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Nick pinkston


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Nick pinkston

  1. 1. Making the LAMP Stack of Manufacturing Nick Pinkston @NickPinkston
  2. 2. Once upon an industry...
  3. 3. Interfaces MatterEmpowerment Increases
  4. 4. A Manufacturing LAMPServer Software Stack Manufacturing Abstract AutomateLinux NetworkApache CompileMySQL DebugPHP
  5. 5. AbstractLoad Parts ChangeReleaseFixture Load ProgramRemove Calibrate Waste End Mill
  6. 6. AutomateThe Golden Rule ofSoftware: “Don’t RepeatYourself”
  7. 7. Network Mil Mol ED l d MInjectionMolderParts
  8. 8. CompileSoftware Cod Compil Binar e er yHardware CA CA G- D M Code
  9. 9. Debug > Syntax Error: Line 42Programmer Designer Engineer Shop ManagerTechnician
  10. 10. Recap•DigitalizeManufacturing•Empower the
  11. 11. Manufacturing We can rebuild it.We have the technology!