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Marketing for startups


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Marketing for startups presentation at Silicon Beach, Friday, February 1st, 2013

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Marketing for startups

  1. 1. Marketing forStartupsMalcolm Gordon
  2. 2. Who?• Online Marketing• 6 figure budgets• Startup Weekend (Team Threadster)• Founder’s Institute• Former copywriter• Some viral success• Paid, earned, owned experience
  3. 3. Define your Target Audience• Who are you selling to?• Where do they congregate? Online? Offline?• Where do they spend time?
  4. 4. Learn to speak metric• CPA• Customer LTV• Net margin
  5. 5. Paid Versus Viral model• Decide early on how you’re going to get noticed and grow• It’s okay to pay• Going viral is hard• Usually know within the first few hours• Color = $40 million failure in 45 minutes
  6. 6. An ongoing experiment• Never stop testing• Platforms• Media• Paid Vs Earned Vs Owned mix• Ads - copy, imagery, content• Targeting• Budgets/bids
  7. 7. “Adapt what isuseful, reject whatis useless, and addwhat is specificallyyour own.”- Bruce Lee "Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own.”
  8. 8. Paid• Search Engine advertising – AdWords, BingAds• Display - Remarketing• SEO• Email Marketing• Affiliates
  9. 9. Earned• The media are content hungry & very approachable• Investigative journalism is dead• Tight deadlines• Lots of content to fill
  10. 10. Users = 1,000,000,000 usersnumber of users = 1,000 1,000,000,000 $0 marketing spendadvertisingspend = $0
  11. 11. Owned• Content Marketing (overlaps SEO)• Infographics• Video (dollar shave club)• Website• apps• Content that may go viral
  12. 12. “Make an awesomeproduct and get itfeatured in the AppStore”– Dave Mckinney,Discovr
  13. 13. “Youcannot foolall of thepeople allof the time”– AbrahamLincoln
  14. 14. Contact MeWeb: malgordon.comLinkedIn: mal@malgordon.comTwitter: @malgordon