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The Milby Group Tri-Fold


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This is The Milby Group's newest tri-fold for their finance & insurance and automotive training for dealers.

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The Milby Group Tri-Fold

  1. 1. Lancaster, Ohio 43130 210 Pershing Drive, Suite A “In all my years... I have met very few “I couldn’t be more pleased with people that have tried to make a positive change in our industry- you’re one of our relationship & results...” them.” Andy Glockner, Willard Davis- Glockner Enterprises State Park Motors About Milby Group Specializes in products, training & compliance issues for auto dealership F&I departments. Training is the heart of our business. Taking a new recruit through the various stages of growth in skill is our strength. It is possible to have the highest sales skill & penetration in your market place without Sales & Financial gain giving up your integrity & character. through integrity “We will never trade our integrity for money.” Mike Milby President
  2. 2. Finance & Insurance “They don’t come any better than ❖Lenders & Floorplan Programs The Milby Group.” • Prime and Sub-prime for Independent and Franchised Dealers Carroll Fink, ❖Vehicle Service Contracts • Retro; Dealer-Owned; Traditional and High Mileage Fink’s Quality Cars ❖GAP Programs • Includes Buy Here/ Pay Here GAP ❖Credit Life & Accident Health • Includes Unemployment Insurance ❖Paint & Exterior Protection Products ❖Dent & Ding; Windshield; Roadside Assistance Programs F&I Training Compliance Our training has three major objectives Are you ready We provide dealership employee compliance set-up & training 1.Protect the dealer for May, 2009? “THE BIG SIX” 2.Customer satisfaction 3.Generate above average ❖These six Federal laws demand automotive dealers to income. perform required “due diligence.” • The Red Flag Rules • The Gramm- Leach- Bilkey Privacy Act Auto Sales Training • The Gramm- Leach- Bilkey Safeguards Rule “One of our best business • The National Do-Not Call Act Our “Circle of Influence” • The U.s. Patriot Act- Office of Foreign Assets decisions we have ever training provides: • The U.S. Patriot Act- Fin Cen Form 8300 1.Increase in units sold made.” ❖ Set-up & training fees waived for producing Milby Group 2.Increase in CSI accounts 3.Increase in profits John Emerine, GM Vallery Ford Our program is personalized to your locations