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Conversion Optimization Flowchart -

My Proprietary Conversion Optimization flowchart. How to integrate Retargeting and Marketing Automation strategies to increase conversions through the Sales Funnel.

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Conversion Optimization Flowchart -

  1. 1. Conversion Optimization Flowchart Copyright Malachi Threadgill 2013 1
  2. 2. Conversion Optimization Visit Website Customer List? No Yes Optimized Cookie? Place Optimized Cookie No Yes Stop Conversion Optimization Retargeting No Able to Identify? Customer List Placement Yes • 180 Days Automation • All Customer Emails • Portal Login Success • Cookie Resets with each login or email Place Customer Cookie Yes No Customer 2
  3. 3. Retargeting Visit Retarget Eligible Page Add To Retarget List Yes Leave ANPI <= 5 Ad Vews / Day Visit eligible website Yes No No Pause Campaign 1 Day Yes Yes Update Salesforce Continue Conversion Optimization Targeted Display Ad Form / Phone Call Landing Page View+ + Ad Click? No No Update Retarget List View++ Update Retarget List 3
  4. 4. Marketing Automation User Interaction (form fill) Click Link or Email User Known? Trigger if User Returns to website Yes Yes Request Phone Contact? No Yes No Yes Able to Identify? Mail Sample Yes Alert Salesperson Move to Customer List Yes Conver sion? Trigger if User Returns to website No Send Acknowledgement Email End Wait XX Days No Return to Nurture series Yes Nurture Email Series Response ? No 4