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Light and sight


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Light and sight

  1. 1. In light and sight,you will learn about reflection and refraction and how light enable us to see the things in our environment. Light also enable us to”capture moment”through photographs. Light from distant objects can also be captured as described in the section on optical instruments.
  2. 2. 1. Corpuscular Theory: light Is compose of tiny particles.2.Wave Theory: Light is wave3.Electromagnetic Radiation.4.Qantium Theory:that are light made up of pocket of energy.5.Photon Theory of Light:Light is form of energy that is transferred either as a wave or particles.
  3. 3. The three compositors how do we see? 1.Our nature 2.sunlight 3.Our eyesDifferent Parts Of Our Eyes 1.Iris 2.Cornea 3.Pupil 4.Lens 5.Aqueous humuor 6.Cillary muscle 1, Sunlight 7.Retina 8.Fovea humuor 9.Optic Nerve 10.Vitreous Humuor
  4. 4. These enable to see objects,shape andinterpret colors.This sight is the the mostprecious of the five senses.
  5. 5. The human EyeOur eyes are probably the most important of our five senses.The eye is able to see in dim or bright light but it cannot see objects when light is absent.This makes sight the most precious of the five senses.
  6. 6. Visible Light Radiant EnergyIs form of radiant Energy that is energy transferred by electromagnetic waves.