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IT Inftractructures - Evolution of IT Inftractructure


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Today we going to talk about IT Infrastructure, We will talk about the Evolution of IT Infrastructure from the beginning to the present, so it will be around 60 years journey so please sit tight to your chairs this going to be a very long session :)

I’m just kidding of course, Actually as this is a very informative topic has a lot of information's so I took the liberty to split it to 4 sessions as the following every session will take around 15-20 Minutes:
Evolution of IT Infrastructure
Architectures of IT Infrastructure (Traditional, Reference, Converged, Hyper Converged)
Virtualization and Cloud Computing (Private cloud, Hyped Cloud, Public Cloud)

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IT Inftractructures - Evolution of IT Inftractructure

  1. 1. IT Infrastructure Evolution of IT Infrastructure Prepared by MahmoudAlahmed EMC/VCEChannelManageratAlJammazDistribution
  2. 2. Agenda • What is IT Infrastructure • Evolution of IT infrastructure • Stages of IT infrastructure Evolution • Component of IT Infrastructure • IT Infrastructure Ecosystem • Summary
  3. 3. What is IT Infrastructure • All hardware and software components that are needed to deliver IT Services to customers.
  4. 4. Evolution of IT infrastructure • General-purpose mainframe and minicomputer era: 1958 to present • 1958 IBM first mainframes introduced, eventually used to support thousands of online remote terminals • Personal computer era: 1981 to present • 1981 Introduction of IBM PC • Client/server era: 1983 to present • Desktop clients networked to servers, with processing work split between clients and servers • Enterprise Internet computing era: 1992 to present • It’s the internet era where people start recognize the online word or the WWW. • Cloud Computing: 2000 to present • Model of computing where firms and individuals obtain computing power and software applications over the Internet
  5. 5. Stages of IT infrastructure Evolution
  6. 6. Stages of IT infrastructure Evolution
  7. 7. Component of IT Infrastructure • Computer hardware platforms • Client Machines • Servers • Mainframes • Operating system platforms • Client side • Server side • Enterprise software applications • Data management and storage • Database software • Physical data storage • Networking/telecommunications platforms • Network or communication hardware • Network operation system • Internet platforms • Hardware servers • Web development tools • Consulting system integration services
  8. 8. IT Infrastructure Ecosystem
  9. 9. Summary • What is IT Infrastructure • IT Infrastructure component • IT Infrastructure Stages