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November MSS Meeting


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November MSS Meeting

  1. 1. Project MeetingNovember 2012
  2. 2. YOU ARE HEREAug Sept Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Spark Hopwood Funding Phase 1: Scholastic Partnership Parents Prep Launch Kids Launch Phase 2: NSF Grant w/ WGBH + Scholastic Phase 2 Prep DUE wait . . . .
  3. 3. EACH MONTH … Meet 1st Tuesday at 4 p.m.  Discuss monthly goals  Review progress in production quality and content creation  Touch base re: major news in relevant areas like MS, New Media or Research + Learning.  Troubleshoot issues and find help Produce:  1 video and 2 static posts for Scholastic  2 posts (video or static) for  (2 videos monthly at the start)
  4. 4. TODAY …  Introduce Current Team Roles  Note Key November Dates  Tour November’s Project Calendar  Note own tasks and schedule  Decide Project Categories  Brainstorm Content Ideas Q & A
  5. 5. CURRENT TEAM ROLES Angela: Project Manager + Content Manager Don: Director, Video Editor + Content Manager, volunteer temporary site redesign Dave: Asst. Director + Content Manager, volunteer Project Support for Nov. Christian: Project Assistant, Content Developer Alice: Expert Mentor, Formative Researcher Lisa: Guidance & Oversight w/ MS, Phase 2 research Gina: Point Person for Phase 2 with WGBH Adam: MS Manager/supervision of Christian, support, Mobile MS Suzanne: Director of New Media, Guidance & Approvals, Support with Kana Bill: Director of Marketing ($10k) Melissa: STEM Advisor (temporary) Christina: Technical Consultant Sam: Connections with teachers
  6. 6. KEY NOVEMBER DATES  Nov. 19  1 Video, 2 Blog Posts due to Scholastic  Phase 2 content due to WGBH  Nov. 20  Web Redesign Due for Review  Nov. 26  Next Video Shoot  Nov. 28  Redesign Final, Site Final  Nov. 29  Scholastic Parents site goes live
  7. 7. NOVEMBER CALENDAR Video 1 Review Create Downloads for All Content … Review Video 2 Video 1 Done Review TEAM Partner, Advisory List Post Ring @ MSS Outstanding Info Fix Up MSS MTG Finance Mtg. Sched. Research Mtg. for WGBH Develop 3 posts + ideas for Video 3 . . . Review Posts/Ideas Video 2 Done Begin web Finalize S. Terms Content to Scholastic Choose S vs. MSS Prep Video 3 … redesign WGBH Info to Gina Choose Video 3 Review Curriculum Guide Integrate Toolkit? DEADLINES: Review redesign Scholastic + Video 2 @ MSS WGBH Plan Shoot 1st Week of Dec.: Shoot Video 3 Redesign Final Scholastic December Mtg. Fix Up MSS Launch Review Video 3 Survey @ MSS Post to MSS
  8. 8. PROJECT CATEGORIES  Current Categories: Buildable, Wearable, Upcyclable, Animalable, Musical, EdibleTypes ofEngineering Includes Potential MSS Categories Automobile, Aerospace (aircraft, spacecraft),Mechanical Rockets, Naval Rideable, Buildable Electronic (circuits), Power (electricity generation), Wearable (if soft circuit), Electrical,Electrical Control (dynamic systems, microcontrollers) Musical (if electrical), RideableStructural Suspension, Weight-bearing (load), Architecture Buildable, RideableMechatronic Automation incl. Robotics, Robotic Instruments