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Medical exam checklist

A final year medical student that must be known.Hope this checklist will help u in preparing for your exam and life.

Remember,common is common.

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Medical exam checklist

  1. 1. INTERNAL MEDICINE (MK, SK, NK, E) TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES CARDIOVASCULAR ; ENDOCRINE ; IHD - atherosclerosis *ECG DM – ADA and insulin / ACS - N/STEMI,USA,CCF,APO / *Stress Test Cushing’s & adrenal insuff Valvular HD - AS, AR, MS, MR *echo Dyslipidaemia Arrythmia - SVT, AF, VT and VF Electrolyte disorders IE Dukes Hyper/hypothyroidism RF/RHD Jones Metabolic syndrome HTN / Obesity / Cardiomyopathy Phaechromocytoma Pericardial disease Hyperaldosteronism Myocarditis Acromegaly / Peripheral vascular disease Calcium/PTH metabolism Holter monitoring Diabetes insipidus New oral anticoagulant Endocrine hypertension RESPIRATORY ; Pituitary disease Asthma / / / GINA *PEFR Thyroiditis COAD / / GOLD Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Cor pulmonale RENAL ; RF - Type l and ll *ABG AKI Pneumonia / CURB65 Analgesic nephropathy Pleural effusion / Light’s CKD / Lung cancer / / Diabetic nephropathy Pneumothorax ESRF Bronchiectasis Glomerulonephritis Pulmonary embolism *Renal profile *UFEME PTB Nephrotic & nephritic Lung abscess / empyema Polycystic kidney disease Chronic cough UTI Acute breathlessness Renal Replacement therapy Acute haemoptysis Obstructive nephropathy *CXR Immunosuppressive therapy Pulmonary cx of AIDS Renal arterystenosis ARDS Renal syndrome – RTA, BS OSA Tubulointerstitial nephritis Interstitiallung diseases HEPATO/GI ; Occupationallung disease Viral hepatitis Sarcoidosis Alcoholic liver disease Mediastinalmass Autoimmune hepatitis NEUROLOGY ; Fatty liver Stroke and TIA / / Acute liverfailure Hep enc Headache disorders Liver cirrhosis Child’s pugh CNS infections Portal hypertension Epilepsy Liver abscess Peripheral neuropathy Peptic ulcer disease Muscle disorders Reflux oesophagitis Cranial neuropathies Acute GIbleed Bell’s palsy / Acute gastroenteritis Coma Pancreatitis Parkinson’s disease & PPS / Hepatocellular carcinoma Myasthenia gravis / Gastric and colorectal cancer Guillain –Barre syndrome / Inflammatory bowel disease Multiple sclerosis Irritable bowel syndrome Cerebellar syndrome / Jaundice Headache Diarrhoea Confusional state *Liver function test Paraparesis Malabsorption syndromes *Neuroradiology – CT, MRI Primary biliary cirrhosis Dementia Wilson’s disease SOL and brain tumours Hemochromatosis Neurodegenerative disorders Hyperkinetic disorders Neurofibromatosis
  2. 2. TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES RHEUMATOLOGY ; EMERGENCY ; Rheumatoid arthritis Shock syndrome Osteoarthritis Respiratory failure Septic athritis Acute coronary syndrome Psoriatic arthropathy Acute liverfailure Scleroderma Gastrointestinal bleeding Gout Coma SLE Acute confusional state HSP Acute kidney injury Vasculitides DKA Mixed CTD Hypoglycaemia Giant cell arteritis HHS Polymyalgiarheumatica Addison’s crisis DERMATOLOGY ; Thyroid storm Erythroderma Poisoning Toxic epidermal necrolysis Status epilepticus Steven Johnson’s syndrome Cardiopulmonary resuscitation Drug rash eosinophilia APO Angioedema and anaphylaxis Status asthmaticus Cutaneous drug reactions Hypertension emergencies Psoriasis – pustular INFECTIONS ; Eczema / HIV / Scabies DF Tinea / TB Cellulitis/impetigo/erysipelas / Malaria Herpes zoster Syphilis Eczema herpeticum Typhoid Acne Meningitis Urticaria Leptospirosis Basal cell carcinoma PUO Squamous cell carcinoma Cholera Malignant melanoma STD Vitiligo Candida infections Diabetic skin disorders Cerebral Toxoplasmosis SLE / Pneumocystis Pneumonia Bullous pemphigoid Cryptococcal Meningitis Pemphigus vulgaris Influenza Leprosy ESBL organisms STD MDR Acinetobacter Alopecia PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS ; Photodermatitis CVS HAEMATOLOGY ; Respi Febrile neutropenia & *FBC Abdominal Septicemia UL CRBSI LL Anaemia Cranial nerves Thalassaemia Cerebellar signs Thrombocytopenia Leukaemia OSCE ; Lymphoma ECG Bleeding Disorders CXR Thromboembolism Skin BMAT Multiple Myeloma Acute tumor lysis syndrome SE of Cytotoxic chemotherapy Hyperviscosity syndrome Myeloproliferative disorders Aplastic anemia Myelodysplasia Management ofpain Chemotherapyinducedemesis
  3. 3. PAEDIATRICS TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES CARDIOVASCULAR ; NEUROLOGY ; Congenital Heart Disease / / Hydrocephalus Heart Failure / / Spina bifida / NTD / Heart Murmur / Neurocutaneous syndromes Rheumatic Fever Developmental delay / Rheumatic Heart Disease Cerebral palsy / Kawasaki’s Disease / Febrile convulsions Myocarditis Epilepsy / RESPIRATORY ; Breath-holding attacks Bronchial Asthma / / / Status epilepticus / Common Cold (Coryza) / Meningitis & encephalitis / Sore Throat (Pharyngitis) Muscular dystrophy Tonsilitis Squint Acute Otitis Media MUSCULOSKELETAL ; Sinusitis Osteomyelitis Croup Septic arthritis Acute Epiglottitis Still’s disease Diphtheria Juvenile chronic arthritis Laryngomalacia DMD Foreign Body Spinal muscular atrophy Whooping Cough (Pertussis) RENAL ; Bronchiolitis / Urinary tract infections Pneumonia / Vesico-ureteric reflux Cystic fibrosis Acute glomerulonephritis Pulmonary TB Nephrotic syndrome Pneumothorax Renal tubular acidosis Pleural Effusion Haemolytic uraemic synd RDS Acute renal failure Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia Hypospadias Apnoe of prematurity Undescended testes Meconium aspiration synd INFECTIONS ; GASTROENTEROLOGY ; Dengue fever Abdominal Pain Infectious mononucleosis Acute Gastroenteritis (AGE) / Acquired HIV Diarrhea Cong immunodeficiency synd Dehydration Fluid mx ENDOCRINE ; Tracheoesophageal Fistula Congenital hypothyroidism Diaphragmatig Hernia Hyperthyroidism Pyloric Stenosis AXR Puberty Hirschprung Disease Obesity Imperforate Anus Type I Diabetes, DKA Intussusception CAH Intestinal Obstruction AXR OTHERS ; Volvulus & malrotation Child abuse and neglect Child Act Appendicitis Injury prevention Lactose Intolerance Poisoning Meckel’s Diverculum NEONATOLOGY ; NEC Fontanelles & sutures / Constipation Prematurity & SGA HEPATOBILIARY ; Birth injury /asphyxia Jaundice Developmental assessment / Biliary Atresia AXR Immunizations Neonatal hepatitis syndrome FTT Parasitic infestation Infant feeding HAEMATOLOGY ; Malnutrition IDA Down syndrome Thalassaemia / / Turner syndrome G6PD def Cleft lip and palate ITP, TTP OSCE ; HSP Leukemia Haemophilia Solid tumours
  4. 4. SURGERY (MK, SK, NK) TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES TRAUMA ; COLORECTAL ; ABC Lower GI bleed Primary survey Intestinal obstruction Secondary survey *GCS Colon carcinoma Types of shock Diverticular disease Head injury / Haemorrhoids Chest injury Fistulae in ano Abdominal injury Ischiorectal abscess Genitourinary trauma Principle of stomas ENDOCRINE ; Famillial adenomatous polyp Benign thyroid diseases Sigmoid volvulus Thyroid ca Inflammatory bowel disease Thyrotoxicosis Tuberculosis Hypo/hypercalcaemia Anal fissure 1° & 2° Hyperparathyroidism Anal carcinoma Cushing’s syndrome Rectal prolapse Conn’s syndrome Anal sphincter injury Phaechromocytoma Chronic constipation Carcinoidtumour Radiationproctitis Insulinoma Ischaemic colitis Adrenocortical carcinoma VASCULAR ; Anteriormediastinal mass Acute&chronic limb ischaemia Inflammatory thyroid diseases Varicose veins Breast ca / Chronic venous insufficiency Breast Fibroadenoma Thrombosis Breast abscess Abdominal aortic aneurysm Phyllodes tumour Chemo-port Duct ectasia Trauma Mastitis Mycotic aneurysms Nipple discharge Vasculitides Ductal carcinoma in situ Upper limb ischaemia Lobular carcinoma in situ PAEDIATRICS ; Paget’s disease Bilious vomiting in neonates Reconstruction Acute abdomen in infants Non palpablelesions Surgical jaundice in infants GENERAL ; Solid organ injury in children Hernia Inguino-scrotal swelling Lumps and bumps Intestinal obstruction Appendicitis Common abdominal tumours Enterocutaneous fistulaes UROLOGY ; UPPER GI ; Haematuria PUD BPH Gastric ca Genitourinary calculi Oesophageal carcinoma Testicular torsion GERD Testicular ca Achalasia Hydrocoele Upper GI bleed / Forrest UTI Barrett’s oesophagus Fournier’s gangrene Oesophageal corrosive injuries Prostate ca Gastric lymphoma PLASTIC ; Gastric outlet obstruction Skin lesions Hiatus hernia Oral lesions HEPATOBILIARY ; Burns Surgical jaundice Parotid tumours Benign biliary duct disease NEUROSURGERY ; Malignant biliary duct disease Brain abscess Hepatic tumours Brain tumours Pancreatitis Spinal cord compression Pancreatic carcinoma Hydrocephalus Chronic liver disease Portal hypertension Hepatic encephalopathy Hepatolithiasis
  5. 5. O&G (E, C –caunselling) TOPIC LC C NOTES TOPIC LC C NOTES OBSTECTRICS ; GYNAECOLOGY ; Anat&physio of pregnancy Anat ofgenital tract Assessmentof fetal Menstrual cycle Antenatal care Amenorrhea Prenataldx Primary LABOUR ; Secondary - PCOS Normal labour –def, stages *CTG, partogram Menorrhagia Meconium stained DUB Genitaltracttrauma Dysmenorrhoea Inductionof labour / *Bishop score Primary –cervical stenosis Trial ofscar / Secondary – Assisted vaginal delivery / Forcep,vaccum Endometriosis Breech delivery / Adenomyosis LSCS / Uterine fibroid in pregnancy Amniotomy Chronic pelvicpain Episiotomy & suturing Ovarian cyst Manual removalof placenta PID OBSTECTRICAL PROBLEMS ; Dyspareunia APH Bleeding in early pregnancy Placenta previa / Miscarriage / Abruptio placentae Ectopic pregnancy Vasa praevia Molar pregnancy Local causes Local causes Uteruslarger than date Menopause Multiple gestation s/sx Polyhydromnios HRT / Macrosomicbaby Postmenopausal bleeding Uterussmaller than date Infertility / Oligohydromnios Male SGA, IUGR Female IUD Assisted reproductivetech Preterm labour OHSS PROM, PPROM Contraception Chorioamnionitis Hormonal / Abnormal presentations / Intrauterine / Foetal distress / Barrier MEDICAL DISORDERS ; Emergency Hyperemesis gravidarum Sterilization / HTN - Pre-eclampsia, crisis Vaginal discharge Diabetes Urogynaecology ; Anaemia Anat ofpelvicfloor Heart disease LUTS Asthma Pelvic organ prolapse Thyroid Incontinence SLE Sexual dysfunction Venous thrombosis –DIVC,DVT Regional ; Renal disease Ovary Liver conditions Uterus Depression Cervix Infections Vagina TORCH Vulva HIV Procedures; Vaginal candidiasis Pap smearandHVS sampling GBS Pipellesampling Rhesus isoimmunization Colposcopy &biopsy Procedures; Dilatation &curretage / Fetal Scalpsampling Suction & curretage EMERGENCY ; Hysterosalphingography APH –misc,PP,AP Hysteroscopy Postpartumhaemorrhage IUCD insertion / Cord prolapse / Salping-ectomy/ostomy/otomy Shoulder dystocia / Myomectomy Uterine inversion Hysterectomy Eclampsia / Ectopic pregnancy Uterine rupture / Abnormal presentation / Retained placenta (MRP) /
  6. 6. ORTHOPAEDIC TOPIC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC SC CPG NOTES TRAUMATOLOGY ; SPINE ; Fracture healing Herniated disc Complications of # Degenerative spine Tibial # Spine infections Open # Spine # Hip # Back pain / Femoral # SPORTS INJURIES ; PAEDIATRIC ; Meniscal injuries / Limpingchild ACL & PCL tear / Supracondylar humeral # Shoulder dislocation Epiphyseal injury Elbow&ankle ligament injuries Painful shoulder / HAND ; EMERGENCY ; Tendoninjuries Open Fractures or Joints Nerve injuries Neurovascular Injuries Hand deformities Pelvic Ring Injury Carpal tunnel / Acute Compartment Synd De Quirvain tenosynovitis Dislocations Ganglion Cauda Equina Syndrome OA Septic Arthritis RA Necrotizing Fasciitis Psoarisis Fat Embolism Syndrome Gout PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS ; Sero-negative arthritis Shoulder Osteonecrosis Elbow GENERAL ; Hand Diabetic foot diseases Hip Peripheralnerve injuries Knee Osteoporosis Foot & ankle Principles of rehabilitation Spine Musculoskeletal infections OSCE ; Musculoskeletal tumors Xrays Osteoarthritis - fractures Splintingandcasting Wound dressing Traction Splints Bandaging, taping&tourniquet Tractions Orthosis Prosthesis
  7. 7. PSYCHIATRY TOPIC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC SC CPG NOTES Basic Psychopathology Neurocognitive Disorders / Coping strategies Psychiatric ds due to organic causes Defense mechanisms Substance use disorders Acute stressreaction Alcohol-relateddisorders Adjustment disorder common substance use disorders Illnessbehavior Treatments / management Anxiety Disorders Psychotropic drugs / Panic disorder / Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) / Agoraphobia / Psycho-education Generalisedanxietydisorder / Rehabilitation Social anxietydisorder / Supportive psychotherapy Post-traumatic stressdisorder / Management inthe community Obsessive compulsive disorder / Managingaggression Psychotic Disorders Personalitydisorders Schizophrenia / / Somatic Symptom & Relatedds Delusional Disorders Dissociative Disorders Schizoaffective disorder Sexual dysfunctionDisorders Depressive Disorders Paraphilias& Gender Identityds Major depressive disorder / Anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating& obesity Dysthymia Sleep disorders Bipolar disorders / / Stigma inpsychiatry Suicide attempt & Deliberate self- harm / Ethics & legal aspects of psychiatry ANAESTHESIOLOGY TOPIC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC SC CPG NOTES Airway Drug Airwayassessment Pre-medication Airwaymaintenance Intravenous anaesthetic agents Intubation/Airwaydevices / Inhalational anaesthetic agents Anaesthesia Muscle relaxants & reversal agents Peri-operative management Opioids andnon-opioids General anaesthesia Local anaesthetic agents Regional anaesthesia Resuscitationdrugs - spinal / Post-operative painrelief - epidural / - oral analgesics - peripheral nerve block - opioids Emergencyanaesthesia - patient-controlledanalgesia / - regional analgesia Acute painservice Resuscitation Basic Life Support
  8. 8. OPTHALMOLOGY TOPIC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC SC CPG NOTES ACUTE VISUAL LOSS ; RED EYE (VISION THREATENING) ; Vitreous haemorrhage Corneal infection Retinal detachment Scleritis Retinal vascular diseases Hyphaema Macula lesions Iritis Optic nerve lesions Acute glaucoma Occipitallobe& visual cortex lesions Orbital cellulitis CHRONIC VISUAL LOSS ; OCULAR TRAUMA/EMERGENCIES ; Cataract Acute angleclosure glaucoma Glaucoma / Acid andalkaline eye injuries Age relatedmacular degeneration / Central retinal arteryocclusion Diabetic retinopathy / Ocular injury(blunt, penetrating) SYSTEMIC DS ; PAEDIATRIC ; HTN / Refractive error Thyroid Amblyopia Sarcoidosis Strabismus Myastheniagravis Cloudycornea Multiple sclerosis Cataract Rheumatoidarthritis Retinoblastoma Systemic lupus erythematosus Redness Leukemia Itchiness AIDS Tearing Uveitis Discharge RED EYE (NON VISION THREATENING) ; Swelling Subconjunctival haemorrhage EYE EXAMINATION ; Hordeolum Anterior eye examination Chalazion Pupillaryexamination Blepharitis Posterior / fundoscopy Direct opthal Conjunctivitis Dry eye Corneal abrasion ENT TOPIC SC CPG NOTES TOPIC SC CPG NOTES Otology and Audiology ; Rhinology ; Anat&physioof hearing&balance. *otoscopy Anatomyandphysiologyof smell rhinoscopy Chronic active/inactive otitis media myringotomy Acute andChronic Rhinosinusitis Cholesteatoma grommet Allergic andNon-Allergic Rhinitis Otitis externa Nasal polyp Otitis mediawith effusion / Nasopharyngeal carcinoma Vertigo andtinnitus Sinonasal malignancy Deafness *tuning fork Angiofibroma Foreign bodies Facial trauma Hearing assessment&rehabilitation PTA,BSER, tymp Nasal bone fracture Laryngology ; Foreign bodies Anatomyandphysiologyof larynx Epistaxis nasalpacking Voice rehabilitation tracheostomy Head and Neck ; Physiologyof swallowing Anatomyof neck Dysphagia Head and Neck Trauma Laryngeal infection Ca of larynx,hypo,oropharynx&oral Laryngeal tumor Salivaryglanddiseases and tumors Laryngeal trauma Neck masses(benignlesions) Stridor Deep neckspace infection Obstructive sleepapnoea - parapharyngeal abscess Foreign bodies - retropharyngeal abscess Acute andchronic tonsillitis - Ludwig‟s angina Hoarseness Facial nerve palsy / Indirect laryngoscopy Flexible nasopharyngolaryngoscope
  9. 9. FAMILY MEDICINE – common presenting sx in Primary Care (MK, SK, NK) TOPIC LC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC CPG NOTES Abdominal pain Allergic reactions Back pain Anxiety/Stress Chest pain Altered bowel habit Cough Adoscent problems Constipation Breast lump, tender, discharge Diarrhoea STI/HIV Dizziness/Vertigo Cancer prevention/screening Ear pain/Epigastric Dysphagia Fever Epixtaxis Headache Falls in elderly Heartburn/Epigastric pain Fatigue Immunizations Familyplanning/contraception Indigestion Genital itch, discharge, ulcer Joint pain Hearing loss Laceration, contusions Haemoptysis Muscle sx – sprain, strain, soft tissue injuries Hoarseness Nasal congestion/discharge Lump – ncek, skin Nausea/Vomiting Menopausal sx Neonatal jaundice Menses – irreg, heavy, absent, missed, PMS Child health Motor weakness Pre-employment Numbness/tingling CVS screening Palpitation Elderly Pallor Pregnancy - dx, ant, post Syncope Red eyes Bereavement & grief SOB Cognitive impairment Skin rash/pruritus Complementarymedicine Sore throat Genetic screening Urinary sx – dysuria, freq, hematuria, continence, polyuria, nocturia Phobia Weight gain & loss / obesity Sleep problem/insomnia Wheeze Testicular/scrotal pain, mass Addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs) Tinnitus Common chronic disease (MK, SK, NK) TOPIC LC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC CPG NOTES Asthma / Arthritis Angina / Alcoholism Anxiety/neurosis DS, CP Acne / Medication monitor,compliance COAD / Epilepsy CHF / Polypharmacy Depression / Stroke / DM type ll / Thyroid disease HPT / Chronic fatigue syndrome Hyperlipidaemia / Dementia Obesity / Irritable bowel syndrome Anemia Parkinson Osteoarthritis Sleep disorder Schizophrenia / Terminal illness (HIV, cancer)
  10. 10. EMED TOPIC NOTES TOPIC NOTES Principle in Emergency Medicine Case based learning; -Pre-hospital care -Chest pain -Triage -Acute abdominal pain -Resuscitation& stabilizationof criticallyillpatient -Shortness ofbreath -Investigations inemergencydepartment -Alteredlevel of consciousness -Treatment inemergencydepartment Simulation exercise; -Disposalof patients -Basic airwaymanagement -Cardiac Life Support -First Aid -Trauma Resuscitation -2-wayradio-communication Disaster and major incident riskmanagement -Trauma resuscitation Medico-legalissues inemergencymedicine -Cardiac Resuscitation -Disaster exercise JKM TOPIC LC CPG NOTES TOPIC LC CPG NOTES Epidemiology and Statistics; - non infectious ds - food&water borne ds Health & hospital mx - Health services system - Referral system - Health Management InformationSystem(HMIS) - QualityAssurance Programmes (QAP) Occupational health - OSH – HIRARC - SOCSO - Medical surveillance Primary health care Family Health - Maternal & childhealthcare - Familyplanning - LPPKN Environment Health Health Promotion & Education Community Nutrition