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Proposal for practical_e_(3)

  1. 1. Practical e-Learning Training Program in Korea 2011
  2. 2. Proposal for Practical e-Learning Training Program in Korea1. Daulsoft Project Team & Product ( Project TeamThe Daulsoft Project team consists of Daulsoft’s executives and working-level staffsThe team also includes several professors and specialists from KSET(the Korean societyfor educational technology).Keynote and invited speakers include leaders from both academic and governmentinstitutions in Korea. Final selection of workshop facilitators, speakers and presentersare subject to change based on the recommendations and guidance from the NationalCenter for eLearning and Distance Learning.B. Product (LectureMAKER) LectureMAKER is an E-learning content authoring software which empowers anyone to create interactive lessons and activities that can be easily delivered in various ways based on the deployment requirements. With LectureMAKER subject matter experts or instructors can share their knowledge and expertise by developing and distributing highly interactive and persuasive materials. It allows to save the content in the universally accepted Flash formatand the output can be SCORM compliant2. Purpose of the proposalThis e-learning Training Program will provide a two-week, practical hands-on trainingand workshop, using a customized curriculum, reflecting the needs of faculty anddistance education leaders in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This training will assistprofessors and academic staff to design new courses or convert classroom-basedcourses for delivery online, using e-Learning content authoring software and a learningmanagement system. Participants will learn to design, develop, and assess studentlearning in e-learning and distance courses to be offered through the National Center foreLearning and Distance Learning.Each participant will work from their own course syllabus, using their own coursecontent and materials. They will create an e-Learning content and assessment content,and fully design and develop at least one course module in their online education spaceat Daulsoft e-class system (space provided by Daulsoft)On completion of this training, Daulsoft with KSET(the Korean society for educationaltechnology) will provide each participant with a certificate of completion.
  3. 3. 3. StrategyParticipants will receive the information of authoring software and system used in thetraining prior to attendance at the face-to-face meeting in Seoul, Korea.Participants will use their own course content, syllabus, and course materials. Toprepare for the workshop, trainees should choose a course they are familiar with orhave taught before, to revise or design for online delivery. During the workshop therewill not be time to create an e-Learning content and open new course. Trainees shouldcollect their course syllabus and all of their handouts and course materials in electronicform, either on CD Rom, DVD or a flash drive/memory stick or have the materialsaccessible online for their use as they design and build their course.4. Summary of the e-Learning Certificate Program WorkshopThe e-Learning Certificate Program consists of four units taught in a computer lab.Trainees have to carry the Laptop pc for creating content and access LMS.Participant will receive the concept of Raid e-Learning, instructional design for creatingcontent, educational model adopting online education, instructions of authoring softwareand system.Also, participant will create their own content and has experience to operate onlineeducation though online.This program is very practical course and designed for participant to utilize, adopt andimplement e-Learning in their teaching-learning activities.After this training, all participants start online education without other’s assistance andwill be tutor for training other instructors in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.5. Curriculum Overview Sort Activity Remarks/Time Pre-training Technical orientation to authoring software online and Orientation (LectureMAKER) and LMS (E-class System)Review of a Comprehensive e-Learning Framework Access to course materials Workshop Unit1 Requirements of e-Learning system and concept of 1 day rapid e-Learning Trainees have the information how to build successful environment for e-Learning and clear concept of rapid e-Learning to reinforce usability e- Learning in education.
  4. 4. Workshop Unit2 E-Learning Instructional Design and educational 2 days model using e-Learning Trainees design their syllabus for online delivery, and sequence their content, then determine course goals and learning outcomes, student learning resources, student learning activities, assessment of student learning and discussion/interaction.Field Trip 1 Samsung D’light Tour 1 day ( Trainees take a tour of Samsung D’Light, an exhibition showcase of Samsung’s latest products and advanced technology.Workshop Unit3 E-Learning Instructional Development using 3 days authoring software Based on their course design, participants will learn object using authoring software. Trainees learn more functions to develop effective e-Learning content as their design.Workshop Unit4 Utilization of e-Learning and online activities 2 days Implement e-Learning with LMS(e-class system) to deliver various educational activities through online. Trainees will have clear concept and maneuver to implement e-Learning by themselves.Field Trip 2 Nuritkum Square Digital Pavilion 1 day ( Trainees take a tour of Nuritkum Square Digital Pavilion, which is a new technology exhibition center of the latest Korean technology.Post Training Providing LMS to implement e-Learning by trainees Review of Participants courses 2 weeks Total (including holiday) * Filed Trip to renowned unvi. can be arranged on the confirmation of further process request.
  5. 5. 7. Hotel and venue of trainingA. Hotel Information- Novotel Ambassador Gangnam Hotel( )B. Training Venue- Same place as above