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Marketing leading Corporate brochure showcasing some of the prestigious and iconic projects SAS International has designed and manufactured solutions for across the built environment.

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SAS International - Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. manufacturing world-class interiors
  2. 2. 03 About SAS International07 Manufacturing and engineering11 Achieving Long Term Value15 METAL CEILINGS19 PARTITIONING | DOORS23 ROOM COMFORT27 ARCHITECTURAL METALWORK31 PROJECT MANAGEMENT35 SAS DIRECT39 THE SAS DIFFERENCE
  3. 3. SAS International is a British manufacturer of interior products,meeting the ever increasing demands of clients and specifiersworldwide.We are solution led, driven by delivering quality, innovation andmaximum value.Our on-going investment in manufacturing facilities and processesensure we provide value-engineered solutions across the builtenvironment.
  5. 5. SAS International is a global manufacturer of interior fit outproducts; delivering the highest quality solutions with minimalimpact on the environment but maximum impact on the interiorspace. 04 | 05Continuous product development is a core part panels and trench heating solutions. Bespoke architects and contractors through on-site visitsof the SAS International Vision. We know that architectural metalwork solutions complement and today’s world, nothing stands still. Innovation our ceiling systems. Partitioning and doorsdrives us. complete the fit-out solution. The design and manufacture of products for different sectors and geographical locationsSAS International has evolved by demanding the Specifiers benefit from our design expertise, can be challenging. Communication andbest from ourselves to ensure that we deliver the flexibility and innovative approach. Our understanding amongst the project team are keybest solutions for project teams and ultimately involvement right at design stage means we can drivers in delivering a successful outcome.clients/building users. best meet demands that legislation may place on a building, provide for ease of buildability in With a specialist export team supported by officesWith over 40 years’ experience SAS International the construction process, and consider ongoing in a number of countries, the process is closelyhas seen many product developments. In ceilings maintenance requirements from the outset. managed and efficiently carried out at every step.which have been the essence of our business We operate in project teams across the globe tosince we started, the basic wood fibre products Benefits accrue from the ease of installation of our help support clients, specifiers, contractors andof the early 1960s have now become the high products and building occupiers benefit from the engineers, from concept to completion.performance steel and aluminium products to practical solutions we deliver. Minimising wastemeet the demands of 21st century buildings. and reducing risk are integral to our processes. From commercial, education and healthcare projects to large-scale infrastructure andSAS International now produces sustainable Our philosophy is based upon a long-term approach transportation hubs, the sustainable and practicalchilled ceilings, active and passive chilled beams, supporting individual projects, establishing and solutions we deliver provide considerable benefitsIntegrated Service Modules, radiant heating maintaining supply chain partnerships with clients, and savings whilst exceeding design briefs.
  7. 7. SAS International manufactures a broad range of durable,sustainable and aesthetic products, meeting design, performanceand integration requirements. All our state of the art factoriesare ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 accredited. With total control ofthe production process we maintain product quality and ensuremaximum value. 08 | 09Our continuous investment in manufacturing Integration of services at the design stage is key: and maintain our own machinery to ensure leadfacilities and technology enables us to stay ahead apertures can be formed to provide an engineered times are kept to a the marketplace, and provide a tailored and product for site installation or services can bequick response for a global market. factory-fitted off-site without the risk of damage The quality and performance of our products is associated during installation. paramount to the success of our business. WhereUnderstanding how to integrate building elements appropriate we ensure that products and systemsand services means we can deliver outstanding Tiles and panels pre-fitted with heating and are tested in accordance with client solutions which offer numerous benefits, cooling elements are manufactured in-houseincluding cost of construction. and supplied as one integrated unit for ease of We have invested in building an independently shipment and installation. This co-ordination certified Test Centre Laboratory alongside aWherever possible we look to provide value reduces the number of trades required on-site dedicated technical team for our room comfortengineering; through the design of products, and installation time, minimising waste and risk. products. This major investment enables us tomanufacturing processes that reduce waste, provide performance data for our range of chilledmaximising efficiencies and improving on-site Being self-sufficient is integral to the SAS beams providing clients with further reassuranceinstallation. manufacturing process. We make our own tooling as to operating efficiencies.
  9. 9. Global construction is being driven by client aspirations andgovernment legislation to produce buildings that have a minimumimpact upon the environment. This includes every aspect of thebuilding from design to construction, waste management, endof life and running costs. 12 | 13As a business we have taken the strategic product. Steel is a unique product in recycling SAS International purchases all timber anddecision to focus on metal products to achieve terms – its properties remain unchanged no wood based products from sources thatthe highest performance, long term value and matter how many times it is recycled. The use have a commitment to offer either Forestrysustainability demanded today. In addition, our of steel in construction sets the standard in the Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody,associated room comfort product ranges are reduction of waste. Waste generated during Programme for the Endorsement of Forestenergy efficient (helping to reduce energy usage manufacture can be recycled; there is little waste Certification (PEFC) Chain of Custody orand carbon emissions) and fully recyclable at from steel products on site. Steel making by- complies with the FSC standard for non-FSCend of life. products can be used by the wider construction Certified Controlled wood. industry for a range of products including roadThrough better design, responsible sourcing stone and lightweight aggregate. Glass is used in our partitioning and door solutions.of materials and innovative manufacturing As with steel, glass is 100% recyclable. Wetechniques, we are able to provide our clients Aspects such as the gauge of the metal, the grade therefore work with our Float Glass suppliers towith solutions that help their buildings to achieve of steel or aluminium, the method of painting, the ensure the use of cullet (recycled glass feedstock)suitable ratings under systems such as BREEAM, thickness of paint coating and the final surface is maximised.LEED, Ska Rating, Green Star and Estidama’s Pearl performance are critical factors to both theRating System. aesthetic appearance and long-term performance Finally ISO 14001 (Environmental Quality of the installation and therefore sustainability System) accreditation ensures that we reduceThe use of steel provides many benefits over considerations. SAS International’s paint coatings the environmental impact of our manufacturingcomparable materials during the life-cycle of a for example can be guaranteed for up to 40 years. processes with regular management reviews.
  10. 10. METAL CEILINGSacoustic metal ceilings, clip-in systems, lay-in systems, hook-onsystems, linear strip systems, acoustic rafts, canopies, waveformceilings, vaulted ceilings, radial ceilings, bespoke ceiling systems
  11. 11. Ceilings form a key design element within any building interior,combining outstanding performance qualities with aesthetics.It is important that ceilings seamlessly blend into the designcharacter of a building. Whether they are designed to provideenhanced acoustic control or form a design statement, ceilingsplay an essential role in the effective use of interior space. 16 | 17SAS International provides a complete range of reducing the need for other remedial building coatings the paint finish can be guaranteed for 40metal ceiling systems to meet clients’ demands, works and increasing internal space. years. This provides the durability and longevitywhether functional or aesthetic. These solutions that many clients are increasingly an active role in addressing acoustic SAS International is a designer and manufacturerrequirements and occupant comfort, improving of metal ceiling systems which set the benchmark Manufactured to the highest standards and fullycleanliness and seamlessly integrating partitioning for the sector. Our systems incorporate recyclable, our Metal Ceilings tiles can be suspendedsystems. These benefits go beyond aesthetics performance, innovative design and value in a number of ways with visible and concealedand demonstrate the role that ceilings have to engineering to provide our clients with a fit-for- grid options: clip-in systems, lay-in systems, hook-play in modern building environments. purpose sustainable solution that adds value. on systems, rafts and canopies. We understand it is not necessary to take a ‘best fit solution’. EachCeilings should fulfil the functional needs of a For over 30 years, recyclability and waste ceiling is different, as all buildings and projects arebuilding, providing solutions that allow architects management have been an integral part of our not the same, and a tailored approach should beand designers to create the spaces they envisage. manufacturing processes as well as part of the build utilised wherever possible. Demands will vary andIntegrating mechanical and electrical services is solution we offer. Our metal ceiling solutions have with our manufacturing expertise we can ensurea key benefit of ceiling systems. Many functional a lifespan in excess of 25 years with only very basic all aspects from building shape to environmentalelements can be integrated or incorporated, maintenance. Using approved architectural powder concerns are taken into account.
  12. 12. PARTITIONING | DOORS drywall systems, relocatable systems, demountable systems,fully glazed systems, bespoke glass, fire screens, operable walls, veneered doors, laminate doors, bespoke doors, doorsets
  13. 13. In the predominantly ‘open plan’ modern working environmentthe segmentation of space is important to the overall workflow.Simple and functional division of space can be achieved throughthe use of partitioning systems and doors which offer privacyand acoustic benefits whist also ensuring the most efficient useof space. 20 | 21Workspace is an expensive overhead for any come to mind. However, acoustic and fire relocatable which can be integrated with the ceilingbusiness and its flexible but efficient use is performance criteria are also key considerations and repositioned with little cost or effort. Partitionsessential to provide for the ever changing needs in the specification. are available in wood, metal, aluminium and glassof an organisation whilst also providing essential and have been designed to meet stringent standardsfunctionality that keeps the business operating at At SAS International we provide an off-the-shelf without compromising on aesthetic optimum level. or a bespoke door manufacturing service offering Our System 8000 60/60 fully relocatable, fully choice of finishes as well as expert technical advice. glazed partitioning system successfully combinesSAS International designs and manufactures With our bespoke solution it is possible to combine contemporary aesthetics with outstanding firea range of partitioning systems and doors aesthetics with acoustic performance and fire performance and leads the market.that are flexible and diverse enough to offer a resistance properties. Our Doors are available incomplete solution for any environment, without veneered, laminated or bespoke finishes and meet SAS International provides a range of partitioningcompromising on quality or performance. acoustic and fire resistance requirements. systems including, drywall systems, relocatable systems, demountable systems, glazed systems,When specifying partitioning and doors it is often Manufactured to the highest standards, SAS bespoke glass, fire screens and operable wallthe finish, material and colour that immediately Partitioning can be fully demountable and systems.
  14. 14. ROOM COMFORT radiant chilled ceilings, passive chilled beams, active chilled beams, passive ISMs, active ISMs,radiant heating, trench heating, perimeter heating
  15. 15. Increasing energy costs and the desire for sustainability hashad a significant impact upon the design and refurbishment ofthe built environment. Room comfort is the subject of scrutinyby regulators within the sector and an area where increasingefficiencies will be demanded, both through legislation and byproperty occupiers. 24 | 25Projects now demand long term value of any of the energy is used during its operational use, Occupant comfort in an interior environmentproduct balanced with environmental credentials therefore reducing this use over an average 30- impacts upon productivity and morale. Ourand greater design flexibility to meet occupant year life-span of a building has significant impact products can help make a difference, not only tocomfort demands. on costs and the environment. the environment but also to the productivity of a workforce or contentment of school children.SAS International prides itself in being at the SAS chilled ceilings offer an option to reduce energyforefront of sustainable manufacturing and the usage, using water supply and return temperatures Our Room Comfort products are designed todelivery of energy efficient solutions. Our Room at around 14°C to 17°C, while maintaining up to provide energy efficient solutions whilst ensuringComfort products have been developed over 90 watts per sqm of cooling capacity. comfort within a building at every level. We workmany years to offer efficient alternatives to closely with our clients to specify systems thattraditional heating and cooling systems. Passive chilled beams produce outputs in the answer the needs of their project and improve the region of 300 watts per metre length (W/m) and working environment; and with our independentlyOur Room Comfort systems include chilled active chilled beams can achieve cooling outputs certified Test Centre Laboratory we can trulyceilings, passive or active chilled beams and of 500W/m, and also use water as a heat transfer demonstrate proven performance and operatingIntegrated Service Modules (ISM’s), which allow method. efficiencies.for the integration of other services such aslighting, cabling and acoustic pads. We can also provide radiant heating, trench In addition to this, our experienced technical team heating and perimeter heating through our has the knowledge and expertise to provide addedOver a building’s life-cycle approximately 80% specialist division, HCP. value to any project, from design to installation.
  16. 16. ARCHITECTURAL METALWORKacoustic lighting rafts, acoustic baffles, acoustic attenuators, acoustic wall panelling and cladding, service bulkheads, service rafts, service binnacles, service gantries, spandrel panels, column casings, solar management
  17. 17. SAS International has been a leader in the manufacture anddesign of Architectural Metalwork for more than 40 years. Ourdedication to the production of value-engineered solutions,which excel in both design and application, has driven ourbusiness to provide outstanding Architectural Metalworksolutions for projects worldwide. 28 | 29SAS International has an integrated approach knowledge, expertise and experience to support a consideration is the whole life costing of everyto Architectural Metalwork, combining building wide range of applications and requirements. Architectural Metalwork solution we produce.elements and design with mechanical and We understand that a tailored approach shouldelectrical services to create solutions that offer Our range of Architectural Metalwork products be taken whenever possible to eliminatebenefits to all parties. These value-engineered includes acoustic lighting rafts, acoustic baffles, unnecessary waste and provide a solution whichsolutions are designed to be both practical acoustic attenuators, acoustic wall panelling and has a life-span in excess of 25 years. Workingand sustainable, whilst also meeting the needs cladding, service bulkheads, service rafts, service with our clients at every step of the process weand requirements of a specific environment or binnacles, service gantries, spandrel panels, column ensure that the result is appropriate, efficientapplication. casings and solar management solutions. and sustainable.Providing Architectural Metalwork for interior fit- At every step of the design and manufacturing Driven by innovation and providing value-added,out solutions, from commercial, education and process we focus upon delivering sustainable superior performance solutions, SAS Architecturalhealthcare projects to large infrastructure projects solutions that meets our clients’ requirements and Metalwork supports your designs with ourand transportation hubs, SAS International has the expectations. A key design and manufacturing expertise.
  18. 18. PROJECT MANAGEMENTdesign | supply | install
  19. 19. Providing one-stop design, cost and delivery certainty, SASProject Management is the specialist design-led installationdivision of SAS International. Managing projects through design,supply and installation. 32 | 33On many of today’s major construction projects SAS Project Management can help to realise mechanical and electrical demands, SAS projectclients and main contractors wish to limit innovative technical design features right from managers work with our in-house Room Comforttheir risk and have the comfort and benefits design stage, for example to deliver a performance specialist while co-ordinating the project teams’of all-encompassing warranties; SAS Project chilled beam in a landmark building or a precision requirements. They can liaise with clients andManagement is pleased to take on this role. A metal solution for large scale infrastructure design teams on preferred on-site installationsingle point of contact from start to finish. project. processes, and work with locally seconded specialist contractors and/or directly with theSAS Project Management enables projects to Individual project managers co-ordinate the full main contractor on a worldwide personally managed by our in-house team, range of SAS International products and thewhich can be particularly beneficial for technically supply and integration of third party products. SAS Project Management can therefore helpchallenging applications or for buildings where ensure consistent, high installation standards arethere is a high degree of mechanical or design Where chilled ceilings and beams require met and maintained wherever your project is,complexity. design and performance to meet architectural, further providing our clients with peace of mind.
  20. 20. SAS DIRECTmanufacturing interiors, delivering value
  21. 21. SAS Direct delivers value. Depots across the UK and Ireland offercontractors our quality products direct from the manufacturerat competitive prices. SAS Direct was established to meet thegrowing demand for commodity construction products withoutthe need to purchase through a third party. 36 | 37SAS Direct services customers with a substantial Depots provide SAS International manufactured partitioning systems and other applications.stock for immediate purchase both pick up and products and associated products for a range ofnext day delivery at the best available price. fit-out solutions. SAS Direct delivers the quality the market demands at the most competitive price, withIn the current economic environment, pricing is a SAS Direct offers SAS metal ceiling systems, dry the reassurance that products come from SAStop priority for customers purchasing commodity lining trims, tee grid, partitioning and doors along International manufacturing facilities accreditedproducts, along with availability and good with associated ranges including plasterboard, to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.customer service. dry lining and ironmongery products. A dedicated website,, offersWith a defined product range that relates directly A nationwide team of SAS Direct surveyors and detailed descriptions and technical information ofto the contractor and the trades, SAS Direct glazing specialists install glass for SAS International the wide selection of products available.
  23. 23. We value long-term business relationships. By continuouslyinvesting in research and development, and training we are ableto meet the future requirements of our customers.After Sales • Emergency repairs contractors and classroom-based seminars forThe SAS After Sales service division was established • Technical advice specifiers and provide a specialist advice point and resourcefor all repairs, maintenance and alteration services. Training Research, Design and DevelopmentIt means that doubt in the authenticity of any Our technical advice also extends to the provision SAS is driven by innovation. We do not plan foralterations to existing products and applications of training. We understand that our customers research and development in a traditional way. Wecan be avoided. This is particularly useful where need to have the best information possible in take opportunities from projects we work on andbespoke products have been specified. order to specify products and make installation as design teams that we collaborate with. Many new simple as possible. systems develop organically when technologyWe understand that changes can occur to and processes are updated and reviewed.building interiors throughout their lifetime. To For specifiers we regularly make RIBA/CIBSEensure that we are able to offer the correct accredited CPD (Continuous Professional We define our approach to design as a “canadvice in a timely manner we keep a database Development) presentations to architects and do solution” rather than offering an off-the-of all current and past projects so original building service engineers. We are also able shelf product. Because of this our collaborationspecifications, plans or drawings can be used if to offer training seminars at architects’ and with project teams is led by consultation andrequired. If clients need to adapt their spaces, contractors’ offices tailoring sessions to their development. We aim to deliver a solution asexpand or restructure departments, integrate exact needs. close to a design as technologies or building services, or simplyallow for general, on-going maintenance we have We also offer hands-on site training and Our commitment to the design and reviewthe information that is needed to facilitate this. supervision for projects to encourage the use of process is demonstrated by the visualisation of best practice installation techniques. This in turn our solutions in product mock-ups. They are anServices include: helps to not only improve the quality of on-site important way of understanding and visualising• Site Surveys installation of our products, but can also reduce bespoke product installations or technical• Replacement of damaged materials potential site damage and wastage. products.• Extensions and modifications to installations• Integration of new building services or Every SAS facility has a dedicated training and All of these activities add value for our customers replacing and upgrading services mock-up area. In addition to training internal and help demonstrate our continued passion for• Acoustic upgrades for ceilings, partitioning staff about product developments, we provide achieving excellence and delivering the highest and wall panelling hands-on practical installation training for quality solutions.
  24. 24. Manufacturing and supplying interior fit out products globally delivering quality, innovation and value metal ceilings | partitioning | doors | room comfort | architectural metalwork 40 | 41 www.sasint.ieSpecialist design-led installation division Nationwide division deliveringproviding cost and deliverable certainty value direct to the contractor design | supply | install ceilings | partitioning | doors | glass | drylining
  25. 25. Head office: SAS International, 31 Suttons Business Park, London Road, Reading, Berkshire, RG6 1AZ, UKT: +44 (0)118 929 0900 F: +44 (0)118 929 0901 E: W: Copyright ©2012