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Uganda gorilla safaris


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Uganda gorilla safaris

  1. 1. Gorilla Safaris to Uganda for an unforgettable Experience
  2. 2. Sir Winston Churchill called Uganda “the Pearl of Africa” back in 1909 – a century later, Lonely Planet voted Uganda “Top tourist destination for 2012” and National Geographic highlighted “Uganda’s Rwenzori Mountains as one of the World’s three best hiking destinations”.That’s the reason why millions of tourist has been streaming for yearsin Uganda to explore the finest things that she has to offer.Being a relatively small country, Uganda is a home to the Third highest mountain in Africa the Ruwenzori sand also the most technical mountain on the continent only one to be listed as one of the best hiking places on earth in Africa by national Geographic. The scenery is breath taking. Nothing compares to it on the continent. Source to the longest river in the world, most powerful waterfalls in the world Murchison falls, best weather in the world averaging 28 throughout the yr. More than half of the world’s remaining mountain gorillas! World’s largest caldera on Mt Elgon, 11% of the world species of birds, Uganda is home to the world’s second largest fresh water lake “Lake Victoria”, amazing diversity of cultures! World’s capital of Primates Kibale National park, best place to see tree climbing lions in the world! Best white water rafting opportunities in terms 1 to 3 days
  3. 3. Uganda gorilla safaris with Uganda Safari Experts offer unforgettable long- lasting experience to every adventure loving visitor. In simple words,it’s an amazing search of gorillas involving long walks following gorilla trails in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. Usually a mountain gorilla trek takes from 15 minutes to 8 hours depending on where the gorillas are located. At the end of each gorilla search in the dense mountains of Uganda, you can stay there up to one hour for photographing, learning and interacting with these gentle giants.As mountain gorillas and chimpanzees are our greatest cousins, seeing them in their natural environment can be amazing and definitely that will leave you with a lifelong memorable experience.
  4. 4. Whether you are interested in mountain gorilla tours, gorilla safaris, primate trekking, bird viewing, mountain climbing or white water rafting; we will let you enjoy every bit by bit of Africa’s secrets comfortably. The main motto of our tour provider is to focus on quality travel experiences with a basic importance on improving the tourist’s knowledge on African wildlife, society and culture.You will feel like residing in a different world while facing the gorillas in their natural habitats closely during our safaris to Uganda. Moreover, our safari experts are extremely dedicated wildlife enthusiasts who can give you a wonderful holiday vacation and ensure a long lasting safari experience in Africa.We strive to fulfill each and every request of our visitor delightedly. Get in touch with our experienced travel experts to accomplish your dream safari to Uganda. Connect with us on Facebook for update travel news from Uganda. We look forward to welcoming you to Uganda “The Pearl of Africa!”
  5. 5. Thank You P.O Box 11887 Kampala, Uganda Plot 1482 Kiwatule – Nagera Road IJ Complex, First Floor, Suite # 3 Mobile: + 256 (0) 772 887 484 Tel/Fax: + 256 (0) 414 286 415 Email: Website:
  6. 6. Thank You P.O Box 11887 Kampala, Uganda Plot 1482 Kiwatule – Nagera Road IJ Complex, First Floor, Suite # 3 Mobile: + 256 (0) 772 887 484 Tel/Fax: + 256 (0) 414 286 415 Email: Website: