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Cambodian biz owners and entrepreneurs at the mmi seminar


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Cambodian biz owners and entrepreneurs at the mmi seminar

  1. 1. Financial focusADDRESSING THE NEEDS OF INDIVIDUAL INVESTORS ANDPLANTING THE SEEDS FOR A SECURE FUTURE. First Group of Cambodian Delegates At The Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar in Malaysia.It is our privilege to work with Suc- gram via Success Resources’ partnercess Resources, the largest seminar in Thailand.organizer of the world, which gives usthe opportunities to facilitate and helpCambodian entrepreneurs and busi- “I attended the Millionaire Mind In-ness owners to meet and learn from tensive and I come to a conclusionsome of the world ‘s masters. that your real asset is your ATTI- TUDE.”The Millionaire Mind Intensive Semi-nar is a program designed by T. Harv Mr. Kuy Vat, President & CEO ofEker, New York Times #1 Best Sell- Park Café & Vtrust Property Group -ing Author. CambodiaOur first experience with this programwas on 17-19 June 2011 in Malaysia.The trainer was Mr. Adam Markel,CEO of Peak Potentials.There were about 1500 delegates forthe program from over 20 countries ,we facilitated 7 delegates from Cam-bodia to join the program. There werealso other 4 Cambodian delegatesfrom Thailand who joined the pro- For more information, Please call PM Leadership at: +855 23 6364 966 / +855 12 518 422 Email Us:
  2. 2. The Millionaire Mind Intensive 09th –11th September 2011 Singapore UP C OMING E VENT ! T HE M ILLIONIARE M IND I NTENSIVE 2012 S INGAPORE Mr. Sok Leng, Cambodia, with Mr. T. Harv Eker 26 TH –28 THT. Harv Eker has helped thousands of people win 9-11 September 2011. There were also 23 Cam- O CTOBER 2012the money game and get on the path to financial bodian delegates joining the program.freedom… giving them inner peace and happi- V ENUE : S INGAPOREness… master money and relationships with “Amazing! I have never attended this kind ofspouses, business associates and kids... make seminar before. I learned how to master money, E XPO , H ALL 2 work in a team, overcome fear, and networkmoney while they sleep with massive, passive in- with new people. Moreover, I was able to showcome… and finally capture the lifestyle, career and Cambodia flag over there. I will join the similarfinancial reward they deserve. seminars again in the future.” Ms Voeung Chan Delice, Director of Asia Exotic ToursThere were over 4000 delegates during the Million-aire Mind Intensive Seminar (MMI) in Singapore on UP C OMING E VENT ! T HE M ILLIONIARE M IND I NTENSIVE 2012 M ALAYSIA 30 TH N OV —02 TH D ECEMBER 2012 V ENUE : T HE M INES The Millionaire Mind Intensive 09th –11th December 2011 Malaysia – M ALAYSIA I NTERNA- Malaysia MMI was held in December 2011 with over TIONAL E XHIBITION & 1500 delegates. The seminar was led by Mr. Doug "Having done a great number of seminars and achiev- Nelson. There were 27 delegates from Cambodia ing great success financially and position in society, I C ONVENTION C ENTRE joined this program. Many of our delegates report am glad that I have attended Millionaire Mind Inten- that they have more self confidence after attending sive, where I further learn a great deal. It is strongly recommended for anyone who wish to further create MMI. Some of them have started new business and abundance in life" Bellum Tan, CEO, Singapore some have expanded their current businesses. For more information, Please call PM Leadership at: +855 23 6364 966/ +855 12 518 422 Email Us:
  3. 3. Change Your Financial Life with The Millionaire Mind Intensive! Malaysia – Singapore – Europe – The United States – Australia Course Materials and BONUSES [Limited Time ONLY]Contact PM Leadership for Special Offer:Tel: 023 6364 966/ 012 518 422Email us: info@pmlcambodia.comWebsite: