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Bunnie Huang at Hardware Innovation Summit 2013


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The 1-1/2 day event kicks off with a VC panel, "Pitch Your Prototype," and "Getting Started, case studies of maker pros with early stage products. The Innovation Showcase follows, a unique opportunity to casually engage with over two dozen makers who have their cutting-edge products and devices on display. Creating an almost magical atmosphere where hardware innovation and creative genius generates spirited ideation, the Innovation Showcase is not to be missed.

Wednesday was an all-star lineup with over 30 speakers representing leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders at the forefront of the maker movement. Investors, industrial designers, product development teams - anyone looking for insight into the early stage companies with the potential to change the global business landscape - should attend.

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Bunnie Huang at Hardware Innovation Summit 2013

  1. 1. Bunnie HuangCo-founder, Chumby@bunniestudiosPartnering to Get it Made
  2. 2. Partnering to get it Madebunnie
  3. 3. Why Partners MatterBroadcastWorld-ViewNetworkWorld-View
  4. 4. Framing the Relationshipvs.
  5. 5. Picking a Partner
  6. 6. A Few Considerations●Its easy to know the cost, but hard to know the price●If you cant talk to the boss, youre nobody●Light is the best disinfectant
  7. 7. Details to Discuss to Avoid Surprises●Understand how excess is handled●Understand whats included in a factorys margin●Small runs are possible, with a good relationship andsome extra money●Have a plan for how to handle the “worst case”scenario
  8. 8. A Partnership is Healthy When...●You can have frank and open conversations about problemson both sides●When something goes wrong, the first email is “how do wefix it?” and not “who pays for the damage?”●Decisions are made based on whats best for business, notfor ego●Both sides feel they are more capable as a result of workingtogether
  9. 9. Thanks!
  10. 10. Thanks!