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Ceremonies and rituals


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Published in: Travel, Spiritual
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Ceremonies and rituals

  2. 2. 4 MAJOR GODS• Kāne• Kū• Lono• Kanaloa
  3. 3. KINOLAU• According to the Hawaiian dictionary, kinolau are “many forms taken by a supernatural body” (Literally: many bodies)• It is believed that when the gods tangibly manifested themselves on earth they did so in the forms of kinolau
  4. 4. KĀNE• Considered to be the leading god of the 4 major gods• God of creation• Ancestor of chiefs and commoners• God of forests, fresh water, and sunlight• Kinolau – kalo, `ōhi`alehua, `ohe
  5. 5. KŪ• God of the major works of men including warfare, adze making, canoe making, farming, fishing and government• Elaborate luakiniheiau that required the highest of gifts, that of the life of a man• Took many forms such as Kūka`ilimoku&Kū`ula• Kinolau - `ulu, niu, `ōhi`a
  6. 6. LONO• God of fertility, peace and agriculture• God of clouds, rain, and winds• Lonoikamakahiki - patron god of the Makahiki, the fall harvest festival• Kinolau – kukui, `uala
  7. 7. KANALOA• God of the ocean and the ocean winds• Together with Kāne, he was able to locate water in springs• Kinolau - `uhaloa
  8. 8. KAPU
  9. 9. PROTOCOL• Permission to remove certain plants was sought• Many prayers were offered in the field or forest
  10. 10. KI`I
  11. 11. CARVING KI`I
  12. 12. KI`I`Ōhi`alehua Kauila Kou
  13. 13. MAKAHIKI
  15. 15. `ŌLELO NO`EAU• E hānai `awa a ikaika ka makani Feed with `awa so that the spirit may gain strength One offers `awa and prayers to the dead so that their spirits may grow strong and be a source of help to the family
  16. 16. `AWA
  17. 17. `AWA CEREMONY
  18. 18. `ŌLELO NO`EAU• E pale lau`īikoakuakehikiakui Kona Place a shield of ti-leaves before your god when you arrive in Kona. A message sent by Ka`ahumanu to Liholiho requesting him to free the kapu of his god Kūka`ilimoku. Ka`ahumanu was at that time striving to abolish the kapu system.
  19. 19.
  20. 20. LIMU KALA