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  1. 1. Drama <3 2012By Malaya Rice(Luv You All)
  2. 2. Production c: Drama is an amazing program where you get to meet new people and have an amazing time. I love everyone in drama. Even though at times it may not seem like it. ( I just get very emotional) Well I promised this so im doing it. 
  3. 3. Shannon Bae
  4. 4. “Marshmallow” Since you are very squishy, im gonna call you marshmallow. Shannon is so freaking amazing. I hope to see you next year ant knows-it. Im going to miss you if I don’t come back and youuuuuuuu knows it. You will always be special to me. You are super hilarious and smart. I like how you can weasel your way out of anything. Stay PRETTY. 
  5. 5. Noah Banfield
  6. 6. “Bad Jane” Heehee…… Hey Noah. Ok, so you’re really funny and you are really nice to me no matter what mood im in.When im sad you always come back stage to cheer me up and make me feel better. Luv Ya 
  7. 7. Anthony Bone Well, hello there tony. I have to picture for you because “somebody” deactivated their Facebook account???? Anyway, you are super nice and you always try to make me laugh so I pee my pants backstage. But that’s ok because we’re cool like that. The only thing I don’t like about you is that your disgusting. But Luv Ya 
  8. 8. William Bronner Well hello there William. I guess I have no picture for you either. But kk. You are super amazing and adorable. Your cheeks are also so squishy. You have so much talent and I hope you know that. First you were Moses and now your that screaming kid. Heehee keep up the funny and the acting buddy 
  9. 9. George Brown
  10. 10. “Georgia Poo” Hola, George. K here. You are the most funnniest guy in the whole world. Idk if those are real words. But anyway, you are really nice and I love how you know when to be serious and when to be funny. ( Sometimes 20%) I’m gonna miss you bra jokes. People always said you had abs but I was never sure. Guess ill never know Georgia Poo 
  11. 11. Tasha Caday
  12. 12. “Pooh Bear” As you can see I put a grown picture of you and a little picture of you. I did this because you can be very sophisticated sometimes. But at other times you can be that little girl that always wants to jump out and draw something. You are very smart, pretty, and I love your jokes. I hope you become famous in the arts because you have a lot of creativity and you should show it. Youre amazing 
  13. 13. Carlota Conant
  14. 14. “Dizzy Mouse” Dis girl is annoying. I kept trying to make your giant pictures fit the screen, next time make the pictures smaller plzz. Anyway you are super funny and prettayy. I always thought you were special, maybe special E.D. Weve had our fights but we’re chill now. You will always be my retarded mouse 
  15. 15. Tre’cey Dory
  16. 16. “King Black” Hey Tre’cey. ALONE ARE YOU, WELL WRITING THIS LETTER SHOULD BE EASY. You da spider doe. I love your laugh, you should do it again sometime. :)You’ve been my neighbor since forever doe. You should move back. I miss you. You are super amazing, and I love how you act so proper. You are an amazing actor. Have fun a VAPA. (Perhaps Tonight) 
  17. 17. Joy Flournoy Hi………………………………………… …
  18. 18. “???” Lol JK. Hey Joy. You might not see this because you probably don’t have a facebook. I don’t really know you all that well but I love you any way. You’re an amazing roach. 
  19. 19. Michelle Galindo
  20. 20. “Pookie” So heyy Michelle. First off I luv your last name. GALINDO. Im sure you can imagine me saying that right now. But its cool and it makes me think of mustaches. But anyway, you are soo prettayy. Your style is so hipster. You were a good (goodie goodie) in the play. Hope to see you again. Pookie Bear. 
  21. 21. Kym Go
  22. 22. “Lucky Duck” Hey everyone its Kym. And look what she can dooooo. Kym this was the most amazing play because you and me really clicked. It didn’t end either. Ever since you’ve been my backstage buddy. You always make me laugh. I like it when no one listens to you because IM TALKING. Lol jk. Anyway thanks for introducing me to LEE. We have avatar sure in common. Thanks for trying to cheer me up backstage. We’re like besties now. We’re such nerds. Luv Ya 
  23. 23. Joy Gursky
  24. 24. “Shooting Star” It’s your slave. I like to brush your hair and you like to have it brushed. Ahhhhh Joy. What can I say. You are so original and anything but normal. That’s what I like about you. I also like your style, your clothes are hipster and urban. You have such a creative way of putting yourself out there. You don’t care about what people think either. I have a hard time with that. You are amazing and funny. Keep flying my star. 
  25. 25. Evet Gutierrez
  26. 26. “Mango” Hola Chica. I wanted you to know that everyone is dumb except you. (Don’t be offended people :0) I say this because you told be about what happened. Well I also wanted you to know that your special. NOT SPECIAL ED. Good Bye Juicy Fruit. Luv Ya 
  27. 27. Robina Henson
  28. 28. “Mini Teeth” I had to give this girl three pictures because she’s just amazing. Her teeth are so small c: I love it how you creep us out when its dark, and make interesting faces. You are so adorable. I’m going to miss you so much. Your best feature is that you’re small. (Which makes you easier to carry) Even though you’re the oldest one here, you’re as cute a chocolate chip cookies with eyeballs. You’re so chill. Stay adorable 
  29. 29. Payton Hugee I would use the picture I took of you but you told me not to. So I’ll be nice. Today. Heehee, anyway you are super amazing too. You are also very funny. You might call me crazy. (lol get!! Alex is crazy) Anyway im gonna stop here for now sorry. It’s 10:37 pm so I go ni ni now. Because I have to look sexy when I wake up. The reason im up typing all of these 60 slides while my back and neck are hurting is because I love you. (and I promised I would) But I love you the most. Don’t tell the others I said that. 
  30. 30. Sena Ji Well Sena. It’s all come down to this. You are the most funny hottest person I know, second to Jane of course. Your last name is also very cool because it sounds like the letter G. Thanks for sharing you sprite with me on Wednesday. You are a super nice asian and I love your eyes when laugh. 
  31. 31. Carmen Lerma I decided to write you a poem. Because you’re special. (NOT SPECIAL E.D.) Oh sweet Carmen, how pretty are you. Not a 1 or a 2. But simply much more for you. Your eyes are gorgeous, simply torcheous. For they light up the sky and your face. And the entire place. You are a queen and deserve a throne. A palace and crown to call your own. For you are special and sweet, and Im glad we could meet. I’ll miss you. 
  32. 32. Alex Mandueke I’m going to miss you “little Alex” You were so nice to me. You were also a vey interesting describer of words to me. If you can recall. You always make me laugh. I know what ever you do will be amazing. Hope to see you again. 
  33. 33. Nicole Navasero Ahhhhhhhh. Pillow, Cheese, and Mouse at the same time. So many memories with you. Such a fun, playful little character. I call you my pillow because you are my comforter. You are also very soft. Anyway, I always know I can come to you for my problems. Idk if ill ever find anyone like you. No offense but I talked to some of the 6th grade asians at auditions and I think I’m going to be ok. Love you though 
  34. 34. Oscar Paredes Hey Boobs, don’t got a lot to say about you at the moment. Just that you’re squishy and really funny. But that doesn’t make you any less important than any one else. Because I Love You. Gook Luck In Life. Mwah Mwah Guppie. 
  35. 35. Isabella Primavera Hehehehe. I’ve been waiting for this one. Isabella, Bianca, Jacques, Cracker Jack, Maria, and a new one Kangaroo. I love you sooooo much Jiggles. You are the cutest thing in the world. You and Kym always made me burst with laughter and joy. I really wish you could audition. But I will always remember you and your amazing faces. You are super cute and funny 
  36. 36. David Quines Hola David. You are an interesting character as well as others. You are sooooo cute and super funny. But underneath all of that there is that disgusting little pervert waiting to get out. Ahhh Love You cutie pie 
  37. 37. Miranda Rector This gorgeous little creature is our former light and current sound operator, MIRANDA COSSGORVE. Oh wait that’s Miranda Rector. My personal Barbie doll. She also gives amazing advice, which is why she is my advice buddy. I love to play with your hair because it is so pretayy. Its funny how you’re clueless at times. But you know how to get things done and that’s what I admire most about you. 
  38. 38. Me Im AMAZING. <3 That’s all there is to know. Comment about me though cause I wanna know.
  39. 39. Madeline Romero Woah. It’s the gorgeous little girl on crack. Hey Madeline, ur like soo pretayy and im so jealous im not gonna lie. I love it when you act high because it’s funny. You’re an amazing actress have fun at VAPA!!! Love You Much. P.S. You and Michael are you cute <3 
  40. 40. Daniela Sanchez Now what can I say about booby puncher. Hmmm, you are super funny and amazingly weird like me. I feel like we have so much in common. You are super nice, when you’re not punching people. Love You. You have to give me ur #. And you better come to Mulan so I can get you back.
  41. 41. Francisco Sanchez Hola Papa frog! You were an amazing sound effect with me. You are also an amazing hugger. I hope to have you im my class again because you are like a big brother to me. <3 
  42. 42. JaneTan The gorgeous lady with the amazing body. Im am so jelly of you Janie Poo. What can I say about you except for the fact that you are amazing, nice, pretayy, funny, and compassionate. I like how you do more for others instead of yourself. You are and always will be the most amazing person I’ve ever met. I hope I never loose touch with you because you are truly special. 
  43. 43. Robyn Taylor Hey Robyn, Im going to miss you so much. You better get Wi-Fi so you can read this because I am going to be pissed. I put a lot of work into this. I’m going to miss you since you’re going to Audubon. You better come over and hang out over the summer. 
  44. 44. Heddy Valle Hey Beatles buddy, you made me cry with that John Lennon thing legit bro. You are super cool and amazingly racist. I love how you live your life to the fullest cause YOLO. And we all live in a yellow submarine 
  45. 45. Hye-Min Yu Last but not least Hye-Min or JIHO. As I would say. As ive said, you are them most amazing Asian in the entire world. Thanks for sharing your friends with me. I think they like me because I’m black. They laugh at everything I say. While I laugh at everything that you say. YOU ARE THE FUNNIEST ASIAN IN THE WORLD. I hope you remember me. Stay Pretayy 
  46. 46. The End In Case You Wanna Prank Call Me :3 323-592-1913 ( You better be good at it ) I Love You All and had fun working with you. I literally had to stop myself from crying to finish this. Text me. <3 Also follow me on Tumblr www.surethingbro.tumblr.com 