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Automation and COntrol


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Robot Control and Path Planning

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Automation and COntrol

  1. 1. Advanced Automation & ControlLab Presentation Jacobs University Fall 2011 Razvan Mihalyi Billy Okal Remus Dumitru
  2. 2. Outline Giovanni Indiveri Robot Control Giovanni Indiveri Robot Path Following KUKA KR6 Inverse Kinematics
  3. 3. Giovanni Control (0) Kinematic Model Lyapunov-based closed loop control, i.e. two-formula control ;-) [Giovanni Indiveri ‘99]
  4. 4. Giovanni Control (1)Task: Drive robot a specific PoseChallenge: No sensors (only odometry)Setup 1: Drive to Pose (2, 2, π/2)
  5. 5. Giovanni Control (2)Setup 2: Drive to Pose (2, -1, π)
  6. 6. Giovanni Path Following (1) Task: Drive the robot along a specified path Challenge: No sensors (odometry only) Setup scenario 1: Driving an ‘Eight’ - slipping [Giovanni and Maria ’04]
  7. 7. Giovanni Path Following (2) Scenario 2: Driving an ‘Eight’
  8. 8. Giovanni Path Following (3) Scenario 2: Driving a “Circle”, path consisting on curves and straight paths
  9. 9. KUKA KR6 IK (1)Task: Compute the Inverse Kinematics of KUKA KR6Industrial robotMove the robot end effector along one given directiononly at a time.Setup: USARSIM simulator, ROS framework forcontrolling the robot [Alireza Khatamian Bachelor Thesis]
  10. 10. KUKA KR6 IK (2)DH Parameters [Alireza Khatamian Thesis]
  11. 11. KUKA KR6 IK (3)Vertical Motion
  12. 12. KUKA KR6 IK (4)Combined Vertical and Horizontal Motion
  13. 13. ReferencesGiovanni Indiveri, Maria Letizia Corradini; SwitchingLinear Path Following For Bounded Curvature Car-LikeVehiclesGiovanni Indiveri; Kinematic Time-invariant Control of a2D Nonholonomic VehicleAlireza Khatamian; Bachelor Thesis