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Ppt proalv 2[1]


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Ppt proalv 2[1]

  1. 1. A PALAVRASó conheço, talvez, uma palavra.Só quero dizer uma palavra.A vida inteira para dizer uma palavra!Felizes os que chegam a dizer uma palavra! Saúl Dias - in "Vislumbre"
  2. 2. UNITED NATIONS LITERACY DECADE (UNLD) FROM 2003-2012 UNDER THE SLOGAN “LITERACY AS FREEDOM”.Literacy is a human right. Basic education, withinwhich literacy is the key learning tool, was recognizedas a human right over 50 years ago, in the UniversalDeclaration of Human Rights. This right continues tobe violated for a large proportion of humanity.
  3. 3. Last school year ( from September 2010 until June 2011) 1102 students did their homework at School Library (S.L) 1453 students used S.L for informal reading 488 resources were borrowed to classroom by students ( thematic dossiers) 1010 books from National Reading Plan (NRP) were borrowed to guided reading in classroom 1278 dictionaries, encyclopedias were borrowed to classroom by teachers 982 pedagogical boxes requisitions to use in class replacement 304 DVD requisitions for individual watching
  4. 4.  6511 requisitions of computers for research or to do school works (games are forbidden) 150 acquisitions for support of the curriculum Subscription of 2 magazines, 1 local newspaper, 1 cultural newspaper 350 cataloging resources 3 publications of the bulletin “BIBLIOLEITURAS” 1 big Book Fair 1 used Book Fair Edition of 200 copies of “Escritos do Mindelo” - our school anthology Lecture for users of SL
  5. 5.  Lecture for using computer (all 5th grade) Lecture on “Cyber bullying” for all school years promoted by the Police Meetings with : 2 writers, 1 illustrator, a colonel who participated in the 25th April Revolution in 1974 1 popular poet (diseur) Musicians pedagogical concert 2 top athletes (surf and body board) and a football player Several lectures (Red Cross, AMI, Fire Department, Feeding, Science Center) Several exhibitions ( thematic or of students’ works)
  6. 6. to Volunteers, SL team, and Teachers
  7. 7. NATIONAL READING PLANThe months TOP READERSSlide show of TOP book covers with readers statements National reading contest Contests Escritos de Mindelo I am a young explorer… Hunting Book Game Games Spelling mistake hunt and the end is...Reading clubWhat are you reading, now?
  9. 9. Students apply for the contest.Selection of the 3 books of compulsory reading.Students answer the reading question paperwhich will be applied in the 1st week of lessons in January.Students with highest classification are appointed to the 2ndreading question paper organised by Almeida Garrett Public Library, inPORTO.The final takes place in LISBON amongst the selected studentsof each region.
  10. 10. The Anthology results of the selection of textswritten according to each month literary challenge, released by the school library