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My Voice bot wil do the interview


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Presentation for Talent Aquisition Live event on September 20th in Amsterdam. A general introduction into the new voice medium, an exploration what recruitment voice applications there are and a vision looking past the current tech incumbents of where it all will go and what it will mean for the recruitment sector.

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My Voice bot wil do the interview

  1. 1. My Voice bot wil do the interview Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, TA Live, 20 September 2018 Founder Conva Voice Services, Open Voice, The
  2. 2. “Alexa, Say welcome” “Alexa, Who is Maarten”
  3. 3. Internet Mobiel Toekomst van werk Maarten Lens-FitzGerald - Voice Augmented Reality I instigate movements that shape the future of Voice and Work. Email
  4. 4.
  5. 5.
  6. 6. Similar moments WHICH WAS YOUR FAVORITE?
  7. 7. Typing Conversation 0 75 150 225 300 270 41 TYPING VS TALKING Words per minute
  8. 8. Market leader with ~65% of the global market > 40 million devices sold > 50.000 skills inc paid skills >20.000 device intergrations by 3500 brands 3rd Generation Devices AMAZON, MARKET LEADER
  9. 9. Second position with ~35% of the market ~20 million “Home” devices sold > 2.000 actions > 5.000 device integrations Second generation coming available now Potential 500 million reach with Android Strong language push, 30+ this year LAUNCHED IN DUTCH THIS SUMMER GOOGLE, CATCHING UP
  10. 10. Baidu Raven-HAlibaba T-mall Genie Microsoft Cortana Apple Home Pod Xiaomi Mi AI speaker Deutsche Telecom Magenta ITS A THING… And many more …
  12. 12. Will smart speakers just be a blip in de adoption graph?
  13. 13. USAGE
  14. 14. Dutch Voice Services
  15. 15. Really popular?
  16. 16. B2B is coming
  17. 17. Job Search
  18. 18. The New Resume?
  19. 19. Advice & Interview help
  20. 20. Tests
  21. 21. Lights Music Weather News Questions
  22. 22. Ben Sauer Open Voice #1
  23. 23. So what is the urgency of voice? DON’T MISS OUT The unprecedented adoption rate. Faster than mobile. Don’t miss out. Short term PR opportunity, long term channel intergration. CATALYST The Catalyst for unparalelled customer centricity. Break through silo’s, grow loyalty & intimacy. OPPORTUNITY It’s a blue ocean. Voice commerce will be king they say. Get going: sell the tools or find your gold.
  24. 24. DEVELOPMENT PATHS Create web service for Amazon and Google Development platforms Use creation and publishing tools Hire Agency
  25. 25. Creating voice services is 70% design and 30% development 90% 10%
  26. 26. User research Customer service Brand creative Design fiction VUI Opportunity Lenses Adjusted from Ben Sauer slide
  27. 27. “Find your key question” David Low, Amazon Alexa EU
  28. 28. CHALLENGES Alexa and the Assistant don’t always understand. No virality & discovery Companies need to be humble, learn and listen.
  29. 29. What can we foresee in the future?
  30. 30. We have been using mediocre tools for 200 years
  31. 31. We have been talking for over 50.000 years
  32. 32. Voice is THE interface layer for artificial intelligence Personal Contextual Private Mega platform
  33. 33. Voice for Shopping Voice for Ads Voice for Ads & other data Who will own voice?
  34. 34. Personal Contextual Private Mega platform Who will own voice? Apple can
  35. 35. So what about recruitment & voice?
  36. 36. “Maarten, a team needs your help in the Vision challenge. Do you want to join and drive that challenge? You will enhance the teams succes by 88%” Voice & AI x people data x project data = recruitment is automated
  37. 37. Join and let’s explore together!