Why and How To Scrub Your Liver


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A presentation for the modern mom's back to school cleanse.

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Why and How To Scrub Your Liver

  1. 1. MODERN MOM’S BACK TO SCHOOL CLEANSEGETTING STARTED Presented By: Maureen Wielansky Self-Care and Wellness Expert
  2. 2. SOME HOUSEKEEPING STUFF:I am so excited to walk with you for 21 days.To honor you and anyone who can’t be withus live…..I do have powerpoint slides if you would likesome visuals during our call.Why I want you to use a treeThe Raffle Winner Was…..
  3. 3. Just To Review:Calls: All calls begin at 7pm central Monday September 10 Monday September 17 Monday September 24Phone number: 314-814-8004Access Code: 517190#To Listen online:
  4. 4. SYLLABUS:First Week: lots of information How to make it doable: bite size stepsA few upcoming activities: Pre-plunge packet Read Menu and Recipe Packet for week 1 Look over grocery shopping list How to printFunbook Week 1
  5. 5. Some More Syllabus Stuff:Make a Massage appointment (tomorrow)Making It All Fit Game PlanDaily-Reflections and Self-ChecksThe hardest work is this weekQuestions?
  6. 6. THE ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTIt is all about SHOWING UP, as SHOWING UP is like a treasure map and you never know what treasure you will find. - Robbie Lee Motter
  7. 7. BEFORE YOU TAKE THE PLUNGEWho the Heck am I?Why We Must Cleanse? Healthy Cells Ways cells dieToxins: Why are we toxic?Inflammation: Why are we inflamed?Signals of toxic overload & inflammation
  8. 8. By October 1, 2012Results: Weight loss Increased energy Enhanced Sleep Fewer symptoms of chronic illness Glowing Skin and & Glistening Eyes Less Fluid retentionQuestions?
  9. 9. Your Turn:Toxic & Inflammation QuizHonorable Intentions Notebook Contract with the MVW.
  10. 10. Clean It Up Funbook Week 1Section 1:Your Cleanse Phases Optimize Basic Cleanse foods No No Foods Why Not Starting Today?
  11. 11. Clean It Up Funbook Week 1Phase 1: PreparationToxic Withdrawals: Symptoms Most difficult partPhase 2: Deepening the CleansePhase 3: Adding back and & Awareness
  12. 12. Clean It Up Funbook Week 1Section 2: Food Preparation & Cooking Tips Food Preparation Cooking tips and TechniquesSupplements?Questions?
  13. 13. Clean It Up Funbook Week 1Section 3: Let’s Get Ritual: Rituals: Really? Early Morning: The Amazing 8 Before Bed: The Fantastic 3 Daily Reflections & Self-ChecksTypes of Rituals:
  14. 14. Clean It Up Funbook Week 1Toxin Reduction Tips: Water Lemon Water Body Brushing Toxin Elimination Bath Exercise Fiber
  15. 15. Clean It Up Funbook Week 1Cleansing Meditations:Gratitude Meditations:BreathingPower of BreathingLymphasizing: Bounce BounceSample Schedule: Making It All Fit
  16. 16. Week 1 Menu & RecipesMaking It All Fit Game PlanSmoothies are Soothing Simple way to get your protein Versatility Variety Sneaking in those greensTypes
  17. 17. Smoothies Are SoothingLayeringEquipmentRecipesGrocery Shopping ListQuestions?