Uma breve apresentaçâo de cada participante[1]


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Uma breve apresentaçâo de cada participante[1]

  1. 1. SCHOOL LIBRARIES: READING & LITERACIES BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF THE PARTICIPANTS NAME/ COUNTRY FUNCTIONS She manages information services, libraries, and digital literacy ALICIA REY programs for adults, information literacy for primary and - secondary schools. And she provides training for librarians and SPAIN teachers. She is a Greek language instructor and is responsible for the development of school library media programs for special AI KATERINI ARAMPATZI education schools, as well as on the use of the “Easy-to-read” - method and the subsequent development of educational GREECE material for students with disabilities. He is a documentalist teacher, who participates in students’ JOËL NAVARRO and teachers’ researches in the documentation center almost - daily. He participates in all learning and reading projects as FRANCE well. As a teacher- librarian, she is in charge of students and help them regularly with their research for information and materials for their work according to their school program. She is alsoISABELLE BENOIT-BERTRAND helping them to access culture and develop their reading skills - as well as promote novels in collaboration with my different FRANCE colleagues in different subjects. She is deeply involved in the regional librarian network. She works at a school for disabled children, who are bothSONJA SLOTEMA SNIJDERS physically and mentally handicapped. Her work mainly consists - of providing pedagogical and didactic support for teachers. Her THE NETHERLANDS expertise is in language development, reading, and behavior. Her study area is training primary school teachers especially in DERYA ARSLAN literacy. She has been vice president of the Educational - Science Department since 2009. She is ECTS coordinator of TURKEY Department. He is a headmaster assistant at a school for deaf students. He KAGAN KESKIN HASAN has been working as a teacher trainer in New Educational – Programmes. TURKEY His school is one of the two so-called Elite Schule des HORST WEISS Wintersports. As assistant headmaster he is in charge of the - organization of the educational processes at his school. He is GERMANY also concerned with the handling and coaching of the about 80 athletes who attend his school.
  2. 2. He is a member of the School Library Development Team in Kuopio. He is the headmaster of Pirtti Primary School (437 pupils) in Kuopio. According to the latest PISA results, girls have better reading skills than boys. The gender gap has even widened in many countries since 2000. This is mirrored in a decline of boys’ enjoyment of reading and their engagement with reading in TIMO KEMPPINEN their leisure time. In this study visit he hopes to find new tools - to encourage reading for pleasure, to develop methodologies FINLAND to get boys to read more and to arrange the possibility to study information management skills, which forms a basis for lifelong learning. She is a Learning Resources Manager of the Northern Regional College. She is responsible for the management of the 7 campus libraries and 20 members of library staff. Her role includes the promotion of literacy and information skills among students andRUTH HUTCHINSON the encouragement of independent learning. She also advises - teaching staff on the purchasing of learning resource materials.NORTHERN IRELAND She is responsible for the library budget and for ensuring that the library provision reflects the priorities set by Government policy. She teaches Italian, Latin, Greek, History and Geography in a ANTONIA RIZZI public high school. She has been in charge of the school - library, which is part of a network of public libraries, since 2007. ITALY Children´s librarian. She works with different reading supportBRITT DAHLSTRÖM activities for different ages. She presents literature for children, - teachers and parents. She is responsible for a school library SWEDEN centre, which means that they support several small school libraries