How can we promote tourism in India?


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The presentation throws light on the idea of promoting tourism in India unlike other tourism strategies.If we show the serenity and quirkiness of this place to the world, it is for sure that millions of eyeballs would be attracted to visit a place like this.It will a two month long campaign where contrasting pictures would be shown to the people in big banner forms and the people would be asked to guess the place, hence the name of the campaign is The Virgin World.

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How can we promote tourism in India?

  1. 1. The VIRGIN WORLD Kanika Agrawal and Jeevan Thomas
  2. 2. Objective• Promote India for its unseen, beautiful and quirky places, which are never talked about in Indian Tourism yet.• These places has the potential to attract the new tourists and retain the old tourist segment.• We aim to mystify the people in awe of the quirkiness and serenity of the place.
  3. 3. PR Strategy• Duration: 2 months• Execution: London, New York (for starters)• Media’s covered : Television, Newspaper, Weekly Magazines hoardings, Social Media, Mobile and PC gaming and mercahandise.
  4. 4. PR Strategy: TV • TV ad Frequency : Prime time in Prime channels(6 times an hour); else 2 times an hour. • TV ad duration: 45 seconds. • TV ad concept : Video of a particular place combined with “Kenny G” music and flashes of “The Virgin World”Valley of Flowers
  5. 5. PR Strategy : Newspaper• Newspaper Ad Frequency : One picture a day in all the popular newspapers (ex. NYT, Guardian, Washington Post).• Newspaper Ad Concept: A Full page bleed with “The VIRGIN WORLD” title.
  6. 6. PR Strategy : Gaming• Mobile Gaming : Available in all Android and Symbian platforms.• Gaming Concept : Game titled “The VIRGIN WORLD”. The game would be coinciding with the Ad pictures.• Game introduction: It will introduced in the market when the Ad is revealed.
  7. 7. PR Strategy : Magazine • Magazine concept: Two pictures in center bleed with contrasting images. • Magazine Ad frequency: It will come weekly as we target weekly magazines. (ex. The WEEK, The Lady)
  8. 8. PR Strategy : hoardings• Hoarding Concept: At all majorly visible places (ex. Times Square, etc) large images will be seen with title “The VIRGIN World”.• Hoarding frequency: It would change every 4 days with contrasting images.
  9. 9. PR Strategy : Social Media • SM Concept : After a month traditional media, introduce contests. • SM duration : for a month. • Contest Concept : “Describe your best vacation here”
  10. 10. PR Strategy : Merchandise• Merchandise Concept : Distribute free t-shirts , caps and bags to school kids, and Industry workers.• Concept execution : It will be introduced during the first month period of the ad.
  11. 11. Unseen places in India Himmatnagar• Town of Courage• Asia’s Best Horse Training Centre.• Historical Place of North Gujarat• Guna• A place for trekking• Fort of Maharaja Jai Singh• Bhoomlakhedi-First ever Bio Village of Madhya• Chaukori• Elevation-2010mtrs• Spectacular view of lofty peaks, Nanda Devi and Nanda Kot.• Gangholihat• Patal Bhuvneshwar• Valley Of Flowers National Park
  12. 12. Facts about Valley of Flowers• The place had disappeared from the tourist map due to its inaccessibility, but in 1931, Frank S. Smythe, Eric Shipton and R.L. Holdsworth, all British mountaineers, lost their way while returning from a successful expedition to Mt.Kamet and happened upon the valley, which was full of flowers. He was attracted to the beauty of the area, he named it the "Valley of Flowers."