Modern Mom Cleanse Week 2


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This powerpoint details how to balance your moods, foods, PH and quality of nourishment for health, weight release and body love

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Modern Mom Cleanse Week 2

  1. 1. MODERN MOM’S BACK TO SCHOOL CLEANSEALKALIZE & FOOD INTOLERANCE Presented By: Maureen Wielansky Self-Care and Wellness Expert
  2. 2. ROLL CALL!Individually Share: How are you feeling? Changes Your favorite recipe Your Biggest AHADownload handouts:
  3. 3. AFTER TONIGHT:Cleansing your body has little to do withcleansing your body.Straddling the See Saw Will Save you.7 Days Can Change The Way You Feel Forever;if you allow it to.
  4. 4. ONE WORD DEFINES PHASE 2BALANCE: Food Mood PH Control over the quality of your nourishment.Why this cleanse has little to do with cleansingyour body.
  6. 6. BALANCING WITH PLANT PROTEINThe grand paradoxIs Animal Protein a pariah?Balance….Taking A Stand By Balancing Your ProteinQuestions?
  7. 7. MOOD RING & YOUR PHAcid/Alkaline: The mistakes we makeAcidic: lower number & alkaline highernumberBalance: 7.35 to 7.45How to Test your PHBalance PH can make you HAPPY!Taking A Stand by balancing your PH/Moods
  8. 8. The best and safest thing is to keep a balance inyour life, acknowledge the great powers aroundus and in us. If you can do that, and live thatway, you are really a wise (wo)man.” Euripides QUESTIONS???
  9. 9. Are You Just Intolerant?No need to get stuckWhy it is so difficult to identify intolerance?ExampleGreatest sources of IntoleranceSymptomsStop the Bully!QUESTIONS?
  10. 10. INDIVIDUAL ISSUES:CandidaBlood Sugar ImbalanceHormonal ImbalanceThyroid ImbalanceSymptomsQuestions?
  11. 11. Lemonade Fast:RADICAL!
  12. 12. MENU WEEK 2:PRODUCE!
  13. 13. ACTION PLAN:Complete your daily reflections and periodicself-checks.Go to the facebook page for support and totoot your horn!Grocery Shop and Do the Making It All FitGame PlanFrenemy to Friend Everyday!
  14. 14. WHAT’S NEXT?3RD & final call next Monday, September 24THEME: FOOD COMBINING & MOVING ON.SURPRISE!!Remember reach out for support! I am here!