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  1. 1. A YARD SELLOne Autumn day ,I happened on a yard sell while strolling the streets of San Jose.It was no sign , no door, no ceiling , no security , no prices etc…The girl was employed as a clerk by her father drew customers attention to products (things)!!
  2. 2. SAM’S DONUTSIt is located in the suburbs of San Jose. It was established in 1987.The small donuts shop is always a homey atmosphere (no employees).All of customers enjoy talking with Sam’s ma’am and purchase donuts!
  3. 3. Happy Girl Kitchen Co. • The store ,café and cannery is located close to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. • The door is not opened but we can see how there is from the windows. • The sign lettering is moderate size and simple font. • It tells us not commercially packaged.The first product that I notice is seasonal products.We try to taste sample products.Most customers are alone , because it is in the afternoonIn weekday.Most customers look , touch and purchase.
  4. 4. The Heath Ceramics • The first product that I notice is Chairs there are central display for cozy place. • The product arranged by color and by function with free samples. (Blue Bottle Coffee!) • The most expensive products locates inside part. • The prices of the products is easy to find.Most customers are with friends or family.The average age is from 20~40 of age.When a customer enters the store , they tend to walkin the same direction- clockwise!The average of customers stay in store is 30 min.Almost the customer touch the products.
  5. 5. The opening party at Heath Ceramics in San Francisco was so crowded. There are a lot of customers who visited the shop for the first time. If they did not purchase products that time in the store, they will be a customer in the future. Because there is always something new - products , workshops. The Heath Ceramics
  6. 6. BARNES & NOBLE BOOKSELLERS The store’s door is closed but it is not bad. I just confirm my will. The sign lettering is big, so easy to find and It is free impression . The color scheme of the store is dark brown, green , it makes me calm. The lighting is warm and Sunlight shine in through the window. The pace of back ground music is slow and comfortable. The people speak in whispers each other. The store is crowed with merchandise. The cash register is located at entrance. The store security is visible. I would like to stay there more than 1hour . The first product that I notice is Halloween items. The “for sale“ items are located near entrance. There are new items and small items near the cash register.
  7. 7. Whole Foods Market The store has always drawn us , because there are a lot of flowers and vegetables In season front of it. The door is opened automatically and it make us welcome! The sign is big. Lettering designates as Nature. The color scheme of the store belongs to Nature, too.As it is on the ground, people find easily and parking is smoothly.The ceiling is high. Make me feel open.There is cheerful music and voices.The store is comfortable and crowed with merchandise keeping things neat and tidy.There are sweet smelling from fruits ,dishes , flowers , soap , etc…The cash register is close to entrance.Sometimes I can see the guards of the security company.The salesperson initiates contact around 5 minutes when I keep standing the same place.The salesperson has a script to follow with each customer , for the reason that s/he treats differently.The employees are both of men and women and from 20~50 of age.Some of them wear the store productsAll of them wear the uniform( same apron)The salesperson looks enjoy their job !!