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Happy hacking with Plone


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Eric Bréhault's talk at Plone Conference 2015 in Bucharest

Published in: Software
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Happy hacking with Plone

  1. 1. Happy hacking with Plone Éric Bréhault - PloneConf 2015
  2. 2. We, Plone developers invest time in Plone, build something nice and attractive, feel pround of it.
  3. 3. We, Plone developers from "Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas" by Laurent Tirard .fx: extra-large
  4. 4. The users play from "Les Vacances du Petit Nicolas" by Laurent Tirard
  5. 5. The conflict They loved it. We are desperate.
  6. 6. We retaliate
  7. 7. Pharmakon φάρμακον: medecine, drug, poison Any medecine is also a poison.
  8. 8. My solution
  9. 9. Hackability is a feature It is not a flaw. It must be provided as a tool.
  10. 10. A hacking tool... to change or add whatever we want in our Plone site through a modern and pleasant web interface ... not a hackable system
  11. 11. ZMI?
  12. 12. The Plone Theming editor! Already a "hacking" tool: non-Plone experts can change the entire theme.
  13. 13. Diazo theory "We Write XSLT, So You Don't Have To"
  14. 14. Diazo reality Guess what? I am writing tons of XSLT!!
  15. 15. What we need
  16. 16. Content-to-content On-the-fly content changes with <before/>and <after/>. < b e f o r e c s s : c o n t e n t = " # c o n t e n t - c o r e " > < a h r e f = " m a i l t o : c o n t a c t @ d i a z o . o r g " > A s k f o r h e l p < / a > < / b e f o r e >
  17. 17. Content-to-content On-the-fly content insertion. < b e f o r e c s s : c o n t e n t - c h i l d r e n = " # m a i n " > < i n c l u d e c s s : c o n t e n t = " # b r e a d c r u m b s " / > < / b e f o r e >
  18. 18. Content-to-content On-the-fly remote content insertion. < b e f o r e c s s : c o n t e n t - c h i l d r e n = " # m a i n " > < i n c l u d e h r e f = " / n e w s " c s s : c o n t e n t = " # b r e a d c r u m b s " / > < / b e f o r e >
  19. 19. We want more create our own chuncks of content implement our own scripts with basic knowledge of HTML and Python
  20. 20. Rapido
  21. 21. It lives in the theme Editable through the Plone interface... ...or in the sources. We use Diazo to inject it in Plone.
  22. 22. Dead simple no ZCA stuff, no ZPT (or any templating language), no JBOT, Just HTML and Python
  23. 23. Demo
  24. 24. What do we get in our context? context.request context.portal context.content context.api(the Plone API!!)
  25. 25. Is it secure? Python scripts are executed by All the regular security stack is applied, like: current user privileges, CSRF policy (@PostOnlyfor instance).
  26. 26. Battery included Rapido comes with a complete REST API. GET / POST / DELETE / PUT / PATCH It is a ready-to-use JSON backend.
  27. 27. Demo
  28. 28. Battery included Rapido provides a Plone Content Rules action. We can hook our scripts to any Plone event.
  29. 29. Battery included Rapido is Mosaic compliant. (but it does not depend on it)
  30. 30. Demo
  31. 31. Thank you!