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The millionaire mind intensive 2013 is back to kl!


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The millionaire mind intensive 2013 is back to Malaysia. Check here for detail:

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The millionaire mind intensive 2013 is back to kl!

  1. 1. The Millionaire Mind Intensive 2013 is back to KL! The Millionaire Mind Intensive, a full-packed financial education seminar bycreating wealth mind-set.Date: 01st-03rd March 2013Venue: WISMA MCA, KUALA LUMPURTime: 9am-10pm (approximate)Fee: USD 108 (VIP Seat) & USD 82 (Premium Seat) Category Status Price Date & Venue Malaysia - Front row seating - Priority check-in - "The Secret Psychology of VIP Seat Wealth" 8CD/2DVD (Worth USD 108 $598) - 1 MMI workbook (Worth $30) - 1 MMI Tote bag - General Seating -"The Secret Psychology of Premium Seat Wealth" 8CD/2DVD (Worth 598) USD 82 01st -03rd March 2013, - 1 MMI Workbook (Worth $30) Malaysia - 1 MMI Tote bag Venue: Wisma MCA, Kuala LumpurWhy Millionaire Mind Intensive:At our seminars, you will learn a step-by-step process for winning the money game.Once you know how to play to win, you will never have to work again…unless ofcourse, you choose to!Here’s just a part of what you’ll learn: How to alleviate your current blueprint and how to reset it for “automatic”success. How to thrive in today’s economy.
  2. 2.  The secret of money and re elationships how to n s; never argue about fin e nances agai in. The sim mplest, eas siest, most effective m money man nagement m method on earth. n How to achieve s o success wit balance th To thin feel an act diff nk, nd ferently ab bout money wealth, and most importantl y, ly…yourself!y And m many more… …Reply Ema to redee YOUR SEAT WR ail em R WITH GRE EAT MATTERIALS by providi ingParticipant Persona Details: Full Name, Mobile Number, and EmaiP t’s al ilNo. Full Nam me /P No. H/ Email Ad ddress:1  2  3  4  5  Remark: Please do not provid duplicat particip de ted pant’s reco ords.Seats are f filling fast and on firs st-come-fir rst-serve ba asis.*Registrat tion is first t-come-firs st-serve bas sis.Should you have any enquiries please do not hesita to conta us for clarification. u y s, o ate act cThanks an have an awesome day.T nd d  Malay Ken (Ms)  Marketing E Executive of PM Leadership  E‐mail: info@ @pmlcambo   Mobile: +85 55 12 518 422