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My Ignite Columbus 2009 Presentation


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To YOU, who is Jesus?

Published in: Spiritual
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My Ignite Columbus 2009 Presentation

  1. 1. To YOU Who is Jesus? The Inescapable Question
  2. 2. my first Jesus experience
  3. 3. I was like many others in the world... I had MY view of who Jesus was
  4. 4. Atheists Jesus was not a god at all. Did he even exist?
  5. 5. Typically no opinion Agnostics Will not believe until it has been rationally refuted
  6. 6. Buddhists Have no opinion of who Jesus is
  7. 7. Jewish Does not believe he was the Messiah. They are still waiting for theirs
  8. 8. Hindu He is one of their 300 million gods.
  9. 9. Believed he was like Moses, a Muslims great prophet Not the son of Allah Was not crucified
  10. 10. To YOU... who is Jesus?
  11. 11. Almost 10 years ago... My view of Jesus changed.
  12. 12. After reading the Bible... and not putting my trust into what men told me...
  13. 13. but seeing the power of Jesus... heal me from my past heal & restore my family
  14. 14. My view of Jesus
  15. 15. He came to give us life... abundant life
  16. 16. To YOU... who is Jesus?
  17. 17. Got Questions? @maljr Malcolm Lanham