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Conva x ddma state of voice 2018


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Presentation for the Dutch Dialog and Direct Marketing Association (DDMA) on the state of voice. The new medium enabled by Google Assitant and Amazon Alexa. Conva is the company of Maarten Lens-FitzGerald for al his Voice activities, from consulting, design and delivery to events.

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Conva x ddma state of voice 2018

  1. 1. The state of voice August 2018 Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, DDMA, August 29 2018 Founder Open Voice, The en Conva Conversational services
  2. 2. Similar moments
  3. 3. Typing Conversation 0 75 150 225 300 270 41 TYPING VS TALKING Words per minute
  4. 4. Market leader with ~70% of the global market ~44 million devices sold > 40.000 skills >12.000 smart home device intergrations 3rd Generation Devices Strong community THE PLAYERS: AMAZON, MARKET LEADER
  5. 5. Second position with ~25% of the market ~13 million “Home” devices sold > 2.000 actions > 5.000 smart home device integrations Second generation coming available now Voice is part of Assistant “AI” strategy which is chat and voice as a service. Potential 500 million reach with Android Strong language push, 30+ this year THE PLAYERS: GOOGLE, CATCHING UP
  6. 6. Baidu Raven-HAlibaba T-mall Genie Microsoft Cortana Apple Home Pod Xiaomi Mi AI speaker Deutsche Telecom Magenta ITS A THING… And many more …
  8. 8. Apple HomePod may only have 4.1% market share today, but it drove 31% of the smart speaker consumer growth between January and May 2018. 54.4 mln reach in US 15% rise since January
  9. 9. Will smart speakers just be a blip in de adoption graph?
  10. 10. USAGE
  11. 11. Google is now in Dutch, early beginning
  12. 12. Lights Music Weather News Questions
  13. 13. Ben Sauer Open Voice #1
  14. 14. How will branding work when your customer doesn’t see you? PERSONA SONIC BRANDING
  15. 15. How will your product be THE product: “Alexa, get me pizza….” Maarten: Wood fired oven Lori: New York Pizza Personal and contextual knowledge graph
  16. 16. So what is the urgency of voice? DON’T MISS OUT The unprecedented adoption rate. Faster than mobile. Don’t miss out. Short term PR opportunity, long term channel intergration. KATALYST The Catalyst for unparalelled customer centricity. Break through silo’s, grow loyalty & intimacy. OPPORTUNITY It’s a blue ocean. Voice commerce will be king they say. Get going: sell the tools or find your gold.
  17. 17. Share of business First available service Repeated positive NPS Repeated business results Hello world Persona is established Tangible value Top line business growth Bottom line business savings Grow services and organization Scale agents Virtual agents across the org. Deepen, augment & virtualize Created by Maarten Lens-FitzGerald, Time CONVERSATIONAL CHANNEL ADOPTION ROADMAP
  18. 18. DEVELOPMENT PATHS Create web service for Amazon and Google Development platforms Use creation and publishing tools Hire Agency
  19. 19. Creating voice services is 70% design and 30% development 90% 10%
  20. 20. Ben Sauer Open Voice #1
  21. 21. User research Customer service Brand creative Design fiction VUI Opportunity Lenses Adjusted from Ben Sauer slide
  22. 22. “Find your key question” David Low, Amazon Alexa EU
  23. 23. “Test 100 times before coding” Google voice design specialist
  24. 24. CHALLENGES Alexa and the Assistant don’t always understand. No virality & discovery Companies need to be humble, learn and listen.
  25. 25. We have been using mediocre tools for 200 years
  26. 26. We have been talking for over 50.000 years
  27. 27. Voice is the interface layer for artificial intelligence It will be highly personal Highly private Highly contextual The ultimate tool, service and assistant Always learning, always present
  28. 28. Who will own Voice? Not Google, it is not an appendage for search, data and ads Not Amazon, it is not an appendage for shopping Not Facebook, it is not an appendage for ads Well, who then? A new player will come. Like it always did. Or maybe… maybe: Apple is the only one who just focusses on technology and UI. Yet they don’t see it and are missing the boat.
  29. 29. Join and let’s explore together!
  30. 30. DDMA vragen check Welke discussie vindt er op dit moment in de 3 DDMA pijlers (marketing, privacy en data & ethiek) plaats tav voice? >>1: dat is nu de grootste drijver, 2: niet bij de spelers, 3: uitdaging voor grote data bewuste bedrijven Beschrijf de machtsverschuiving in het tech landschap omdat toegang tot de klant tzt via 1 device (en dus 1 organisatie) verloopt: >>Nu 1, later meer Jouw PA (Home, Echo etc) 'praat' namens jou met de merken. Neemt het belang van branding hierdoor af? >>Het veranderd, Persona ontwikkeling en sonic branding komen erbij Hoe moet DDMA op deze ontwikkelingen inspelen? Community, kennis? >>Partner met op 11/10, ga ontdekken met leden Welke mensen met welke functies zijn betrokken binnen een organisatie als het gaat om voice? >> CDO, CEO, marketing, innovatie, UX en creative rollen Na voice, what's next. >>Voorlopig niks, wel komt AR erbij tot