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Winter 2012


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Winter 2012

  1. 1. Friends, Family, Fun
  2. 2. Make sure she is okay with it because the police and other people will stop and ask her! “It’s asociology project”
  3. 3. Try to find the ice caves Light your hands on (you might end up having to Go country fire, put on hand hike out through mud and water like a pioneer so be dancing!!!!! sanitizer first of careful!) course Go on random late night road Play sardines trips in random buildings Go on tours of the Blow library Fire Play spoons in the elevator Accidently rope a Have a paint cow not knowingOh, and dosome fight how to get it offhomework!
  4. 4. I couldn’t think of any of the funny quotes you say or I say to you,probably because they happen too late at night! But I didn’t want to leave you out of the black circle funnyness!Even thoughsometimes you liketo make thingsawkward . . .I stillthink you are anamazing person!Thanks for all youdo! And I’m sad youare leaving us.Don’t hate me for putting thison here! It was pretty muchthe only picture of you thissemester.
  5. 5. “What’s thatin the weeds,it’s a baby . . . Awesome” Sometimes your amazing memory gets a little creepy but, you are still pretty much awesome!  Thanks for helping make this a great semester for me and always being there for me! “Every day when you’re walking down And thanks for taking me the street, you stop on tours of the library and and think . . . Hmmmm, hmmmm” walking me to class haha
  6. 6. “Having fun isn’t hard, when youhave a library card” So you are pretty much amazing and you are going to be the best missionary ever!! I’m going to miss you so much! Thanks for your great example to me!
  7. 7. “Sittin on a toilet”! hahahahahaha You are so amazing and such a greatexample! Thanks for all you do! I’m gladyou are living with us again!
  8. 8. Wheat thin! So this is like the only picture with you in it from this semester besides the other one’s that are already on this. At least it shows who you are, always helping people out. Iknow I can always count on you to feed me ice cream if I ever find myself stuck to a tree! Haha You’re the best Katie! Thanks for all you do!
  9. 9. Thanks for making me go country dancing that one time and getting meaddicted to it! And thanks for being a good friend!You are going to be a great missionary!! “Heyyeyaaeyaa aeyaeyaa, what’s going on?”
  10. 10. I don’t think we have any funny quotes, lets make some! So yea, you are pretty much amazing!! I am so glad to have you as a friend and that you sometimes come countrydancing with me and help me avoid creepy old men, and everything else! You are agreat example to me and I amso grateful for your friendship! I am excited to keep taking classes with you and struggling/studying together. It’s going to be a party!
  11. 11. Thank you family for being soamazing!!! You guys seriouslywere the best! I will miss all ofyou that are leaving! Pops andmom; you are going to be thegreatest missionaries ever! Picture of our family picture Sorry we don’t have like any other pictures than these with you guys! But you still were the best! We were just having so much fun together that we didn’t have time to take pictures!
  12. 12. -Friends are like four leaf clovers, Hard to find and lucky to have- Paint fight “Cheaper “I hope she’s in “One more nail my bed” than polish and I’m adoption” (Molly talking getting high” about me honor code appropriate, promise!) My roommates are reallySometimes, none romanticof us know what’s going on!
  13. 13. Thank you all so much for making this the best semester ever! I truly have the best of friends! I will miss the ones that are leaving on a missionor just going home because of being off-track, or ditching our apartment (Amanda, achoo), but you better all keep in touch with me because I want to hear about all the amazing things that Iknow each of you will do! Thanks again for being awesome and just being the friends I needed!
  14. 14. (every single one of you!)