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  1. 1. Business Group (Section 1)Expectations at two year and four year schools are generally similar:• ePortfolios – help to build self-confidence• Critical thinking• Co-operative learning• Technological literacy• Oral communication skills
  2. 2. Business Group (Section 2)• Mentoring using ePortfolio: connecting students across campuses using student clubs and ePortfolio• Podcasts from advisors made available to students to assist with orientation• Introductory classes – ePortfolio used to set goals• Capstone classes – ePortfolio used for reflection and showcasing• ePortfolio also used for assessment
  3. 3. Business Group (Section 3)• Create a committee to develop a proposed framework for content in business and accounting ePortfolios• Incorporate an ePortfolio component into new student orientation e.g. senior students showcase ePortfolios• Admissions committees use ePortfolios in decision-making
  4. 4. Business Group (Section 3)• Make ePortfolio a requirement in an introductory course• ePortfolio workshops which include faculty from four year colleges and employers who provide feedback• Dedicated business ePortfolio tutors to help students• Advisors use ePortfolio to help students decide on major and career path