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Maleny electricity


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Maleny electricity

  1. 1. Elecricity
  2. 2. What is electricity? • Electricity is an electric current used as a source of power.
  3. 3. Conductors and Insulators • Conductors are material through which electrons can move more freely. • Insulators are material that electrons cannot move around.
  4. 4. Resistors • A resistor is a material that resist, but does not stop the flow of current.
  5. 5. The flow of electricity • Electricity will not flow with out a power supply and a closed circuit to travel around. • Current is the flow of electricity and it flows around a circuit in one direction.
  6. 6. What happens if you change a circuit? • If you change a circuit by adding light bulbs it will glow less because the two bulbs will share the electricity of the battery. • If you add one more battery to the circuit the light bulbs will be brighter because there will be more electric power. • BUT, if you add too many bulbs to a circuit, it will burn out.
  7. 7. Series Circuit • Series Circuit is a circuit in which resistors are arranged in a chain. • Series circuit has only one path to take.
  8. 8. Parallel circuit • Parallel circuit is contains two or more paths for negative charges to travel. • In parallel circuit each light bulb has its own pathway to the source of electricity. • The energy will drain faster when it supplies energy to two light bulbs.
  9. 9. Where are parallel circuit used? • Parallel circuits are used in building and homes. • Why? – In buildings and homes there are many rooms who need to have their own path for electricity to run while other paths are turned off. This way light can be provided in some rooms.