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2014 Presentation for BUSS2011 students looking at the rationale for reviewing/replacing a VLE/LMS

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  • Stress the word “Towards” – this presentation will not provide a complete answer to the set essay – that would be too easy!
  • You have been set a pretty challenging assignment which draws on knowledge well beyond the boundaries of your course
  • Some students have been contacting me for informationI admire your initiative, but this approach isn’t scalable and I need to be fair and treat every student in the same way.I didn’t set the assessment, or even get to see it before it went out. There are a few issues that you’ll need to discuss with Neil.I am, however, very interested in your thoughts and findings!
  • This presentation – available on slideshare – link in duo.
  • Slides and extra material available on duo – including links to things I think you’ll have trouble finding…In the Teaching Material – Term 2 Area
  • Take a few slides just to remind ourselves what we have to submit at the end of the day
  • I think we need to have some common understanding of these before we can look at examples
  • Note that duo is based on BlackboardWe will look at these systems and consider the biases we bring to this process!
  • I could (should) be the only person in the room who hasn’t read it– applying these frameworks is your job!Remember I don’t teach or mark this work!.I am a Geographer not an Economist by training
  • Others? Distance Learners? Alumini? Supported Progression Students
  • Plenty of others – course structure, course, institution and system roles, group support, blogs, wikis, turnitin, collaboration, etc
  • Anyone studied Education? Know what it means? No? Use your technology…
  • Race you?
  • One common approachLower order thinking skills (base) to higher order skills (peak) – what can students do in a given LMS?
  • This has been used to categorize a range of tools – don’t necessary agree with this one, but you get the idea.We could apply this to LMSs…
  • Which one(s) are most suitable for Durham?Place the available tools/functionality along these lines
  • Anyone studied Education? Know what it means? No? Use your technology…
  • Middleware is very important, standards may help here.Uptime, charging model, maintenance options, backup, archiving, restoration and disaster recovery, extensibilitybrowser & OS support, branding, user community, consultancy, skills required, etc.
  • An aside.My title, not an officially recognized term!This is one of the reasons why standards are important.
  • In no particular order, lets look at support for standards – the LMS is maturing now.
  • Anyone studied Education? Know what it means? No? Use your technology…
  • You might also want to look at these breaking them down into capital and recurring costsAlso which are known, predictable and which may be open-ended (e.g. disk usage). Banding charges?
  • Remember some software may not be for sale!
  • Many prices will not be available on the web or could be subject to a non disclosure agreement.That will making the cost comparison almost impossible – sorry…
  • Free as in beer, or free as in…..?Is software ever free? What is the real cost? If you don’t pay for the software or support, what do you pay for?
  • A quick look at some of the systems discussed
  • Start with those specified in the question(I wouldn’t have chosen some them) others are suggestions – first other LMS offerings- Then the MOOCs – could they fit?
  • Links to all these systems can be found in duo – relax!
  • Content is made available to users, it can be arranged into folders
  • The ‘My Blackboard’ overlay exposes a range of system wide toolsThese include cross-institutional spaces such as these chocolate-based ones
  • Staff can see the progress of students using tools such as the Grade Centre and Retention Centre
  • Student view – home pageCourses below
  • Course view – as a member of staff
  • Grade report
  • Screenshots from some investigations carried out by staff from the Business School.It also organizes materials by courses and has a pretty standard navigation menu down the LHS.Within the materials section, content can be added and grouped into folders
  • Within a given folder, links are displayed to individual content items.Not much space for scaffolding/instructions…
  • You can see which staff teach on the course (note the use of US Academic English in the interface) and send them internal messages or emails.I am not listed here as I was enrolled in this course as a student.
  • Students have their own home page which allows them access to a range of tools, such as this system-wide blog.
  • Khan Academy began as a tool for helping people learnMaths. Unlike the others it is not available for use as a separate install. It has a lot of content, particularly mathematical.The interface is interesting – there is a lot of gaming theory applied here to encourage people to interact and keep interacting.This example shows a question testing the user’s knowledge of long division (if not spelling).
  • Students are given groups of tests known as a stack.After completing a set, the feedback is tailored according to their performance, giving learners some control over their rate of progress
  • Progress is rewarded with badges, which can be single or cumulative.Similar to Mozilla OpenBadges initiative
  • It offers an alternative map based display of topics and their relationship.Personally I’m not convinced that this is very easy to navigate or understand – but you might feel differently.
  • Many others are available, but here are three more common ones.
  • One think the MOOCs are not short of is information about themselves!Could they be used to replace duo?
  • This graph also references SAKAI – doesn’t have a large market share in the UK
  • I hope so 
  • Replacing duo

    1. 1. replacing duo towards a business case Dr Malcolm Murray Learning Technologies Team Leader Computing & Information Services February 2014
    2. 2. BUSS2011 THE PROBLEM
    3. 3. Source: My Inbox
    4. 4. RESULT
    5. 5. your assignment
    6. 6. Consider and discuss the following: • • • • • • business features pedagogical aspects technical attributes the capital cost cost per student on-going support costs
    7. 7. Evaluate and compare the business and application features of duo against other Learning Management Systems (LMS) such as • • • • Moodle Schoology Khan Academy one other software application of your choice
    8. 8. Framework The assignment should make extensive use of the graphical and tabular frameworks presented in the core text Ward & Daniel (2006)
    9. 9. Consider and Discuss 1. BUSINESS FEATURES
    11. 11. AUTHENTICATED ACCESS MULTI LANGUAGE SUPPORT Source: _Globe.jpg EMBED AUDIO & VIDEO Source: lani/5764514646/ MOBILE SUPPORT ACCESSIBILITY Source: ylogo/ USER REQUIREMENTS Source: ss/7514776956/ ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION Source: heindigital/4527144772/
    12. 12. Consider and Discuss 2. PEDAGOGICAL ASPECTS
    13. 13. creating evaluating analysing applying understanding remembering Source: Bloom’s Taxonomy (Revised)
    14. 14. More information: Source: Bloom’s Taxonomy (Revised) as Apps
    15. 15. transmissive constructivist teacher-centric student-centric individual collaborative planned learning ad hoc discovery Source: Some continuums:
    16. 16. Consider and Discuss 3. TECHNICAL ATTRIBUTES
    17. 17. PLATFORM AUTHENTICATION Source: seb/3425464/ Source: yptoCard_two_factor.jpg SECURITY Source: 93243105@N03/8477734222/ STORAGE Source: 2007/4787015132/ DATABASES Source: o-amc.jpg FIT WITH EXISTING MONITORING INFRASTRUCTURE Source: media/7562505706/
    18. 18. “The Librarian’s Question” What happens when we stop using your product? How will we get our data out of it? Dr John Hall Source:
    19. 19. Standards SCORM content packaging LTI external tools QTI tests assessment Common Cartridge exchanging course data LIS student data feeds
    20. 20. Consider and Discuss 4. COSTS
    21. 21. Things to Consider: commercial free s/w local hosted per user per MB self help support contract pay to upgrade free upgrades known costs estimated costs
    22. 22. Things to Consider: commercial free s/w local hosted per user per MB self help support contract pay to upgrade free upgrades known costs estimated costs Image source =4&ty=1&tw=28&tb=False
    23. 23. Source: $$shhh!
    24. 24. Free as in… Source: Source:
    25. 25. LMS products
    26. 26. Consider…
    27. 27.
    28. 28.
    29. 29.
    30. 30.
    31. 31.
    32. 32.
    33. 33.
    34. 34.
    35. 35.
    36. 36.
    37. 37.
    38. 38. Other Options:
    39. 39. MOOCs:
    40. 40. Recent Overview
    41. 41. your assignment any clearer?