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Iuliia Abramova portfolio

  1. 1. CV
  3. 3. Borjomi is known as #1 anti-hangover water. Withthis app they aim to be helpful at any momentCreating a simple, helpful, entertaining applicationthat will demonstrate brand valuesAlcometer - the first free branded applicationbased on iOS and Android, testing the level ofalcohol in user’s bloodThe user compiles a list of alcohol consumed (typeand quantity, in chronological order ofconsumption)Based on user parameters and medical data onmetabolism, the application calculates the bloodalcohol level and time needed to withdraw alcoholfrom the bodyClientIDS GroupProjectAlcometerResults90 000 downloads from AppStore during 2weeks after launch№1 in AppStore Russia in Fitness and Healthcategory0 UAH spent on promotionPROPELLER DIGITAL 2013 — GOLD in«Mobile advertising and services» categoryApplication screen-shotsTaskDevelopment of aninteractive,entertaining anduseful applicationBrandBorjomiMY CONTRIBUTIONActivation planningBACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTIONALCOMETER APPLICATION (COXO AGENCY)
  4. 4. Sometimes it’s not enough just to see. Touching,trying, playing, and entertainment stimulatespurchaseDevelopment of a BTL instrument that wouldcombine functions of a demo tool and CRM toolDemo application optimized for Samsung GalaxyTab based on ОС AndroidFunctions:An interesting and entertaining way to demonstratethe advantages of Henkel products to theconsumerMonitoring the product range and arrangement inretail storesPreparing and sending daily promoter reports(estimation of efficiency of the BTL agency)ClientHenkelProjectInteractive demoapplicationResultsSoftware installed on tablets used bypromoters117 retail outlets in 20 citiesTaskDevelopment of aninteractive digitalinstrument for BTLactivities by HenkelMY CONTRIBUTIONGenerating ideasBACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTIONHENKEL APPLICATION (COXO AGENCY)
  5. 5. TUBORG (COXO AGENCY)Launch of a big advertising compaign for TuborgUkraine - «The Fun Starts Here»Involve talanted ukrainian youth into the dialogwith Tuborg. Using Internet, build digital platformwhere Tuborg = FUNWe gave the audience an opportunity to becomepopular. We started from launching a new activitycalled VideoFUNiя on the official site tuborg.ua.This launch was supported by TV and socialnetworksUsers were offered to upload their own DIYmusical video to the project site. Those whogained the biggest quantity of votes (likes andshares), were given a prize —Their own musicvideo made by a professional director and his crewClientTuborg UkraineProjectVideoFUNiя 2011Results500 followers12 000 active fans71623 site visitors28646 video votes257968 video reviews278 music videos1600 blog reviewsSite Backstage (making of) Music videoTaskCommunication ofthe key message:Tuborg = fun, byintegration ofdifferent media-channels: TV, mediaand SMMMY CONTRIBUTIONDetermination with the communicationformat, selection of SMM tools, timingsand content plan developmentBACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTION
  6. 6. Launch of Bacardi on the Ukrainian internet Increase loyalty of TA by using digital tools Facebook was chosen as main communicationplatform. Main concept: BE TOGETHER! Bacardicommunity became a center of flirt-oriented partypeople. Funny contests with real prizes andinvitations to the Bacardi TOGETHER parties areinvolving big quantities of people into brand-loyalgrooveClientBacardi UkraineProjectBacardi TogetherResultsViews 1 159 686Likes 12 077Maximum comments in a day 837Bacardi Together Home Party Activity: Photo BoothTasksincrease loyalty ofalready existingcustomers by usingSMM-activities.increasebrand-awarenessof TA (m/f 18-17)SMM. BACARDI (COXO AGENCY)ContestsMY CONTRIBUTIONSelection of the relevant resources,content plan development, generatingideasBACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTION
  7. 7. Launch of Somersby cider on the ukrainian market To create a platform for bringing cider into the TA’sinterest-zone. Buiding knowledge about the prod-uct as something even more interesting than beerProjectClientSomersby UkraineSomersbyResults1658 followerssomersby.uaTasksTo build brandawareness aboutSomersby ciderTo build brand imagein social networksContest «CiderLady» Contest «CiderTIME» Web-siteWhile brainstorming, we came to the conclusionthat the brand’s TA is absolutely unaware of cider.In order to draw the TA’s attention, a fairy talethemed website was created as well as a facebookpage. Later we decided to build awereness by abig quantity of entertaining games based on thehistory of ciderMY CONTRIBUTIONSelection of SMM tools, style andactivation development (contests)BACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTIONSMM. SOMERSBY (COXO AGENCY)
  8. 8. Launch of Lay’s Strong in Ukraine Increase brand awareness of TA by using digitaltools. Create a cool image of potential lays-strong fanBACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTIONGeneral Idea: «Boys want more spicy»Territory: spicy foodTrigger: spicy food - hot chicks, viral ads andboys oriented contentCross-promo with TUBORG beer — RHCPconcert in Kiev, UkraineLay’s Ninja as branded app for IPhone and IpadTUBORG + Lays Fruit ninja’s edition «Lays ninja»LAY’S (COXO AGENCY)Viral adsMY CONTRIBUTIONGeneral Idea, selection of relevantresources, determination with thecommunication formatProjectClientLay’sLay’sBoys want spicyResults1658 followerssomersby.uaTasksSuppor the launch ofnew product ininternet.increasebrand-awerenessof TA (m 18-35)
  9. 9. SOLUTIONCross—platform appllication: Iphone, Ipad andweb-site.Structure:To Do list for MumArt workshopTestFoursquare check inBest Mum contestClientHARIBOProjectHaribo Mum’s DiaryTasksDevelopment of the ideaof service for mums.increase brand-awerenessand and buildknowlege that HARIBOcares about kids andtheir development.HARIBO (TEST FOR GREY MOSCOW)MY CONTRIBUTIONGeneral IdeaLaunch of Haribo* Make an idea of the service for TA —busymum’s who want to increase the quality of thetime spending with their kids.BACKGROUND CHALLENGE
  10. 10. ClientGRAPEUKRAINEProjectSAFEBOOKTaskVideo consultingfor the tutorial-making.SAFEBOOKINTROOUTROLaunch of the new anti-AIDS application foriPhone and iPadCreate a video-tutorial, which will not only showhow to use the app step-by-step, but also workas a viral advertisementThe video-tutorial explains to the user how theApp works by showing possible scenarios fromreal life situations. Random lovers use SafeBookto write down their sexual achievements from lastnight — NOT REALISED.BACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTION
  11. 11. ЧEZZ MUSIC VIDEOS FOR GRAPE UKRAINELaunch of the new light beer ЧEZZ on theUkrainian market. Digital-agency GRAPE startsFB fun-page ЧEZZ Music in order to support newproduct in social networksCreate 3 videos about making music, interviewswith DJ’s and party digestsDirection, consultingBACKGROUND CHALLENGE MY CONTRIBUTIONClientGRAPEUKRAINEProjectЧEZZ MusicTaskProduction of a musicprogram for FBcommunity ЧEZZ music
  12. 12. Launch of the new company. To create the brand, it’s concept and identity:logo, web-site. Promote it in all professionalresources.BACKGROUND CHALLENGE SOLUTIONGeneral Idea: your style «fromSKETCH» —professional costume design and styling agency.ClientGroup of fashion stylistwho wanted to createtheir own brand.ProjectSKETCHSTYLING— styling beureauTasksTo create the brand, it’sidentity: logo, web-siteand promote it in allprofessional resources.Increasebrand-awerenessSKETCHSTYLING ( OWN PROJECT DEVELOPMENT )MY CONTRIBUTIONGeneral Idea, concept development,selection of relevant resources,determination with the communicationformatsketchstyling.comResults