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When in phuket ensure that you don't miss these phuket tourist attractions


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Phuket Fantasea is an attractive 140 acre traditional theme park that is the great in night-time amusements on Kamala Beach, 4 to 5 km's from Patong. Fantasea takes you on a fantastical adventure into Thailand's myth, mystery and wonderful.

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When in phuket ensure that you don't miss these phuket tourist attractions

  1. 1. WhenWhenWhenWhen IIIInnnn PhuketPhuketPhuketPhuket EnsEnsEnsEnsureureureure ThatThatThatThat YYYYouououou DDDDontontontont MMMMississississ TTTThesehesehesehese PhuketPhuketPhuketPhuket TouristTouristTouristTourist AttractionsAttractionsAttractionsAttractionsPhuket Fantasea is an attractive 140 acre traditional theme park that is the great innight-time amusements on Kamala Beach, 4 to 5 kms from Patong. Fantasea takesyou on a fantastical adventure into Thailands myth, mystery and wonderful. Thereis a 3000 seats theatre that stages Las Vegas style productions includes magicalillusions, acrobatics, stunts, pyrotechnics, elephant shows, and a song and danceexceptional that takes to life myths of Phukets heritage and mythology. There is aCarnival city shopping street and the Golden Kinnaree buffet restaurant hosting theworlds largest buffet of Thai and international cooking.
  2. 2. PhuketPhuketPhuketPhuket ZooZooZooZoo ---- is situated towards Chalong Bay. The zoo have a variety of Asian andAfrican mammals and birds. Elephant and crocodile shows are performed every.KhaoKhaoKhaoKhao RangRangRangRang HillHillHillHill ---- owns a impressive view overlooking Phuket Town, the southernpart of Phuket Island although some of the offshore islands. There are a lot ofrestaurants including exceptional views of the city and a park with a bronze statueof Phraya Ratsada Nupradit, the Governor of Phuket over King Rama Vs reign.PhuketPhuketPhuketPhuket ButterflyButterflyButterflyButterfly FarmFarmFarmFarm ---- is 3kms from Phuket Town right from Yaowarat Road andthe Sam Kong intersection. There is a very good variety of stifling animals along thelines of butterflies, insects and sea life.
  3. 3. PhuketPhuketPhuketPhuket TraditionalTraditionalTraditionalTraditional CenterCenterCenterCenter ---- is found close by the Phuket Rajabhat University onThepkrasattri Road. The center reveals Phukets heritage, arts and culture.ThaiThaiThaiThai VillageVillageVillageVillage andandandand OrchidOrchidOrchidOrchid FarmFarmFarmFarm ---- is found 2 to 3 kms from Phuket urban. Followinglunch you have a wonderful historical show including Thai dances, Thai classicaland folk music, Thai boxing and elephants.SimonSimonSimonSimon CabaretCabaretCabaretCabaret ---- is located on the hill just outside Patong and it is a well-likedvacation destination including an attractive & very funny transvestite (lady-boy)cabaret.
  4. 4. TopTopTopTop ThingsThingsThingsThings totototo trytrytrytry ---- on Holiday in Phuket. Phuket Aquarium is found at Cape Phanwaand is an excellent underwater world with more than 150 several species fromfreshwater and sea habitats, quite a few local species from the Andaman Sea andthe Gulf of Thailand.ElephantElephantElephantElephant trudgingtrudgingtrudgingtrudging ---- is a must-do experience in Thailand and a way of backing theresiding domesticated elephants of Thailand and their mahout (trainer). Theelephants are fragile and well practiced, taking viewers on attractive jungle treks.
  5. 5. DinosDinosDinosDinos ParkParkParkPark MiniMiniMiniMini GolfGolfGolfGolf ---- can be found at Karon beach just about the Marina PhuketResort. The 18-hole mini-golf class have dinosaurs and an erupting volcano.ThaiThaiThaiThai MassageMassageMassageMassage &&&& SpaSpaSpaSpa ---- has emerged into an important business in Thailand. Anantique Thai massage starts around 250 baht in one of countless massage places inPhuket. There are a lot places to get a massage right up to 5-star hotels/resortsthat give you all kinds of spa treatments to travelers.ThaiThaiThaiThai CookingCookingCookingCooking ---- A few hotels provide their own in-house Thai restaurant providingcooking classes to guests. The cooking class will guide basic skills best to cook aThai meal at your home possibly even coaching to professional standards.
  6. 6. Phuket Hotel offering a wide range of hotels facilities like budget to luxury. You canfind there are many cheap hotels near your favorite destination. Some of cheaphotels for your vacation, these are Burasari Resort Phuket, Rayaburi Resort Phuketand TheTheTheThe KeeKeeKeeKee ResortResortResortResort SpaSpaSpaSpa PhuketPhuketPhuketPhuket.Phuket allows for vacationers with the chances to get involved in lots of outdoorthings to do, which includes: scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, parasailing,jet-skiing, yachting, go for fishing & deep seaside fishing, sea canoeing, horsetrucking, mountain biking & hiking.
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