How to Build a Web App in Five Days


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Slides for a talk given by Simon about the development of PingMyMap, at the first BathCamp in September 2008.

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How to Build a Web App in Five Days

  1. 1. How To Build A Web App In Five Days Tales from the Front Line... blap blap!
  2. 2. Weapons of Choice Textmate Subversion with Versions and hosted on Springloops Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop AIM, MSN and Skype
  3. 3. Frameworks Zend Framework - Loosely coupled PHP framework jQuery - JavaScript Library Know your framework or suffer...
  4. 4. Chain of Command Photoshop mockups and concepts XHTML and CSS production Database schema design - MySQL PHP development JavaScript development Testing and bug fixing Documentation writing... yawn!
  5. 5. Best Practices Version control - even if you’re just a team of one Deployment tools - bash scripts, hosted SVN features Front-end Optimization - combining, minifying, GZipping output
  6. 6. Even the great must fall If you don’t thoroughly test clever features, you will look very stupid! Assumption is the mother of all fuck ups Test. Test again. Fire up lots of browsers. Click till your bones ache, type till your eyes bleed. Test.
  7. 7. Social Promotion Twitter E-mail blogs and mailing lists Tell every poor sod within earshot
  8. 8. The Best Bits It feels really great to connect with your users No deadlines, no budgets, no client! Freedom to try new things Real passion breeds really cool things