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Project in our school


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Project in our school

  1. 1.  Coming from the latin word “ludaismus” and derived from the greek “loudaismos” and ultimately from the hebrew. Claims a historical continuity spanning more 3,000 years. It is one of the oldest monotheistic religions and the oldest to survive into the present day. The Hebrews(israelities)were already refers to as “jews”in elder books of the Tanakh such as the book of Estheir,with the turn jews replacing the title “children
  2. 2. School werecreated in the jewishworld Is a phrase that refers to various beliefs,practices and organization assiociated with the
  3. 3. Jews put here the wine andthe challar of their festive meal when served.
  4. 4.  Is the seventh day of the jewis day of rest. They have two main form of ritual washing one is the TEVILAH which means is a full body immersion in a mikveh and NETILAT YADAYIM which means is washing of the hand with a cups.
  5. 5. KabbalahMitzuahQlippothHersy