How can charities use Storify?


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How can charities use Storify?

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How can charities use Storify?

  1. 1. How can charities use Storify?
  2. 2. What is Storify?
  3. 3. A social networking tool that allows you to curate content from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms.
  4. 4. • Pull all elements of a particular story together around a specific campaign, an event or a hashtag. • Share other people’s views and opinions as well as your own Why is Storify useful?
  5. 5. • Make content visible to users that don’t use a specific platform such as Google+ • Allows you to produce a visually pleasing piece of content • Is easy to use • Can be easily shared on other social platforms Why is Storify useful?
  6. 6. How can charities use Storify?
  7. 7. Capture key conversations
  8. 8. • Conversations on social media can be fleeting – storify can help maintain their visibility for longer • E.g. Mind used a storify to highlight issues around OCD by curating content about a TV programme on the topic
  9. 9. Save time and resource
  10. 10. • Writing content can be time consuming – curating content can have an impact. • Avoid missing out on lost opportunities due to lack of time. • E.g. Marie Curie UK showed support for participants in the London Marathon who were helping to raise money for them
  11. 11. Tell your charity’s story
  12. 12. • Tell your charity’s story in an innovative way. • E.g. NSPCC use storify to clarify what services they provide
  13. 13. Summarise charity events
  14. 14. • Use storify to summarise events that supporters might have missed out on e.g. an #NFPTweetup summary from londonkirsty
  15. 15. Ask your supporters a question
  16. 16. • Curate answers to a question from your supporters • E.g. Diabetes UK used this strategy to raise awareness of Type 1 Diabetes by asking their supporters to tell them about their diagnosis
  17. 17. Things to consider when using Storify
  18. 18. • If all charities used storify it would lose impact and cause oversaturation • Use storify sparingly and only for key campaigns and events • See storify as another tool in your social media toolbox Will anyone bother to read it?
  19. 19. • Twitter is now starting to develop similar technology • Is there any point in setting up another tool if Twitter do it? Competition
  20. 20. • If all charities move away from creating original content it could reduce the impact of a blog. • Content would all look very similar. Engagement would likely drop. Will it reduce the impact of your blog?
  21. 21. • The biggest misuse of storify is simply using it for the sake of it. • Avoid dumping links into a storify without thinking about what the narrative is. • If done badly, storify is a waste of time and resource! Linkdumping
  22. 22. • Storify can be incredibly useful for charities: – Can help amplify your message, increase your exposure in an innovative, exciting way – Is Quick and cost effective – Helps to showcase what your supporters are saying about you – Adds weight to the messages you are already communicating • The key to using storify is: – Use it appropriately – Consider how your charity plans to use it as part of your wider social media strategy/campaign Summary
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