Peter Platzer at Hardware Innovation Summit 2013


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The 1-1/2 day event kicks off with a VC panel, "Pitch Your Prototype," and "Getting Started, case studies of maker pros with early stage products. The Innovation Showcase follows, a unique opportunity to casually engage with over two dozen makers who have their cutting-edge products and devices on display. Creating an almost magical atmosphere where hardware innovation and creative genius generates spirited ideation, the Innovation Showcase is not to be missed.

Wednesday was an all-star lineup with over 30 speakers representing leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders at the forefront of the maker movement. Investors, industrial designers, product development teams - anyone looking for insight into the early stage companies with the potential to change the global business landscape - should attend.

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Peter Platzer at Hardware Innovation Summit 2013

  1. 1. Peter PlatzerCEONanoSatisfi@NanoSatisfiDrones Take Flight
  2. 2. ArduSatandThe Power of
  3. 3. ArduSatandThe Power of OpenAccess
  4. 4. peter@nanosatisfi.comA successful technology companydeveloped a new user interface for acommon devicebut wasn’t sure how consumers would wantto take advantage of this.
  5. 5. peter@nanosatisfi.comCrazy idea!
  6. 6. peter@nanosatisfi.comLet’scrowd-sourcethe use of our technology!By providing Open Access to it.
  7. 7. peter@nanosatisfi.comDevice1 Microprocessor4 SensorsSimple User InterfaceSDK + API + AppStore+... And let the worldinnovate!
  8. 8. peter@nanosatisfi.comResult:Today: 850,000Today: 850,000Today: 850,000Today: 850,000
  9. 9. peter@nanosatisfi.comResult:
  10. 10. peter@nanosatisfi.comResult:
  11. 11. peter@nanosatisfi.comResult:
  12. 12. peter@nanosatisfi.comCrowd-sourced use of iPhone technologythrough open access.1 Microprocessor4 SensorsSimple User InterfaceSDK + API + AppStore+(+ Moore’s Law)
  13. 13. peter@nanosatisfi.comVibrative Keyboard Snap Picture, get CaloriesWind speed via microphoneCalculate Distances and Height
  14. 14. ArduSatorThe Power of OpenAccess
  15. 15. peter@nanosatisfi.comWhat is ArduSat• A crowd-sourced ….
  16. 16. peter@nanosatisfi.comWhat is ArduSat• … space based data and imaging platform …
  17. 17.• … with an open development environment, …What is ArduSat
  18. 18. peter@nanosatisfi.comWhat is ArduSat• … inclusive of API,
  19. 19. peter@nanosatisfi.comWhat is ArduSat• … inclusive of API, SDK and
  20. 20. peter@nanosatisfi.comWhat is ArduSat• … inclusive of API, SDK and App-store…
  21. 21. peter@nanosatisfi.comArduSat-1 – Launch: August 5thOnboard Sensors• 3D Magnetometer• 3D Accelerometer• 3D Gyro• HD Camera• 10+ Temperature sensors• Geiger counter• Sun Sensor• Real-time clock• Optical Spectrometer• IR thermometer• IR Photolux sensor• Ambient light sensor• GPS + Arduino Microprocessors
  22. 22. peter@nanosatisfi.com1 Microprocessor15 SensorsSimple User InterfaceSDK + API + AppStore+(+ Moore’s Law)Crowd sourcing Space Explorationthrough Open Access
  23. 23. peter@nanosatisfi.comScience Education and Capacity Building• Meteor hunter• How to detect life on extra solar planets• Make a 3D picture of Earth’s magnetosphere• Graph thermal stress and snap• Detect high-energy radiation• Make a spectrograph of the sun Measure the South Atlantic Anomaly Basic radio astronomy / pulsar detection Build a solar activity meter + iApp Weatherman – look at clouds from above Detect atomic oxygen damage Geo-caching in space Social game – Heat the Sat Space Instagram competition Geiger Counter bingo from space Laser-Paintball in spaceSTEM EducationSTEM EducationSTEM EducationSTEM EducationScience and ResearchScience and ResearchScience and ResearchScience and ResearchEntertainmentEntertainmentEntertainmentEntertainment Workforce DevelopmentWorkforce DevelopmentWorkforce DevelopmentWorkforce Development Learn how to operate a satellite Develop space environment knowledge Space sensor development Training of Trainers (ToT) Space mission design
  24. 24. peter@nanosatisfi.comEngaging, Hands-on STEM EducationBuild a 3D Picture of Earth’s Magnetic FieldBuild a 3D Picture of Earth’s Magnetic FieldBuild a 3D Picture of Earth’s Magnetic FieldBuild a 3D Picture of Earth’s Magnetic Field Sensors Activated: Magnetometer Age Level: 14 - adult User Forum: Science Fair project, in-class learning,research group Video Series: MAG3110 Parts 1-3 in NanoSatisfi OnlineCourse Concepts Learned: Magnetic field components, Earth’score, thermal currants, solar wind, modeling, experimentdesign, 3D measurements Why We Care: Used in GPS readings, mineral exploration,locating earthquake faults, dating rocks and sediment,power utilitiesArduino MagnetometersCopyright: Peter Reid, SCI-FUN
  25. 25. peter@nanosatisfi.comWeather and ClimateDisaster ManagementEconomic activityCommodity tradingMicrogravity accessAtmospheric Studies Space WeatherAgriculture & forestry planningNatural ResourcesRapidly Updating ConstellationApplications