves.
  7. 7. On 8th Shawwal, Wednesday, in the year 1345 AH (April 21, 1925), mausoleums in Jannatul al-Baqi (Madina) were demolished by King Ibn Saud. Le 8 Shawwal, mercredi en l'an 1345 AH (21 Avril 1925) , les mausolées dans Jannatul al-Baqi (Médine) ont été démolis par le roi Ibn Saoud.
  8. 8. Literally "al-Baqi" means a tree garden. It is also known as "Jannat al-Baqi" due to its sanctity, since in it are buried many of our Prophet's relatives and companions. The Origins of Al-Baqi Littéralement « al-Baqi» désigne un jardin . Il est également connu comme « Jannat al-Baqi » en raison de sa sainteté, car en elle sont enterrés de nombreux parents et compagnons de notre Prophète.
  9. 9. Khushaali Mubarak