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Published on is about animation in Nigeria. It's an initiative to develop the industry for animators and by animators. What we intend to do is build an ecosystem for animation in Nigeria.

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  1. 1. Prospective Dates: January 27 – 31, 2014
  2. 2. Introduction The Week is an event that is being organised to bring together professional animators, enthusiasts and stakeholders to discuss issues pertaining to digital animation in Nigeria. Under the umbrella of the, the event would serve as a springboard for achieving the project’s mission of contributing to the developmental assistance of the animation industry by, among other things, providing animators with the knowledge and resources they need to be both locally relevant and globally informed. The forthcoming Week will be themed ‘Quality Content and Cultural Relevance’ and will focus on how animators can generate professional quality animation with relevant content that conveys rich cultural meaning. Furthermore, the theme has been carefully dissected and broken down into four sub-themes which are listed in the next section. To do justice to these topics, the event aims to pull together a distinguished and accomplished group of animators and producers of animated features who, by means of their experience, are qualified to inform and educate the industry. The list of speakers are also included below. The Animation-in-Nigeria Project 2
  3. 3. Session Themes 1. 100 years: capturing culture through digital animation On January 1, 2014, Nigeria would have crossed the centenary mark of its existence. After a hundred years of attempts to blend unity with cultural diversity, much has been accomplished and much has evolved. Today, the affordances of media technology have contributed and continue to influence how Nigerians look upon and relate with their country's past, present and future. This session will examine how digital animation can also serve as a medium to capture the wealth of Nigeria's history and culture and effectively transmit it to the younger generation as a long-lasting heritage. It aims to discuss how, in the present, animators can develop valuable content and generate sustainable ideas from the country's past in order to project a promising future. 2. The art and skill of digital animation in the 21st century Digital animation is not for the faint-hearted; it is for those who are brave, daring and ambitious. Still, it is not rocket-science. Twenty-first century technologies have put animation within the reach of those who want to attain high levels of mastery and expertise in the field. This session will discuss the requirements in terms of talent and techniques for becoming a top-class animator. It will examine the skill-set needed, the software used and the personal traits essential for starting out as an animator and transforming into a specialist at it. The Animation-in-Nigeria Project 3
  4. 4. 3. Professional animation: when talent and technique are not enough This session will examine those small details that separate high quality animation from ordinary ones. Since the increasingly low barrier to the creation of animated products can potentially expand the number of entrants in the field, there is a need to highlight those elements that distinguish professional animation from average work. The session will discuss the subtle means, methods and intricacies of producing superior animation. It will help animators understand the importance of combining a keen sense of professionalism, organization, discipline and ethics with an eye for perfection. 4. Making and managing an animation business: tools, tips and tactics Most animators combine an intense love and passion for their work with the daily pressure to make ends meet. This conflict between creativity and commerce, or passion and survival, is a notable characteristic of animators who take the extra step of setting up businesses amid the economic risks and uncertainties of market forces. This session will discuss these issues and analyze the factors that should be considered by animation startups in the Nigerian environment. It will examine the pitfalls to evade, the strategies to employ as well as the benefits and downsides of running an animation business in Nigeria. The Animation-in-Nigeria Project 4
  5. 5. Proposed Speakers Adamu Waziri After over a decade of international 3D animation experience at award winning animation studios on projects for clients including Disney, HP and Sony, Adamu now heads an animation company called EVCL based in Abuja and producers of the first indigenous Nigerian children’s educational cartoon. The pioneering show, called Bino and Fino, an African-produced preschool TV series that aims to show a more acccurate representation of children growing up on the African continent, is now being aired in the U.K. on Sky TV and in South Africa. Ebele Okoye Based in Germany, Ebele is an independent director/ producer who has led award winning co-productions between Germany and Eastern Europe. Her current project is “The Legacy of Rubies”, a 23-minute Nigerian-German coproduction which is part of the Focus Features Africa First Short Film Programme. She is a content developer and producer with Shrinkfish Media & Animation, an animation entity based in Abuja but working virtually with people all over the globe for the production of quality African stories. She is also the initiator of the Shrinkfish Media Lab (smedLAB) an audio visual training initiative targeting Media artists with a special focus on animation, the first run of which started at the Goethe Institut, Lagos in March 2013. The Animation-in-Nigeria Project 5
  6. 6. Enuma Chigbo Enuma is passionate about two things: God and the media. She holds a degree in English Language and has worked as a journalist, special projects coordinator and an advertising administrator with THISDAY Nigeria and South Africa. She is currently a Media Consultant with the Cross River State Government and the owner of Minds of Creation Ltd. Enuma is the Managing Director of ‘The Scarlet Trail’, producers of the children’s cartoon, ‘The Adventures of Lee and Boo’, which is aimed at inculcating Nigeria’s values, beauty and potential through vivid colourful and humorous animation. Michael Akindele Michael has over 8 years experience interfacing with C-Level executives at Tech, Media & Telco (TMT) companies in all aspects of Communications, Technology and Media Creation for various Tech Companies, Brand & Media Firms in Europe, Africa, Asia and North American region. Other key areas of expertise include technology development, media creation, original content development, content verticals including video, music & games production, CG 2D/3D animation, among others. He is the CEO of Fusion Media, a Nigerian company that is currently producing an original 3D animated series titled ‘The O Twins’. The Animation-in-Nigeria Project 6
  7. 7. Shina Ajulo Shina is the CEO of Sporedust Media, a Nigerian animation company. Sporedust is made up of self-taught animators whose skills were built through observing styles of different animation cultures including Disney from the US and anime from Japan. With additional skills amassed through tutorials online, they have attuned themselves to animation technology and, with it, developed their flagship product: Chicken Core: The Rise of Kings. He now aims to fulfill his a life long dream of making a world class feature animation. The Animation-in-Nigeria Project 7
  8. 8. Contact Information The project has been conceived of at the School of Media and Communication, PanAfrican University. For more information, contact: • Patrick Enaholo School of Media and Communication Pan-African University 2, Ahmed Onibudo Street Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria Email: Tel: • +44 757 069 1640 (UK) Akinyemi Adetunji Virtual Museum of Modern Nigerian Art Pan-African University 2, Ahmed Onibudo Street Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria Email: Tel: +234 803 363 5159 Website: The Animation-in-Nigeria Project 8